Sunday, April 11, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Sunday, April 11, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 11, 1845, London, Middlesex ^ t 3 D A Y, April ih 1745. HIS Morning failed his Majerty'� Sloop the Baltimore, with insft of the Outward-bound Ships, 'the Duke Man of War, Great Britain Privateer* and the rtfft of the Ships remain. Wind E.S.E. The Bat-day, from Africa, is arrived at Barbadoes. -Tite Ddroth)',Nichols,ffotn Bri- fiol, at Philadelphia. The Gildaft, Holme, from Virginia, at Leverpool. The Berry, Belcher, from Virginia, at Leverpool. The George, Ambler, from Philadelphia, at Dublin. L, O N D p N. Yefterday arrived the Mail* dutf from Holland and Flinders. We hear from Florence, that by Order eff the Giand Bake they- have paek*d up the fecret Archives of Tdfc&BV, together with fome rich Furniture and other valuable* Ef--feffcs, all which they have fent away under a ftrong Guard-into the ffefritory of Venice, from whence they are to be Extraffof a Letter from Bologna, Marched, N.S. ' The Van Guard of the Spanim A Any, canfifting. of � H�ffarsr Miqueletsr and (om& otheF Troops, airiv'd & � Fefero the 23^ Inftaiw, and the feme Dty had divert * Skirrnifhes with the Aattriaw HuCrrs, whVhfc* advanced * that. Way, in order to obferve the Motion? of the Spa-� niards ; but the latter foon obliged- them to retreat to Ca- * tolica. General Ga$f arrived at Peiaro the 26th- with �- Part of his< Army, thsr reft following with all' pofiibfe lOh- * rrgence. fcThis Army is really 18,000 ftrong, Deiides � the tight Troops, and fome Forces- which are actually *�' coming from Naples: The heavy Gannon is not yet *' come up; but Count Qaga ha& ac\aa41y nv his* Camp 3ft * Field-Pieces, from 12 to � Pounders, and t^ feme Nnnii*- * betof Fafconets, and! dbei not win? for: Proviftbhs1 and * Warlike Stores 4 The: Aaftr�uj Trfieps-are^p^ed at For-li'y Getena and �- Rimini', w-he��hey have thrown' upTntwnbHmerJB, and < planted Cannon on them. The Auftrian Cavalry that � EadTieen left fn the Ferrareze and the Bologneze are � marching ro join Prince Lobfcowitz, whofe Army we � reckon is rc.oooftrongy which is fafffeienf- to make � Head againft the Spaniards, ar the'Ptirtce i� agtrt-to Vienna. E-xtra&-of a Letltr' /ro#rRtl*i/&o�t April ft; �N.S''., ' After-the'French' had evacuated Kelheim,. whieh "was * on the 4th Inftant, they ltopf a little "white1 o'n the South ' Side of the Danube, iu order.tG obfefve the Motions of * the AoftrhiBs; who/ on their Side," imttediawly refamed ' their March-in two-Columns, aBd-paf^d-by this Oity * the 5t^iaod-6th^nftanHgpingsjorStraBbiagen,;,andrr6ri\ * thence to Deckandotff,:.where we pre/upe they will pais � the Danube. Thcfe two Cohimns will make up five Re- * giments. * After this the Frencb-purfoed their March, CPafting the ' Danube awards Ing^ljlaMLi. bet;they now takjt*he Route 4 of theLech, in order to draw near the main Bbd� itt the ' Bavarian Army. Th'e Auftmn dfficfers that feaVe been at Kelheim, wbhdef how the French eifrje t8 IBSniftin that PMce, fine* the Fdr'riBc3tfeiw w6re in fo good a Con-� ditioft, tfiSt it �WnM JJave B5fri a Kndftf Piece bf WoTk � \d drive ttorii 63t, hdd they pieatea W ftarrd^ttbir 4 Ground; However, they did not quit the Place' till they ' had tarrie*d off. every Thing in the Wad,aatfne6; 4 Our Advices from Bavaria likewife inform us^that