Monday, April 19, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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General Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 19, 1845, London, Middlesex FRIDAY, I745- EMAIN in the Dowm the Duke Man of War, and the two Ships bound toVirginia. WindE.N.E. . blows hard. Grave/end, April 1 7. PalVd by the Hope, Fetch ; Peter.and Mar- faret, Harrifon ; the Providence, <eall ; Queen Anne, Johnfon, Lady Anne, Brown ; Emanuel, Johnfon ; Unity, Bredifon ; St. .Anne, Bomith ; and Ebenezer, Miller, from Norway. The Mary Agatha, Mpjjer, from Naples is. arrived at The Planter's Friend/hip, Hull. from Maryland, at The Prince Adolph, Clafon, from Abo, in the River. The Loviia Ulrica, Anderfon, from Northcopen in the River. LONDON. 2 x trail of a Letter from Paris, April 16, N.S. * The King will go to Compiegne aloBg with the Queen, � the Dauphin and the Dauphinefs, and from thence his � Majefty will proceed to Flanders, with no other Miniflers * about him but Meff-d'Argenfon. The Cavalry of the | * Houfhold Troops are to fet out, the End of this Week * for Flanders. It is expetted that Marfhal Maillebois will * call here before he goes to take thjj. QomipAnd^of -th#-+~A*my nrh&lf, Irrorder to takeTforne Inftru&ions along * with him. All the Officers that are to ferve in Italy and * in Flanders, are fetting out fucceffively ; and yet we t?lk * much of a Peace here, under the Mediation of Rufjia, J � Sweden, and the Grand Signor. The King has not yet * received the Sultan's Original Letter relating to this Me- * diation, but only a Copy of it, which Ki. de Caftel- * lane, our EmbalTador at Condantinople, has fent to his � Majefty. It is faid that the King will return no Anfwer 4 to the Porte, 'till the Original, comes to Hand. The � Cabinet Courier Bonac was lent a few Days fince to Pe- * terfburgh, with Difpatches of the utmoiV. Importance. � The Abbe's de la Farre, d'Andelot and d'Edie, Grand ' Vicars of Langres, Toul and Tour?, have refigned ' their Places of Almoners to the King. The Bull for the � Jubilee, on Account of the Election of the prefent Pope ' was carried a few Days ago to the Parliament, after hav-' ing been feveral Times rejected, and all the Chambers * have at laft unanimoufly received and regifterM it ; and it ' will be proclaimed all over the Kingdom at Whifuntide. #. Tie Ceropame* cftrrts Cif^l^BlfffWrtfl Illerr?o1e'lbou't * redeeming themfelves from the newly created Offices of *, Infpectors : The Goldfmiths have given 110,000 Livres, � the Shoe-makers 75,000, the Sadlers 45,000, and the * other Companies will follow their Examples. � It was reported here a few Days fince that Marfhal * Count Saxe was dead ; which Report took its rife from * his fhutting himfelf up feveral Hours in his Clofet, as * foon as he arrived at Lifle, in order to difpatch fome * Bufmefs: Ic is certain, however, that he was indifpofed a � Day or two after, but is now perfectly recovered. By �-^Let�r*ifom Douai w�4�eaT, that a large Detachment of ' the Garrifon of Tournay having marched out, in order * to raife Contributions in the Neighbourhood of Douai, ' the Garrifon of this Place iffued out likewife to protect ' the Inhabitants ; but finding themfrlves too weak to op- * pofe the Enemy, the Burghers took up Arms and joined * them, and both together fell fo opportunely on the Ene- * my, that they quickly routed them, and made 500 of ' them Prifoners. Among other Points of the Negotia-' tions which M. d'Allion is to fet on Foot at Peterfburgh, � it is faid that a Subfidy Treaty will be propos'd between � France and Ruffia, for taking off the Hands of the Lat- * ter a certain Number of Troops to bj; employed in Get-'"many :" As ihTproBa6Te"as fuch a" Thing may fcem, there � are People here that build mightily upon it, or fome- * thing equivalent thereto.