Saturday, April 17, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Saturday, April 17, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 17, 1845, London, Middlesex N If M B. II > I fl) � I rtfcl II #l� 'I- II 'll �� tAILEU jaft bfcMajefty's SU�p to> tfce Northward ; and this Forenoon the Sutherland Privateer . tp the. WeftwsjMjd-' Remain the Dakf Mffl of War, and the twe Ships for Virginia. Gravefend, April 15. Pafe'd by the Chaudoia, Cq.e j Pririccfs of Wales, Having; PrwceWjUiajn, Hind; Neptune, Gray j Elraa-fcetfc, White ; Foxhunted Hayni i and Sincerity, Van-Brugy fronpRotterdam; George, Bean, from Hamburgh; and Silver Eel, Egbert, fr om Frhtriaod. The Mar?, Waifon, from Maryland, is arrived at the Orkneys. ' LONDON. Yefterday arrived the Mails from Holland and Flanders. They write from Peterfburgh, that M. d'Allion, the French Miaifer, is to begin Conferences forthwith with the Ruffian Mmiilry about* Treaty of Friendfhip and Al~ iiance between the two Crowns, and a Treaty of Com-ftertt and Navigation between their Subje&s, on the Footing of the Treaties of Commerce which France has made fvith Denmark and Sweden. Letters from Stockholm advife, that Count Trincken-ftein, Envoy from the Court of Berlin, has made Overtures to the Mmiilry about a Treaty of Alliance and mutual Guaranty between Sweden and Fruffia ; which Overtures the Swedilh Court has refolvcd to fend to Peterfburgh, for the Emprefi's Infpe&ian and Approbations. Advices from Mantua of the 7th Inflant, N.S. fay, that Prince Lobkewitz's Army arrived the 5 th in the Neighbourhood of Bologna, and encamped there 'till the next Day in the Evening, when it refumed its March towards the Panaro : The Spiiiiardj and Neapolitans followed after it, as faft as poflible. They reckon that Prince Lob-kpwitz's Army does not exceed 14000 Men, and that his Jtnemy is 26000 Arong. We hear from Drefdcn, that the Court has iffued Orders fer the March of a Body of 6000 Saxons, for the Defence iff the Electorate 6f jiaoover. LetttrfrgmJttfjkour.g, jfyril 14, N.S. * When the Bavarian-Troops retreated from the Neigh-� bourhood of Lsndfhut, in drder rotnarch to Treyfingcn, � they left 4P0 Heffians in theCalfle of Ifereck to cover *" their Retreat, which little Corps the Aullrians afterwards : * made Prisoners of War. The Nec�fiity of covering Mu- * nich, in cafe {he Auftrians mould attempt to furprize it * on the Right Side of'the ifer, did net allow the Bavarians * to ftaytntheN^ighbourhootlofFreyfingen ; fo that they 4 refumed their March the n th Inflant, in order to go and * encamp in the Piain between that Town and Munich. * General Bathiani, who after their Retreat from Landfhut, 4 had followed them to Mofbourg, having heard that they * had alfojuft.quitted the Neighbourhood of Freyfingen, 4 he marched thither the 12th Inflant with the Body of ' Troops under his Command, Part of which was detached 4 the fame Day in order to draw near the Bavarians, Du-�* ring their March from Mofbourg to Freyfingen, and * from |Freyfingen to the Plain of Munich, they had fcve- * ral Skirmifbes with,the Hungarian Cavalry that purfued * them, in which feveral were killed and wounded on both * Sides. Matters flood thus, and General Bathiany con-' * tinued bringing Up;his Troops into the.Plain of Munich, 4 when tkeTfirice of Saxe HildbourghauJen and General * St. Germain ome to a Refbiution to attack them, before * they mould grow ftronger ; which they accordingly did ' onfthe izthlnftant, with the gTeateit Part of the Ba- * varian Troops : 'Both SiieS; fought with great Bravery and 4 uncommon Animofity, and the Bavarians forced the * Auftrians to retire to Mofbourg, Letters^om Utai of the 16th Inftant, N.S. advife, that MieEleSor of Bavaria Arrived at Augfburg the 14th in the Evening. According to Letters from Neuwied of the 19th Inflant, ibe Army of the Allies wasj drawiug near that Place. The epe� the^Campaign. onrthe) l^^ntilrfe of Silefia with IjOC?�oqcv Mej* inchjdi^ - the. JSfidy of Saxon Aiu^J&wigs, a^iheHH^#i:iafl,jBrf�|ig<jr�s, . According to Advices fAoih Francfort, Marfhal Maille-bois paffc^mrough Vhi't City the 15th fnitant, N.S. going to tafe^-tfpqn;iii^-t^e Cornftiand' plthe fre^K Arifty in 1 taly.' ^e ^qie D,ay ifieje" haopene;d % vejpr fktfttf Rfr-mifh on -tip otW .$*je.-o�ihe, Lthne cear Limpjiouxg ; a large Detachment of French Troops being in purfuit of a Body cfHuflars, fell into an Ambufh, and was attacked by two Hanoverian Regiment?, who had concealed tbem-felves in a Wood, and made fo fmart a Fire from a f,ew Field Pieces, that the French were obliged to retire with the Lofs of between 3 and 400 Men, including "the wounded and the1 Prifoners. Tbefe Advices alfo inform us that the Prince of Furftenberg is gone to the Frontiers of Tyrol with full Powers from the Eleftor of Bavaria, in order to treat of a Peace with Count Colloredo, the Cnieen of Hungary's Plenipotentiary ; that they have already had feveral Conferences together, and that it is hoped this Negotiation will fucceed. 1 The Captain of the Rupert Man of War, who arrived at Genoa the 5 th Inflant N.S. from Port-Mahon, reported that he left there 22 Sail of Men of War ready to put to Sea. By Letrers from BrufTcls we hear, that it is refolved the Army oi the Allies fliall encamp at Grammont, where it may cover Flanders and Brabant at the fame Time : A Camp is already mark'd out there, and every thing getting ready for the March of the Troops. We hear from Courtray, that the Marquefs de Ceberet, Lieutenant General and Governor of Ypre--, has marked out a Camp for 15000 Men near the Bridge of Efpieres. From Valenciennes we have Advice, that the Count de Clermont, Prince of the Blood, and Marfhal Count Saxe arrived there the �6th Inff. N.S. that the Infantry of the Hotrihold Troops was expected the 20th at Maubeuge, Laudrecy and Quefnoy; and that in a few Days after all the Troops would take the* Field. ExtraS of a,httter fr<m the Hague* 4pril 21. NJS. � AH the Generals of the Republick's Forces have re-' ceived Order* to repair forthwith to their refpe&ive Pofts. * Count Podewils, Envoy Extraordinary from the King of * Pruffia has prefented a Memorial to the State, about the * Orders iflued by the Government of Jiruijels for cruizing \ * on the Ships of the King his Maftd's Subjects ; praying \ * their High Mightinefles to make proper Reprefentatiohs .* ' on this Head to the Court of Vienna, as it may be <at- . * tended with bad Confequences to the Trade of fcmbden, ^ 1 wherein the Subje?U Of the Republick have a great jfnte- ; 4 relt, &c. .��!  They have Advice at, that a Fleet of Men f * of War arid Mwchantmen from the Havannah, is fafely \ * ariived at St. Andcro, with a very rich Cargo.' ' EruJJeh, JpriUi,N.