the ' Auflrians had farmed a Deiign to fdzejipon Mefbourg, ' which lies within three Leagues of Landfhut on the Road 4 to Munich ; for which Purpofe they detacheaihe greateft ' Part of their Light Troops*, who -had afttallf p'uflted on 4 within a- fn�a*li Bifttriee of Melb'ourgt wHeTe fliey at- * tatfeed ihi R�|ime*ri'i! of Tfibting affl Ffefifierg, Ca- * v^fy, who were obfiged td |ivfc: Way to theth % biit the 4 Bavariari* having Md timely Advice cfi the Aaftriatis 4 BeJlgn, they abandon'd Land^iut the 5'tfi Jhftaht in trie 4 Evening, Sftef carrying aWay all that was" in the Maga-4 zises, -and went to take Poll at Mefbaurg, where the Ba-' variari Army is ntiw afferabling. This Army is 30,000 4 ftrong : That of the Aallrians confifts of no more than 4 20,000 Men, bir it will be forthwith reinforced by five 4 Regiments afltrally marching from the Upper Palatinate, 4 and by fome other Troops from Auftria; ....."They \\ik? from Aufbourg, that upon Advice cf the fudden P"rogrefs of tHe Auitriaris iri Bavaria, the Frejich Generals in Swabfa hSVe detached a Body of 8 Batallions and 16 Squadrons to r reinforce Count Segin% General1 of the French froop> in'Bavaria. Extrati 0/ ct Letter-from Berlin, April 10, N.S. . 4 Count Laey, Adjiiitant-General in the Service' of Ruf-r fia, aflpfWtf tere the' 6th Inftant from Livonia,- and 'tis 4 prutendeif hfris charged with an important1 Cotrrmiffion ' from the Empfefs.- The King has fixed at 3'6"Batallions 4 and 46 Squadrons,, the-Number of Troops to be left; in * th&P&t of his confirflons, the Command of vvfaicrrhe 4 has giveTp to flitf reining Prince of Anhalt-Deffan, with 41 tTieTitle^oFS^adtBolde^, or Governor General iff'his Ab-4 fence; By our laft~ Advices from Silefia we. find, that 4 thtfKSngi only waits^fol1 the Meltinj.of'the' Snow in the 4 Gorges of the Mountains of the Upper Srlefiaf and rife *� Cdunty of Glaft, itf order" iti 6|tn ea^r^igftv In 4 the mean tTmVhiV^aje'fty/hVs'order^^ 4 ry, Z)>agobns-, aritfl^Sliarr, to advance td'thV Oder,-and <~ dbligr ttre~ ftangarfeir Jrrfnrgentrto- atandcrrr the~Pofts 4 they flill otcupy* dti :,ana'Bouchaitf,>andthit' they feem^o'liavea mtnnttd'fefee-;m�dh' the'* Irrrle 'J'o'ivn of Bea&ttidnr; wlrich lies bttweea AJ!au&ea|e'.arid Pn'iifpyflfo We have:Ad*iee-from Venice^ that the'Turks ar^' making ig^seatiMilitafy^repaiationsin; Bofnia-and the PTQvin-ces-adjkcentj which, aj'ih�y'(thtlTurks>g*vefowr?'afe>de-figned dg^mi!'th^FeTfl^h?:i'batthe^en"^; n^t';fCarrng-to trdi to3wt A8�vtcaffonsV has fent OrdeiEs to their 'Com-ranndants^ifl Dahnatla to-benpon theirGnard. LettorsfroraNide adrifij, .jhatall Things 'Were in Rea-diheiVfAr-'the^Mij'cR of^thfe--InfantvT>on 'Philip's' Army, and tJia^VSqaadr^tt"of'fev�n~EngmMfeW"vV&r had^ap-peared ofFof Cape 4t NoK. the be given to the Grand Signor about the Cj| fei fie has made of h-is Mediation between the Chriftiai Powers. _ They write from Kinfale, that on th* 13d, paft�. wis brought in there, by the Hon. Capt, HamilCoj^ in the Auguftk Man of-War,-, the La Chlmfleur, frortj St. J)6-mln^r*,- Bu*then 3 50 Tons, 20 Guns, and 74 men, laden with Sugar, CcffJe; Ifidigd; &c. ^ HerCargoeis computed tofbe woffli 20,030 1. Sterling, befides three-Chefts of*Sil-ver,. containjng 20^000 Pieces of Eight, beipnging/tc^a SpanKh Prieii ori board. �Tis laid this Ship wjis ^ttack'd by tnree Privateers at difter^nt Times in .her Paffage, and got clear of them ?U i and to*k a Veffel from Cork'lot Carolina, which fhe" fanfomed; There is1 Adviter frdftt Pftilayelihla, tM Iv/ti Privatefc>s beloifgmg t6 hiitfUc?4 had latefy bought iti C^oFrelich Prizes, valued at 20,0001. Sterling. ,. Yefterday came Advice.