Monday, February 22, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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General Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 22, 1845, London, Middlesex , Numb. 3534. S A; T U R D AY, FebrVary 22, 1745-6. 2&ff� .February 20. JAILED to the Northward his Maje-ftyV .Ship,Ruby. !a* Yefterday put rback. his Majefly's Ship Squirrel ; with the Hornet and Swift Sloops, "aST VbrFPrtvager; wh6 remain-With his Majefty*s Ships Prineefs Loiiifa, Commodore Mitchell ; the [�Defiance, ai& Outward-bound. Ar-isrived the Greenwich, Gely, from Bdvidere ; and Dutchefe, Garnett, from Newcaftle, for portfmouth. Wind S.NV. blows hard.  Grave fendi Feb: 20: :Fafs'd by the^Pance of Wales, Wakefield, from St. Kitts. Dartmouth, Feb: tS2 'Yefterday arrived the Phoenix, Jotfliam, from Liffion, in nine Days:; Pafs'd by this � Port for Torbay, four Englifli Men of. War ; but their Names not known. W4nd4&.S.W�-----~ � - [fey mouth, Feb.,19. After Poft on Monday came to an Anchor in Portland Road the Weazle Sloop of War, with the Ships for Jerfey andGuejnzey under her Convoy. SaiPd the Jamaica Sloop on a Cruized Wind W.S.W. Peek Feb. 19. Sailed. Thomfon, Thorafqn; Annes and Mary, Botley; Providence, Wills \ and the John and Elizabeth, Wills, to wait Convoy' at SpMeadj, for London. WindW.N.W. � - ; The Black-Joke, �--, from Lifbon, is arrived at Dublin. L O. N D O N. Ai tides at Length of the Capitulation of Brufiels, agreed upon Feb. 20, 1746, N.S. I. Four Days fliaU be allowed, from the Day on which tk Capitula-'ion fliall be figned, tdgiv.e Advice to the General commanding the Army of the High Allies in the Netherlands^ of the Condition the City cf Bruffek is in, and to wait for the Succour �hat there is Room to expeft. In'the mean Time, there a Sufpenfion of Arms and of all A&s of Hoftflity, and neitheTr Battery, Trench or any kin<i of Worlc, fliall .be made or advanced on one Side* or the other.-' If the Succour arrives, the-Moment Information comes of it the Sufpenfton^of Arms mail ceafe, and neither one Side or the other fliall be bound by the Articles of the ptefcntvCapitiilatJon : But, if it does not arrive in four Daysj the? Place fliall beideuvered up to hij Excellency the Marflud Count de Saxe^ Commander in Chief of hisMoftChnlttar^Majefty's Army, two Days afar the laid four Days. Refufed. II. I he Dutch Garrifon, and all who depend on it, as alfothe Engineers, OlEcers of Artillery,, and others employed in the Service, fliall, inarch out with all the Military Honours, DrBms beating and Colours flying, even thro' the Breach if the Comjnandant of the,Garrnon defires it, and every Soldier ffiali have z$ Cha^rgips, o Refufed. The Garrifon Jball all be Prifovers of War. The Arms of the OfficersJhaU[notbe/touch*^, and_ as the tofsof the Arms falls o-nly upon the Captains, lit/ill caufe them to be fur in*Magazines, and they Jbdli Be refiored to them at the Exchange. ' - III. The Garrifon and what depends on it (hall be conducted by a fuitable Efcorte to Antwerp, the fhorteft Way. : � Refufed. The Garrifin.fhall march dut by the Gatt'of Flanders, and fialibe cQaduaed,wto,tieJe^^Jlant Places. IV. The Garrifon ibaU. take, wi$ them-fix Pieces of Cannon, and four Monar� of the largpft Bore*,- 'with Ammunition ifrProportion, as aHo the Carnages and neceflary Utenfil.--, with Draught Horfes and Waggons, 'and twelve cover'd Carriages, which mail not beTearch'd, under any Pretence whatfbever. ' Refufd. " " " . V. There IhalJ be granted to the ..Officers o� the State-Major of their High Mjghtinefies Troops, the neceflary Number of Boats or! Carriages, at- the Expence of the Country, for the Removal of their Moveables and Efefts, whatever they may be, either by Land or Water, as it fhati bethought proper, to Antwerp, in the Space of fix Weeks, cr fobner, if poffible; if hot, they fliall be permitted to kaye their Moveables and Effefts in the City, under the J"ar� �(/otne of the Inhabitants, and that they "fliall not he ftopp'd afterwards, under, any Pretence whatever. The Cartiages by Land and Water Jhall be furnijbed at 4TF.xpente of the Country, to tranfpo't the Troops and their Fpat to Antwerp, Breda andM^fricht.  