Monday, May 10, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Monday, May 10, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 10, 1845, London, Middlesex NtfMB. 3271. FRIDAY, May 10, 1745. Deal, Mays. t'EMAlNin the Dowfts his Ma-jefty's Ships Duke and Fowey ; the Maynard, Brooks; Hatley, Dingley ; John, Seabrook ; the Eagle, Watfon ; Neptune, Grin-dall j Friendlhip, Holm ; Dorothy an y MrsVArne. Aft ii. A caiice by Mr.lWuihnent, and others. Ad iii. Singing-by Mr. Lowe. Aft iv. Singing' by Mr. Lowe. Torthichwill be added, The Tragedy of Tragedies, or Tom Thumb the Greit. Tom Thurn'j by Mifs Yates. King Arthur by Mr. Bridges j Lord Grizzle, Mr. Winftone ; Queen DoIlaluJu, Mrs. Bennet; Princefs Huncamunca, Mr. Blakes. Boxes 5 s. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery 2 s. Upper Gallery 1 s. To begin ex?ftly at Six o'clock. %* On Mcnday next The MERCHANT of VENICE. For the Benartt of Mr. Wright, Mr. Fenn Stage Door-keeper, Mr. Sounder:, and Mr, Payne. A Ibu Day is pu&ltjh'd, Price 6 d. Tetter from Or-d in the Shade?,' to- his r-1 h-fs the D-e of C-d in Flanders. Printed for T. Hutchenfon near St. Paul's. COVEN T-G A R D E ft. For the Benefit of Mr. VAUGHAN, Mr, POWELL, and Mr. GARDINER, Boxke^m.- AT the TheatFe-Royal in Covent-GardEen, this Day, will be preftnted a Comedy,- calFd1 The PROVQK'D HUSBAND; OR, jl Journey to London. Lord Townly by Mr.Ryan j Manly, Mr. Bridgwater; Sir Francis Wronghead, Mr. Hippifley ; Count Ballet, Mr. Chapman ; 'Squire Richard, Mr. James. Lady Grace, Mrs. Hale ; Lady Wronghead, Mrs James ; Mrs. Motherly, Mrs. Martin j Mil* Jenny, Mrs. Vincent j Myrtilla, Mrs. Dunftall } Tnifty, Mrs. Bland 9 And the Part of Lady Townly by Mrs. Pjitchard. With Entertainments of Dancing by Mr. Cooke, Monf. Picij, Mairf't Lalauze, and others. Alfc the Scotch Dance by Mr, Villeneuve, Mrs. Delagarde, &t. To which' will be added, a Farce, calFd F 1. O R A. The Psrt of Hnb by Mr. LAGUERRE; : > Thomas Tefty, Mr. Hipp:f]?y ; Friendly, Mr. Hayman ; OM He* � Dunftall ; Dick, Mr. Anderfon. Flora, Mrs. Vincent; Betty, r-iiTs Hippifley j Hob'sMother, Mrs. Martin. Boxes 5 s. Pit 3 9. Firft Gallery as. Upper Gallery 1 s. To begin exaftly at Six o'Clock. SADLER's-WELL S. AT Sadler's-Wells, adjoining to the Nety-River Head, JJlingtcn, this and every Evening (during the Summer Seafon) will be 'The -Usual Diversions of that Place. Confiding of Rope-Dancing by the celebrated Madem. Kenrian, Monf. Dominique, Monf. Janno, Mafter Kerman and Mafter Francis. Tumbling by Monf. Dominique, Monf. Janno, Mafter Kerman, Mafter Francis, and Monf. Pierot Pas Tomba. Dancing (both Serious and Comic) particularly a new Grand Dance, cali'd The 'Turkijb Sports: The Mufick, Scenes, Cloaths, and other Decorations entirely New. BaiTiaw by Mr. Davenport; Sultana, Mrs, Miles; Turks by Mr., Olbeldiftcn, Monf. Janno ; Turkifh Women, Mrs. Davenport and Mrs. Bullock ; Tyroleans, Mr. MiJei and Mrs. Freeman ; Peafants, Mr. Granier and Mrs. Vallois; Italian Shepherd, Mr. JofephGranier; Shepherisfs, Mifs Granier. Variety of new Songs by Mr. Heemfkirck, To which will be added, an Entertainnment of Singing and Dancing, cali'd HARLEQUIN a Captive in SPAIN -, Or, The Privateer Bit. The Whole to Conclude with a' Grand Dance, cali'd VULCAN's N E T T S. To begin every Evening at Five o'clock._ South-Sea Houfe, London, Mayg, 1745. TT/"HE RE AS Thorn's Shutdeworch, one of * the CL-rks in the Transfer-Office belonging to the South-Sea Company, J:ath lately abfented himfelf from bis Office\ and been guilty of .federal notorious Frauds : The faid Com-"fiahy lifh'dy (Dedicated to the Hon. Charles Leigh, Efq; of Leighton-Beau-Defert, in Bedfordfliife) AVolume of T R A C T S, confuting of Sermcnt, Difcourfes, and Letters. By W. WEBSTER, D.0. Vicar of Ware and Thundridge,. in Hertfocdflure. s Sold by J. Brotherton, Bookfeller, atthe Bible in Cornhill ; ani Duiii) DiiulLtiiiiiiiiimwi�. ' each -3 s. Printed for John Walfh, in Catherine*Street, in the Strand. Ofwh.mmay'be had, Price as. 6-d. The favouritrSongs in the Opera, cali'd L'lncuftanea D�lufa, in S.tore. 2. Hercules, a.Mufieal Drama, in Seore, eempos'd by'Mr.Haoilel 3. Pyramus and Thifbe, a Mock Oprra,vSet byvMr. Lampe. In a Jhort Time tuill be publijht i, 1 The celebrated Oratorio, caU'd-SELSHWZZgR. ? ths Day is pub lifted, Pr-ice 6d. ASERMON preached before-the'Rt^it Hon. the Lord-Mayor, the Court of-Aldermen, thcSherirTs, and the Governors of the feveral Hofpitals of the City pf London, at thre Parilh. Church of St.'Bridget, -on Tuef4ay- in-Eaiter Jyeefc> 1745 By S AM U E L S Q_U I R E, MiA. Archdeacon o/~Bath. PrmfetHorCvfla*hw^, -at ri�c-CWs-JCeys^in^'�xtrftree.t j land fold by M.Cooper, at the Globe in Pater-nofter Row ; A. Dodd, at the Peacock in. the Strand j W. Thurlbourn ats Cambridge; ,and J. _a_I_ft_. I______ - .5- Where may be had, by the fame Author, juft published, An Enquiry into the Foundation; of- the-Engliih-Cci�ilitution. -2j z 3 ADVERTISEMENTS are taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffee-House, in Lombard-ftreet.

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