^ that the Priricefs Aug;ifta Privateer, Capt. Le Grof, hai takeh a French Ship -f about 160 Tons, from the Weft-Indies, and carried her into frwey. .-if The fame Dav there was an Accognt, that the Ch'afri^ ( ing Sufan, fcott, from South' Carolina, is taken by the French, and carried into Rochtlle. Yefterday two MtfTengers arrived at St. James's ; one|of which brduglit fbrne Difga'tches from Flanders^ vand^theS oYh'er, as raid,.an Accointof the Du&e'of Cdmberiand'a being latide'd in Holland., We hear thar Mf. Thompforf, who was formerly MM-ftei1 at the Court: of France, will fpeedily go abroad in a Publick Character.- Yefterday aH a Cou'ftheW at Bridc'weD for the tinted Hofpitals of BTid^well and Bethlehem, Sir John Philips, Bart, and Lewis Pryfe, Efq; formerly elected Governors came'to tKe Court, and took their Charges. Aiid the moft Ncble Charles' Noel Somerfet D.u"ke of Beaufort, and William Hanmer,-Efa; were^by the Court nominated Governors, and Stafrs" were ordered xo be fent them accordingly. On T�efdkyih the ATte/no6n d�5e Anne Williams came to the Shop of Mr. BroWnin Lonibard-ftreet, Goldfmith, to fell a Silver Warc"fl,- but hrfip^fieridfnjf the fame to be ftolen'; fe'cnred-heV:- A^tf Tette/d^y'fire1 Was' contmitted^lto thyp^I^ ,Co�J$F8jr. .^r ^ifi&ft ifal^,;, on � na$it Su'fpjetdn pf ftei^i^tW fy$c'f& not giving'arty &tisfaitory AccoiaHf how*(hc came by it. Yefer9arEtesti6r^n^eW^wi/cdrM^ Clerken- ^^sm^'sff'mM pc.v.ul $t feioniiiufty taking out or tKe'Dweliing-hdule of Mfr'.' Williajja Hart, a great Qgaritity of Rearing[AppVrel,' Chiha,; Money, and other TH'O0iofyiJv^K hh'jfoj^i|y, foun4,ppbn her. As was Elizabeth RobWon to,tfte fkmfc Place, for feIo� nioufly. robbing^her TeadyfUfriiftFd Lodgings. The fame ^^--^**i'--> - Place'; byJ the i _ . ,______ chen Fujniture, the Property of l&'f. 'Thdmas''Quarterman, fotind npoh her. " , I R E' L A N D. Duhliri, jfyril 2. Ori the 26th'pali died tn�ar Rofcorn-: mon, Sir Edward'Cf^ofton, Bart. Meinbfr c/parliameii^-for  that County. l}e is; fukfeeeded^^in'Title and Part of jjis Eftate, by Oliver Crofton,' Efq;' And' 3000I. per Ann. falls ttf'Marcus Lowtfi^r, Efqj.. who. married -his Siller ; and who.intends toofRrhWelf a Cafl4'da;ein*his room/. ^ Abputthe fame time die2 Richard,I^amifao.n of Gj!e- ,. - rain,-Bfqi .-a Gentiemin of.great tategiitjr' and*G�odv.Na-turejaiid-tbefefow rfudiiefteemM by a!i^that'w^'a^q�i2iafed with him. 1 �, � . 1 ,  j �. '.a. On S,un^ay' d,ied Mif$* Vefe^, Daughter of tAgmonde-Iharii^Vefey, Elqi late'Acco'm'p'tant General' of this Ki^g-doni. $ ... fefteraaydiedMf:" Smifh^ Keepfer'ojT^h,1s'Ma|efly>.Gcal ^-o'f'Newgate 1 Hi^Death w^s occafiopM'by a Fi'U from his Horfe. . , ' ... . .. ,Thc&&fp#;&&;.MK''j6te'pS^aame8> Son' of Mrs. Rhamis- an eminent Printer. Lafc-ThuFfiJay Benjamin Morris- Efa;h wis tt^fried 'to [  Mh^ArfeoclW Waterford; ari agreeiBl^^"yoffnf TiadfwTth " a'nandfdtnVFortiin?.' Higtr Water thisDayatLendbn-Bridge ar 50 Minutes after' 6;' 4dv?ftifeme*ls of a moderate Length a\ taken in for this Paper at Two Shillings each.

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