Monday, March 29, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Monday, March 29, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 29, 1845, London, Middlesex Ay IDA Y, 1(arch 29, "1745. %&}8^**J$fetMe Duke, with thfc^fiv^rbQ^,, ^aJA- in the Boftris. Arrived Yefterdiy the Great Britain Privateer^ ahfl brought' in with ; her- * farge French Ship, from St.' Domingo, which &e took the 14th Inftant. There was alfo brought in the Honpuf, aDiitch J$$yi bound ... ..,.,...... to Dunkirk; takeafcy "the Trae- Btfbni&vatew. WindS.W. ' The Pewb^rjon, Nuns; Earl of Derby, PwHhejt v and the Hermitage, Syers, from Leverpool, arc arrived at Ja-aajca. The Briftol Packet, Mj�gee, f>om Cork, at Briftol. TheTdham, Keaftonj from Carolina, off Dover. LONDON. They write from Hanover of the 26th In ft. N.S. that ^Baron Munchaufen, Privy-CounfeJIdr and Minifter of State let out the Day before for Berlin, in order to execute an ' important Comnuffion there : That Barqri Alvanfleben was likewise gone to execute a Commiffion at the Court of Drefden, from whence Baron Bofch, who fdided there on the Part of Hapoycr, has repaired, to Vienna on fome important Errand. "ExtraS of a Letter from Nice, March 16, N.S. � The 10th Inft. fome of th� Enemy's independent Com-� panies, {attained by a Detachment of the' Regiments * called Marine and Mondovj, appeared on the Hill of * Vil^-Diana, and haying afterwards drawn near Chiuza-' nico, they attacked our Hignland-^ufiiiers, who guarded * that Poft. The Brigadier Bpo Pejho Zavallo?, haying � had Notice beforehand pf their Defign, fent a Company * of Granadiers and two Piquets to the Affiftance of the * latter; which Corps arrived foopportunely, and attached * the Enemy fo brffldy, that xhiy put them to. Fhght7filer * killing them 12 Men, and wounding a greater Nurnper. * Their Retreat, which was fudden and hafty, an4 .roade * without any Coyer, lefrthep^expofed to all eur Fire. � We had but four Pufiiie'rs wounded in this AftifiB. . From Utrechf-Qaze;^. � London, March 26, N.S. Prinze Sherbauff, |&ni%- * Pleqij^ttn0a^7�|ni |he' liipjnfQ>ft &u/fia, having pre-. � fentedid the Court a' n^qjoriaT conformable jhe De- � claration of the 3d of February, which was delivered to � the Lords Tyrawley and Hyndford at Peterfburg,"Anfwer * has been .made to that Muffler in the King's Name, '*� That his Majefty had a deep Senfe of the Trefh AhV � ranees he received of the Friendship and good Difpofi-� tians of her Imperial Atfajefty : ^That the Offer of her Mediation in (particular, was very agreeable to him, be-Jngjper,fuadeel that the feveral Objects that want to be re-* dreffed, will not efcfipe.her great Penetrations That his " Majefty had already fe,nt Orders to his Minilter at �' Vienna, to impart this Offer to that Court, a,nd"take � the neceflary Steps'there to improve thefe laudable ln-�� tentibns of her Imperial Majeiiy ; and that the'oiher .*� Allied Powers would be �ii�fale a French Dqggej Privateer; ..' Irs. Wihgfleld, "toward the Support of the Incurable Patients .of the Publick Infirmary in' Jamcs^ftfi^, Weftminfter. "  - Oh M nd Bokbc at Half an " '  1 Honrafferpve. To(begin at Half an Hour after Six o'clock-  OR U R Y:L A N E. By D E S I R E. Fort&vsmfit of Mrs. WOFfTNGTON. By His Majefty's Company of Comedians �> AT the Theatre-Royal in Prury-Lanfi^. To-morrow, will be prefented a Comedy, eaU'd The 'S T R A T A G.E M. The Part of Archer to be perform'd by Mr. GAtlRICK i Cherry by Mifs M. WOFFlftGTON,' " (Being (be firft Time of ber appearing aje>&� My 'Stagey) Aimwell, Mr. Havard j Scrub, Mr,Macklin 5 Foigard, Mr. Yates; . - Dorinda^ (Mrs.,Mills;  And the Part of Mrs. Stilly by Mrs.' WOFFINGTON, ' ActTVi- A'O^jce byUt&t. Mujlment, ahS ethers.-To which will be added a Farce of three Acts, calPd The QlL^CkS, w Loye's tfc Hy(ichn. . Wrote, by Mr.^Swiny� . , The principal Parts to be perforrn'dTby Mr. Macklin, Mr. Yates, MrrMozeen, Mrs. Bennet, Mrs^Ridout, Mifs Bradihaw.. Wifh'^PftOLOGVE tothe rare^'^ be'tipke-bften.W'offington. Bpxes 5 i. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery a�i  UfeJw Gallery 1 �. Part of the Pjtjteilt beJRaWJ .int� the Boxes, aiytger-uants luill bt al/ov>'d to keep Places on tbe Stage. � r ' Tickets delivered outfor the 1 ith voili be taken this Night. OniMon'aay ue� T^tiRE^W SIGI^MUNDA. ; - For thrBenefit of thfe AUTHOR. -----------Admiralty-TQifice, -March ,21, J744- r-ttE'J^gye'if. wJejut gtyeh fo'tbe Petty** , (^c^sj^Fwe^^^^Jate-Befeapag to his Majefty's Ship"N'oTtkaivbe^^tjhetng expired; the Lords Com-niffianers nfjhe Admiralty, do. hereby jlrirly direff them to repair forjkwitk on hand his Majefty 's Ship the Yarmouth $tt\ng outjat Deptford. ; 1 � � Tho.Corbett. C -A The Part of Cato to be*performed by Mr. QU^N'} Mr. Ryan .^Ijjciua^ Mr. Rofco j Sernprbnios, M*. Caftell; Ir. Hale ; Syphax, .Mt>,Gibfo&v Marcus; Mr.'Aadsribn; Dccius, Mr. kidout.' Lucia, Mifs Bellamy;'' r- Aaidvthe Pdtt of Maircia; by Mrs. PritChard. >- T Mr. Ro. belts; -   : ,...:� f "* And the Part ofThifte by Mrs. Lampe. The Dances,by Mr. Ceoke7Mi>LalauzeY"Mr. Mr. Ville-neuve, Mr. Delagarde, Mrs. Delagarde, and Mrs. Duval. Boxes ^ s. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery 2 s. Upper Gallery r s. To begin exaftiy at-Six o"Clock. H A Y-M A R R K E T. ^ AT the KING'S THEATRE in the 9 HAY-MARKET, 00 Thurfday next, will be An ASSEMBLY. (Being the Laft this rear.) Tickets will he deliveT'd ta Subfcribers ob Wednefday next, afi ' White's Chocolate-Houfe in.St. James's ftreet. Every Ticket will admit either One Gentleman ox Two Ladies. COVE N.T-G A.R DEN. By SUBSCRIPTION, the Third and Laft NIGHT, ] AT the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden, on Wednefday, April 3,"will be perform'd a new Oratorio, caU'd .....< - 1 J O S E P H. Set to Muflck by Mr.DeFefch. Both Words and Mufick" are entirely new. \* Whereas it was fir" intended to Jay the Pit and B ixe together, for the better Accommodation of the Ladies, who aredefirous of having their Places kept, The Boxes will be enclos'd as ufiual, at 5 s. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery 2 s. Upper Gallery i s< Subscribers Tickets mil admit One into tbe Boxes 5. or tp)9 into tbl Pit, or Ibree into tbt'Galltfy, paying 'tbe Aivmfd Money. ~ No Body to be admitted" into the Boxes without printed Tickets, which will be deliver'd atfthe Theatre; The Galleries to be Operi'd at Half an Hour after Four o'clock, Pit aad Boxes at Half an Hour after Five. To begin'exaftly at Six o'clock. Z Vifii/iciion. AT the New Theatre in the Haymarket, To-morrow, will be perform'd the laft newPaftorzlOpera. call'd L^INCOSTANZ A. DELU SA. Pit and Boxis to be put together at Half a Guinea. Gallery 5 s e* '�ttaJ'AJfairt. '"'  ^ � "\ By Order of the Court of Agiftants, . R.Spence, Sec For SALE by the ;C;A.N.D E:% " At the MARINECofree-Houfe in Birchin-lane, On Ttiurfday next, April 4, at Five 91Clod in tbe Afternoon precifely, '"' ' THE entire Stock in Trade of Mr. JOHN GOLDSON, of Ludgate-ftreet, Mereer. A large Parcel of rich Brocaded Silks, rith Damaiks, Silk Sattins, Water'd and Unwater'd Tabbies, Velvets, Velluret, Paduafeys, , rich Black Silks, -Armozeehs/Bueapes, Mantua S33ks5riS4rgifc|o}r8� Norwich Crapes, Shagreens* Sarfenets, Perfians, ,5g>a| fit^rHJiBomba-ztenv Poplinsj 'Ailagcens,tec. s\ :- /} {-'g Thefe'Ooods mafbe feen'at Mr. BELL's SaleWarehoufe'tn^^r-mary e.hurch-��d,^w-Lfl�fCi*^^^^^ to tho TUne-pf Sale. -------------- txiiuv ___JOHN BELL, Broker. This Day is pubtifb1^ fnCQ 1 s. 5~< ANCREDand SIGISMUNDA,a Tra- gedy. As it is Afted at the. Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. By his Majefty's Servants. By Mr. T H O M S O N. Printed for A. Millar, oppofite to Katharine-ftreet in the Strang T 1 ----- 4dwf,ifatteuts-of a modcr&t Length at% inkenin �or this Paper at Tvj� inis tach.

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