Friday, April 23, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Friday, April 23, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 23, 1845, London, Middlesex Numb. TUE8DA Y, April 23. *745- RR�V&&cbis Morning the Strife ^pjcitatcfe-, fV6m a Cruize ; and remain With his Majefty's Ship the Dofct; and Che ttfo Ships bound to Virginia. Wind Sooth. Theffeaflower, Latimer, _from Lifboa, is arrived at Mount/bay. The Salty, M'Clakellen, from Virginia; a�Seotland. " The Pembfokte, Herbert, from fcohdon, at Nevis. The Imley, Crump/ from London, at Anugua. l o n 3 O n. Yefterday arrived the Mall frbtn Holland. According to Advices from Genoa of the 15th jaftant, NS. Admiral Rowley's Fleet was flill at Portmahone on the 6th, but lay in the Road aJmoft ready to pu* to Sea. The Mailer of a Felucca, that war jaft arrived at Genoa from Nice, reported, that on the Kith Jiefaw fourEngliih Men of War, who bid bornt or tank four French and two Neapolitan VeflieJs that were cartyifllg Provifions and For-�T>^^.lltllll^k[ip/1^1i�i^M�Bw^f^^^^^"11 1 ;w��"u^>-*�t Letters from Nice of the 9th Inftaat,'N.S. adyife, that the Infant Don Philip had not yet begun his March, because he waited for the Arrival of the Spanifh Cavalry coming to him from Savoy, and UfcOVife for the News of Count Gage's pafiing the Panaro. Extra&ofa Letter frarttBologna, April 13, JV.S.  The Adrians have at laft entirely evacuated the cleuafticat-SSttr 1 lie HIUIIAUIM WBf TUll&rtK* � and went to take Poft at San Feiici" and Carpi, where � they are intrenching themfeives. The next Day the hrft  Column of the Combined Army, headed|by the Duke of: '* Modeoa, arrived in the Neighbourhood of this City,   and was followed the joth by the fecond Column, with  the Cannon and Baggage. Yefterday the Spanilh Army .  was reinforced by 500 Neapolitan's, and having fefamed � its Marchjaafled the; Panaro this Morning; near SpiHberto^  and San GeJa^o^talc^^ ; Dut"we" �* are of Opinion that they will inarch towards Parnia and  Placentia, without flopping to befiege Modeaa.* They write from Ratilbon, that after the Affair of iPfeflfenhoven, which was very fatal to the French, the Anftrians fix'd their Head QuarteVs at Schrebenhaufen and Poctmefs on the Lech, from Whence they -Tent out Detachments, in purfuit of che Relkks of the French Body of Troops, who were retreating with all fpeed to Donawerth, fro^ttbjTice^ it was thqjight they have continued their [ March through SwaSia GswardTthe -that on the r&hTaft. N.S.the Heffians were acknowletfg'd * as Nentral Troops, feparattd from the Bavarians: That they took the Haute of Neckelhaufen, which Place they reached the next Day, having tiiarched-through the Auftrran Army. According to Advices from Ratifbon, of the 25th Inft. N.S. the Prince of Conti had net yet reached the French Army, but flops on the Rhine to give Orders relative to the Situation of Affairs in Bavaria. The French take up all the Boats they can find on the Mayae, in order to make: bridges on that River-; from whence it is peefuaied that they intend to return to the Rhine. As the Pofl was ready to.come away from Francfort, 3 Report was fpiead, that' toe i:mi^^wU,iAmimMm*&aJm4m at Efling, and entirely eefeaied. Out Advices<�ncernmrtheM^twnstsf the Turks differ widely : From Vienna tney tell us, fiat there were cer-: tainly 80,000 Men affembled in Romelia and Bofnia, hat that they are to imarch AwayPerfia : From V�nice\theyr tell us, that the Porte h i&ui#ry 'eqiMppitig a powerful-Fleet, and aiTembling fo many Troops on the Side of Servia and BoTnia, that the Senate-have thought fit to re-: pfcat the Orders to all tieGovernorsafsthe Frontier T�wns': ^nest to Ttirky, *o be very*�eht*ve-to