VI. The Garrifcn mail be affo fuppli.ed, at the Expence Of the Country, with neceflary Carriages to take with �em their hfteftsV Moveables and Equipages^ from the General to the foweft Officer. Idem. [To be cmdudedtbenext Opportunity J Letter, from a. Gentleman at Perth, to. his Friend in , London. ' * I on Wednefday the 5th ; Thurfday about * Noon, Lieutenant Colonel Campbell, marched through � this Town with about a Thoufand of the Argyllftiire-' men, and was at Nairne that Night; they are the beft * Body of Highlanders, and the beft cloath'd that I-ever *� faw. About two or three Hours after, his Royal � Highnefs, at the Head of the Foot, marched into Perth * witJk the whole Army,, where he jpt continues. Friday * the 7th about;r96of Gol. CampbeU's Highlanders were � Tent to Durikeld, of which they took Poffeffion that 'Night, and of the Boats there ; tho* feveral Parties of * the Rebels had been in and about Duiikeld that Day, * .who had been forcing the common Men in all Athol, ' and-between Blair and Dunkeld, to join them, under ' Pain of burning their Houfes, &c--Saturday the 8th � his, Royal Highnefs fent a Detachment of 500 Men, '.commanded by. Sir Andrew Agnpw, who join'd the ' Highlanders at Dunkeld that Day ; at the fame time ' the Duke fent another Detachment of 506 Men com- ' manded by Colonel Leighron toCaftle-Menzies kt&TSfc*' ' bridge; fo .that now the King's Troops have got PoA ' feflionofthat Country, and will foon force the Rebels ' into narrower Bounds.-The Pretender, and* many of ' his Adherents, by lall Accounts, were flill at Blair, * where he came Thurfday laft the 6th, having been /or ' two Nights before that at Caftle-Menzies. There' are. �" with him at Blair, D. of Perth, M. of Tullibardin^ Ld. ' Nairne, Locheill, and feveral others of the Chiefs j but * can never learn whatNumbers of the common Men they * have with.them. It is not thought they can have many, ' tho' at the fame time they give out, that they would op- * ppfe the King's TVoops at the Pafs ofj^Gillicrankie, if ' they fliouldjnarch that way : But by laft Intelligence � from Blair, about 12 o'Glock on Saturday the 8th, they * fent their Cahnorr Northwards towards Dalnacardach, * which is confirmed by a Perfonthat came from Blair * Yefterday Morning; and that the Pretender's Son, and � thofe with him were foon to follow.-This Intelligence � is only from Country People, (who were fore'd to carry � their Baggage, and have left them ^fince) for no Perfon, ; ' of any Credit can have the leaft Opportunity of leaving  ' them* all the Paffes for three Miles round Blair being , ' ftrI�Uy guarded;--What is very odd, is, that notwith" ' ftahding this Appearance of their Difperflng, they yet ' * fendout Parties all over the Country, forcing the Men ' to rife and join'them, under Pain of,- wrhat they ca'l, * Military Executibn.r-Yefterday the Duke of Athol fent ' an Order, by his Royal Highnefs's Approbation, to ' counter this, requiring all his Vaflals and Tenants that ' are joined with die Rebels to leave them forthwith under ' the fame Penalty^ of burning, &c. as. are in the Rebels , � Orders j *and, at the fame Time^ his Royal Highnels,. ' gavtran Order to Baron Reid for zoo of the ArgyBfliire * ' Men that are quartered at Dunkeld, to be conduced by ' him andCommiffary Bifletas far into Athol and Strath-� ardel as they can fafely, t# put this Order in Execution, 4 to encourage the Athol Men (who were forced into the ' Rebel? Service) to leave them, arid to protett thofe who . ' had; net joined them. Laft Night Major General Camp- * beil arrivtd here, and has brought another Body of ' Highlanders with him ; fo that there are now about 2000 ' Argyilfliire Men in this Country. The laft Accounts 'of thefe that'patted the Tay here, bear that theyiaYe7? ' going on Northwajds without either flopping or ftupping ' off at Montrofe ; his Royal Highnefs Yefterday receiv'd .' an Account of the Heffians being arrived at the Firth.' I am, &c. Perth, Teb. 10. Yefterday Advice came, that the. Prince Edward, Da-vifon, from Leghorn, is arrived off Dover; but laft from Gibraltar, in 12 Days.-Captain Veale, of the Infpeftor Privateer, (which was larely loft in the Bay of Tangier)r and his Lieutenants, are come home Paflengers in the faid Ship; but we hear that the Crew aie carried up to Me-quinez. There is an Account that the Daniel, Tyfhurft, from Carolina for Oporto ; a Vefle! from Leverpool for ditto ; and Tome other Veflels, whofe Names are not known, are taken by the Spaniards, and carried into Galicia. Letters from Jamaica confirm the Account of the Blaft Bomb being taken, on the 9th of November, by two Spa-nifti Xebeques of Black River: The Engagement began - about five in the Morning, and latted till 11, in wbichithe^ Engliih were three times boarded j the, fecond of which was full two Hours e'er they could clear . themfelves; and the third, near.the feme time before theyTarrender'd.