$. This Day his RoyalHighnefs ? the Duke of Cumberland arrived here about Twelve at \ Noon. Count Caunkz Ridbergf ^4inifter Plenippeeotiary  for the Government General of theft'Countries, with Mar- J (hal Konigfcgg, and CountXanoy, Governor of this Place, \ went to meet his Royal Highnefs at Antwerp, and retur- '* red hither in the fame Coach with him, which was pre- ? ceded by a Detachment of his Majefty's Horfe Grenadiers, { and followed by two of his Royal HighnjbfsV Coaches 2 empty, together with another Detachment of the faid I Guards. ) The Cannon upon the Ramparts were fired upon his \ Royal Highnefs's entring the Gate ,of this Town, and the { Burghers, who had been order'd under Arms, attended J there, and at feveral Other Stations, where the Duke was to .1 pafs, particularly in the great Market, where the Town  Houfe Hands, which was adorned as on State Days, with \ Carpets and lighted Flambeaux alt along the Front of it. f From thence theTJulce went qb to the Hotel d'Egmsnd, jj which was prepared for hjm with the Furniture of the late ; Archdutchefs and Prince Charles of Lorrain out of the Pa- 5 lace of Orange. ' m> AndT^shf Exprefrfr ' Motion in t metJiately MikWI^m , Konigfegg / ^/WMS^ to the Goy^^fl,r: M&fa AH Acctftihrs aglr^e fhat tjieret "had on the icth Init. N.S. at Pfrfenhoven at dfan e .fren'ch were in rpf War was im-Irfarfbal Count difpatched ^Jf to opea it Water. a ^thart A�Uoa that there were 5000 French air^Plktmskfrd^df^Lp Sopt, and the Remainder 4)mUM>|#o^uJ^ the ,010* Amlrians were: ____________......, The FiO^>?lcJ^tf<ivsh�^�HM<m Moorings"m the'R'rvVf: ' � . ' ' , \ The Society, Sfifor, Jb^md fr.op � ^efiw?. which was ta^fey. Jhefre^ish, *%�t�fl|ken by a J�rfey On Sunday l$d\eo* .Up&ift Fi�t Shore', and a Woman was kept up by her*Hoop trU a*oat put off to her AjTjltance:: jjfe fyitfm pjim&sgl^ and has lefta Wye'aijd fiveor fyc GJiild�en| b^ind |�im. Yeiterday Morning oije tyr.X*it8t*sfc * Mate of a Ship fell into the Riyer, r^ar t(ne.T0^ 0$ B A N K R U P " T Stephefa R&SBleau, tfrfr Wfr^** "1 ofSotuha�pwn,^in^arrftj^er^^^cr. John Wehead^lateofCteH^^;^ ^e Q?WY 'rjiL'ftf c,T Ifaac Keepe. of ^f#T Ic'St mundtheKmg, U^�^l#ef^ J|V?4$$e BEoker. ' ' �1 'ij>JB ^High Wpter at London^B^geyat JB^^ej India Ditto :9 pfc Tiae Bank Stock 14S. South S:a Stock ipy 1.4 1 ,hatf as^A?' ^ttof^^^ f 8^ . TJw|e prr Cent. temm9\f 174*. r$**?%3. and i744v9iuDJ4oU74?,=1go.tidftfc. tMrHioh Bank Equivalent 110'; r�fc;pj(^y���,4>..7^-i,^ fwrtt Boads 1 I. b7-,a.)a 16-3.7 .Pr. ^Fhree *Ad h half Saf lies 2 1 8tha^Sifci ^rifcsatfa^alFper .Cent, chequer DJfo ..Tk^fe/^Mt, ^)it|j> 11 1 Difc. LotteryTi�WO aa'aj^rV.  ^iafe^Aarffities a 3 -Sths- Years Pnrcbafer -� ---i i\ u 7v - H By ;(:Bei?gihea^5Time.rf. U B S C R �f^tb ^msm Pit and;B6�4 tfi^jflf'" Office in the Hav-Market, at Haifa Qi& The Gallerr^K"^d^lW**?&^r -  . t : ..... --^^la,^ To bepn1 at Half ay^out arker, 0 4T the-mw'Tlieaire'i^rli? , call'd" ' ?' f Pit and "Boxes to \>t put together at Half a Guinea. ^iMg "ijf Tobe|�n at Ha{f an^^ar Six. Mr. Gejnwam&yei Ntsicftj ht r?a^ by Saturi Dcluxa, will turda*Lflext,vjl� -----jjW New Opera cannot t%aor� 4dvtrttf(i�enH of a modetaie Lenity a\ taken in for tbit Paper at Two Shillings tart. o �o o

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