their Motions : And from Brefiau they write,: that ^ Courier from Podblia,' has paffed through that City/^oin&itQ Drefden, to acquaint the Court ef Saxony with xbe Morksu and Difpofi- �tiofls ofi^otks mMIm^m^^k^,-,^^,^ ExtreS ef a Letter from Aqfitmrg, jfyrit 23, N.S. * Count SeckendorfF having received; ample FullPdwers ' from the Eledor of Bavaria, to ieKkrfW^iimiia'ans of * theAcoamnwdathja between hk S3er�ral'iJighnefs and * the Queen of Hungary, his Excellency went to Furifrn * on the Lech, and Then: jfigoed, on *he 20th Inft. with * Count CoHeredo, tbe Queen �f-Hungary?s Plenmosen--�� tiwyi *he Ardds wi�A <beyagreed upon tin* Day * before. Recording ^ttoe-Coamirisn of^this Peace, the *...EIeftor embraces a Nefitrality for fo long a Time as the f * prtfent War continues: His Eleaoral Highnefs difmifles I ' the Auxiliary Troops employed in his Service, and en- -' gages to feparate his own Troops^ in order to put them * into Qaarters in the Manner that lhall be agreed upon. ' The Oueeto of Hungary confenti to withdraw her Troops ' from the Upper Palatinate and Bavaria, except the ' Towns of Ingolftadt, Branau and Scardingen, wkich , mall have Aultrian Garrifons in them until the Conclu- -; ' iion of a Definitive Treaty, which they are to fet about * forthwith, under the Mediation orjGood Offices of the ' Maritime Powers and the Court of Drefden. The Ejec-' tor, in order to lay a folid Foundation for an Accommo-' dation, engiges provifionally to acknowledge the Rights ' and Titles of the Queen of Hungary. This Princefs ' promifes, on ber Part, to grant the Ele jr the Name of The Kitten. RriJJol, jfynl 20. The Wind having been fair for tome Days, feverat of the Privateers lately fitted out, are gone on their refpective Cruizes; and the reft are in a Hurry to follow them. Some of them carry long ^iyd Mujkets, (fuch as the Wall Pieces at Gibraltar, to level at Engineers) that will carry a Ball two Miles. The Portmahone is order'd r<?und to Plymputb, be clem'd, and then to proceed on a Cruise to the Wtftern' Iflands ; but our Merchants have petitioned the Lords of the Admiralty, for her going one Voyage more with jjie Fleet from hence; and to have a larger Ship lent on this Station. � iW be deJiver'd tS>?s Diy, at the Opera-Office in the Hay-Market, at Haifa Guinea each. <JaJlery ; Th�Gallery to be open'd �t Five o'Cloek. Pit�ndBfl�es #t Haif Hour after Five. To begin at Half aa Hour after Sir o'Clack HAY-MARRKET. AT the KING's THEATRE in the tfoy- 9 Market, on Thurflay next, wtfl be ^L- A BALL. (Being tbe Laft this Tear. J Tickets will be deliver'd to Subfcrihew Te-morrow, White** ChocolateHoufe k St. James's-Street. D R U R Y-L A ,N For the B E N iE FI T Mr. BERRY and Mr. HAVARIX By His Majejkfs Company -cf Comedians, AT the Theatre-Royal in Drjal^-X^jxe, To-morrow, will be preferred the Tragedyjjff' -: The O R P B N C OR, . Tbe Umhappv Muam^e.- Tfce Part of Monirriia to be perform'd by Mr^. QWBB^R Chamont, Mr. Mills j Caftalio, Mr. Havard ; fto^jm��Mr.' gej'nej Acafto, Mr.Berry j the Pape, Mifi fSadcliii"j"%^fiol TBp;. Simp* fon. S�ripa, Mrs.J8.idout; JJaretla, MVft Min^s. ' With Enterteinmentt between the A^ts, -viz, . A ' Aft IV._ -.Singing by.Mfafywi*  , ij To which -will,be added a Farce, sallM A N A T O M I $ Or, Sham-PocTpR. Monf.L*A&dicine(by Mr^Bbfcesi Crifpin, Mr. j Mr�.JWd.PWt5 Bea.trke, Mr*. Eei�net. '' " ioiesss. Pit3s. . Fkft CteUerjr t �. - Upp� rf To'tegtn*jcs(ftly �t Sixo'e^cfc. \* On Thurfday OTHEIXO, fori*e- Benefit of Mr S^ElUpBr, And on Friday (by Defire) The 3�QOA'ft'� OreRA.' ' 3 i The JdvirtifemenU of a' niodwMtl#agk for i&itPapemr Tw Sbillinis tach. m

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