-- The Atflibn was carried on with .the greateft Warmth On both fides; but the Spam'ards us'd our People extremely ill, (according tq Cuftom) for their gallant Behaviour. . The Cbmmitteeiof the Guidhall SubTcription have ordered One hundred and fifty Pounds; to be paid into the Hands of Mr^Patejfon, Agent to Col.'Murray's Regiment, to be irhniedia^ply diftributed, at Twenty Shilline" per. Man, amongftcthe. Hundred andfifty.maimed aji wounded Soldiers, who are returned here from Prefton-Psffis. The Lords Lieutenants of the County of York agreeable to the Truft repofed in them, for the Service of the Pub-lick, have refolved to iflueHHie Sam of 250b 1. towards tc-cruiting, and reinforcing, the Army .no$ undeiiJCom----mand of his Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland, ont of the Yorkfliire Troops. , The Lords of the Admiralty have appointed Captain Henry Peyton, formerly Commander of the Salamander Bomb, to be Captain of the Lancafter, a new 50 Gun Ship fitting out at Woolwich. Yefterday the Lord Archbiftiop of Canterbury prefented the Rev. Mr. John Profs to the Rectory of Smithton in Surry, a Living Worth j co 1. a Year. Tuefday laft the Earl of Nottingham prefented the R� void by the Deceafe of the Rev. Mr. Alhburn. /They write from Chefterfield ia^e^fliirev-dratthc^ � Floods and Rivers are fo greatly increafed by the late Rains and Snows, that moft of the County is become impaflable, the Mills of Ripley, have been carried away by thek Torrent, and a large .Quantity of Grain loft. Wednefday laft died at Stepney, Edward Rayneiy Elq; a Gentleman poflefs'd of 15001, a Year and who ferved the Office of|High Sheriff for the County of Cambridge, in the Year 1735. Yefterday Morning died at Lambeth, Mr; Cray ton, many Years a Pale Beer and Ale Brewer, and lately a confiderable Hop Merchant, reckon'd very Rich. On Thurfday laft Elizabeth Lewis was committed to Newgate by SirTbgmas De Veil, for felonioufly taking out of the Lodgings of Mrs. Hannah Poole,... a. great Quantity of Linnen, Wearing AppareJ, Gold Rings, and other Things, her Property, found upon her. And Yefterday .Peter Swann and George Bun; were com-, mitted to &ji$i)aijit�^^ robbing their: Ready-Fuinifh'd Lodgings, to a, confiderable Value. .... Ter^ Feb. 8. His Royal Highnefs only waited at Perth) for Proviiions in Order topmriue the Rebels'; thefe bemg now come, we' every Moment expett to hear of his Marching. " Commoiore Smith fet out for Scotland on the 12 th to relieve Admiral Byng, who is to go to London to fit at the Court Martiais, His Royal Highnefs with the Army is ftill at Perth, the Rebels who fled North-Weft diftrefs the People^m thofe Parts beyond Expreflion j they are^forcing thfJKPfeaF-"^ join them on Pain of Death. I R E L AN D. Dublin, Feb. i<. Several of the Rebel Army have.of late made their Efcape into this Kingdom, and we are af-fured that fome of them are at prefent in this City. There is one Man, we hear, whofe Accounts are fomething curious; he fays, that about three Years ago, he was allured, by the Advance of fixteen Crowns', to enter into the French Service. He enlifted in Lord John Brummohd'a to any of the Officers or Soldiers in the Irilh Brigade,'irt the Service of France, who had a Mind to try their Fortunes with the Pietender in Scotland, was one of thofe who embarqvfed with Lord John Drummond on that*Pre-tence, but with a View, as he gives out, of deferting the firft Opportunity, being heartily tired "of the French Service. , He pretends to us, that Lord.John Djrummond gave great Reafon to fufpeft, that he only waited for a proper -Time to make his Peace with his Majefty^ndftriSly for- = bz&e the leaft Plunder under the fevereftPunifhments. He was in the Battle of Falkirk, and believes that there, were 300 of the King's Forces killed in that Action j at leaft, they were were made to believe fo by their Officers. As to the Number of their own killed, he could make no Conjecture, for there were feveral employed all Night in burying them, and in the Morning'they were'brought into the Field of Battle, and were fhewn about 30 6f their pwa Men killed j on wkich Occafion their Officers harangaed them oh the greatDifproportion of the flain, and^ they called it, of Heayen ^in.jthjeir avour; but that few of-their HeaieVs gave any Attention or Credit to thofe Difcourfes, as they could plamlyjee the Blood and oAer'MSrks where dead Bodies had Iain. He and another were fent to a Cole-pit to buy Coals for their Company, and! toojc that Opportunity to make, their JT-cape. ____  : 4DVERTISEMEN TS are taken ki for this Paper, at Lloyd's Cof/ee-House, in Lombard-Street.

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