* They write from Copenhagen that Mr. Titley, the Bri-tifb Minifter, and Baron Alvendiel, Minifter from the Electorate of Hanover, have prefented another Memorial to the Court, in order to obtain a more explicit Anfwer in regard to the Time when the 8000 Men, which they have demanded of the King of Denmark, fhall march for the Defence of lhat Electorate : Thefe Advices are dated the 13 th Inftant, N.S. and no Anfwer had yet been given to the faid Memorial. Ifefterday came Advice, that the Faulcon Sloop of War, took on the 16th Inftant, about a League off Dunkirk, a French Privateer, call'd the Union. Yefterday there was a Report that the Fame and Win-chelfea Privateers have taken three very rich Spanifh Ships homeward-bound ; but as there are ho Circumitances given, to confirm it, we can only hope it may be confirm'd. It is affured that Admiral Rowley has taken feven Spanifh Xebeques, having on board 600 Recruits for Count Gage's Army. Marfhal Belieifle's Parole having been fign'd fome time paft, he movd to Frogmor* Houfe near VVindfor on Saturday laft. OnTucfifaylaftdicd, of On Monday laft the Races began at Newmarket, when the 50 Guineas Purfe, for fall Aged Horfei, was won by a Horfe belonging to the Right Hon. the Earl of Godol-phin. And OnTuefdaythe 80 Guineas Purfe, for Four Year Olds, was won by the Right Hon. the Lord Gower's Grey Colt-, the fame that beat Mr. Prentice's Moorsotk on the ift Inft. -And he beat him now at even Weight. Canterbury, April 17. A few Days ago,  Merchant Ship from Leghorn, who lay off Margate, reported, that on the 31ft of March he met a Ship belonging to Briftol, bound to South Carolina, the Commander's Name John Matters, who faid that being in Company with feveral Victuallers bound to Gibraltar, under Convoy of the Fox Man of War, was chafed by five French Men of War; and faw them take three Ships, but did not know what became of the Fox, he making the beft of his Way from them. On Sunday next fiut Charity Sermons will be preached Mm St. Martin Outwicb, for (be Benefit of Broad-fireet Ward Chanty Children ; That in the Morning by the Rev. Doclor Curtkuright, Archdeacon of Colchefer, and Re&or of St. Chrifiepber'j ; And fk?* m the 4ftern , call'd The LADYs LAST STAKE; o r, The Wife's Resentment. Written by Colley Cibber, Efq; Poet- Laureat. The Part of Mifs Notable to be perform'd by Mrs- CLIVE ; Lord Wronglove, Mr. Hale ; Sir Friendly Moral, Mr. Cafliell 5 Lord George Brillant, Mr.Cibber; Lady Wronglove, Mrs. Horton j Lady Gentle, Mrs. Vincent; Mrs. Hart/horn, Mif* Hippifiey-; Andthe Part of Mrs. Conqueft to be perform'd by Mrs. Piitchard. With th� Scotch Dance by Mr. Viljtneuve and Mrs. Delagirde. Alfo the Louvre and Minuet fcy Mr. Villeneuve and Mrs. Deiagarde. To which will be added, A Dramatic Entertainment of Mufick, call* i ORPHEUS and EUR I D I C E. IntermU'd with a Pantomime in Grotefque ChiraGers, call'd the Metamorphofes of- Hareeovin. High Water this Day at London-Bridge *t ^9 Minutes after 1. HAY - M A R R K_JE*X,." T the KING'S THEATRE in the Hay- u Market, oa Thurfday next, will be A B A L L. (Sting theLafitbii Tear.) � Tickets -will be deliver'd to Subfcribers on Wedaefdajr neiR, at White't Chocolate-Hwfe w St. Jajnes's-Street. For the Benefit of Mifs ROBINSON. AT the King^s Theatre in the Hay market, on Wednefday the 14th Inftant, will be pttformM an ^atK* tainmeat of Vocal and InftrnaunUl ^ M U S I C K, At follows, PARTI. OTerturein fbaramnd. . i.rWlti hj^sfasjsjas>H�ifiii| byiilfiils Air. Air. Air. Air. Air. Air. Air. Air. $u**to AffattM in ArtaxetXe* f��B Aiu eda faflernil Prato ia Alceftes, fung ty Mil* Ro^nfl�o> Air. Do/ Minacdar dej Vtnto in the Open of Othp, iunj by Mr.-Reinihoia. Honour and Armt in the Oratorio of Samfofl, funxbj: Mr.JKcSohaUs Air. Per fitta ntll Inc^anxi Dcluxa fung by Signora Frafi. Mi Lucina in Alcina, fung by Mift Robinfoni PART II. Overture in Alcina. Qgands fuvtrbe in Alceftes, fung by Mifs Robinfofl. Amt Retornate ia Alceftes, fung by Mifs Robinton. Schtrxa qui/}' Almtmia delLampugnaw. fung by Sig.Fcaft Delm Naxiar in Alexander, fung by Mr. Reinhbn. Tbt Morning Lark in Semele, fung by Mif* Robinton* Dolce Vita in Alceftes, fung by Mifs Robinfofl. Concerto by( Mr. Miller. PARTJlI- The New Overture of Pa/lor Fida. Air. Si Linttndtfii in Pharamond, fung by Mr. Beard. Di quill wquiflo fdegno in Alceftes, fung by Signor Frafi, Air. y�i the fcieuo in Enrico, fung by Mifs Robinibn. Air. Per la Q*ifia in Alceftes, fung by Mifs Robinton* Concerto by Signer CaporaJi. Trio in Acis and Galatea, fung-by MiA Robinson, Mr. Beard, and Mr. Reinhold. Pit and Boxes to be put together, and no Persons to be admitted without Tickets, which may be had at Mr. Robtnfcn'a in Eflex-ftreet in the Strand, at Half a Guinea each. A call'd L'INCOSTANZA DELUSA. T the New Theatre in the Ha.ymarket, To-morrow, will be perform'd the laft new Paftoral Opera, The Gallery to be Opan'd at Fire 0*Clock. Pit and Boxes at Six, To begin at Half an Hour after Sir. %* Mr. Gimtniam gives Notice, that as the New Opera Cannot be ready by Saturday next, the laft New Opera, call'd VJntoftamS Dtluxa, will (by Den>e) be perform'd that Day, and that Signor* Ftederica's Part will be perform'd by Mrs. Arm. NEW WELLS. AT the New Wells, near the London* Spam/, Clerkenwell, this and every Evening (during the Son* mer Seafon) will be prefented Variety 0/ New Performances, was. Tumbling by Mr- Williams, Mr. Rayner, Mr. Hosgh, and others. Rope-Dancing by the celebrated Mifs Rayner, and others. Several Grand Dances (Serious and Comic) by Mr. Shaw ford, Mift Rayner, Mr. Rofoman, Mr. Yeitea, Mr. Wilii^ni*, Mr. Rayner, Mrs. Hough, Mrs. Pritchard, Mrs. Rayner, and Mifs J. Aayner. ^ perform'd before j call'd HERCULES and O MP HALE ; Or, Love and Glory. Jnterfpers'd with a New Comic Piece, in Grotefqoe Characters. call'd The ESCAPES of HARLE QjU I The Part of Mr. Brett; Omphale, by MiiiLincoln ; Venus, Mrsi Pritchard. The Chara&er of Hatlequns by IMbRoio* man; Colombine, Mrs. Hough}. the Clown, Mr. Hough. f/kt Scentt, Macbinti, Mujiek, and Dreffii, all entirely Nev. To begin every Evening at Five 'Clock Each Pyfonwill be admitted for a Pint of wine or punch. S A D L E R's-W E L L S. AT Sadler*s-Wells^ adjoining to thei^w-River Bead, JJlingm, thii and eveiy Evening {dunng th� Summer Seafon) will be The Usual Diversions of that Place. Confifting of Rope-Dancing by the celebrated Madesn. KermaJl, Manf. Dorr-;-'�-.Monf.Janno, MafterKerroan and tafla*� Matter..."' r:> " ' � x- Variety of iiancio^ ^oc/Cfi Bullock, Mrs. Davenport^Wrs. i-reemarT, MUT ..-. . t +us� feveral new Dances (after the Manner of the-Fiufans) by th�lwcA Maftersand Mifs Granier. � � -* Variety of new Songs by Mr. Heemflcirck. To which will be added, on Enteuainntnent of Sinjing and Dancing. call'd HARLEQUIN a Captive in SPAIN i Or, The Privateer Bit. The Whole to Conclude with a Grand Dance, call'd V U L C A N ' s N' E T T S. To begin every Evening at Five o'clock. : ~ womk) by Mefli. Divenfo ', Admiralty-Office, Apr^li?, 174c. MERE AS @m Hmidr^^g^mM^

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