Saturday, February 6, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Saturday, February 6, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 6, 1845, London, Middlesex 3%$; Wruvy 4. p^�E^ ou� �nttk$e�arijf!e and ^Swj&J&ivateec. Remain Jus Ma-fjeft/*$ Ships Pnnbei^Wk psural Mayo,; Jit^Kngs, Cwnmo-fdore Knowles,. wjth the ;|�fen of j War as in ffly M*'and JBuV?6f 61 Bedford ?; $nk'-1nfat j&mmedeie Snowies as invktr Jail .__T _ * with two Men flnMiri a�Ioop| and * Falmo*t&f~ftt. jSjncermy jfft fefled'the yawfenicr EadtttjBoa^^lJamaica^- - Wind Baft, ...-------- _________ Dartmouth* hb.z. Yefterday-same on the Poinpey. Barrel, of And *W London, from Jamaica j and the Owj.-*fi GoedvviU,qftHis Rape, from London. Wind -E/N^. Ffff,. g. Game jn WtffeufcandTiioxnas, Lauder, from Lpndeo. Sailld the John and Mary, Rogers* for London. , The Johnfort, Fambe�t08, fircm PeterfburgB; ��ifo\l at JL^vcrpJxfl. . TheThAt FxicBds, Alltti, irom Sasbadctts, �t Pty-fiouto* i . faeOfety, Da$^ #om N. fe� M*jeft/s Utters tp * I caaoot&ffiaeMly JWplaurl the Earndhiefs^o le4p�itof the Com of Drefckn. IfMpMvi confers, to forefee, that a Cwnt which ^thoughtlifelf tfeHgcdto abmdon its Capi- War/and now jepeatlo yoa wfaet-I faU iftmy firmer Letter, that from-the f�ay the King of Poland mall �gt the Treajy, HojSUIities and the laft Contribute** vour'd  wedd hswe 1 tribintoW and if weces; cells. If Fortune had fa. >i JLamin^ceJ�afn tbejf, She &ttri&re.of �A(flefj*. ^ednfcfc, ^tin^*roc�dare. � iswuca nw�re*utn*ne;aiJdtntt, if 1 baw1yid#egobd} ' Fortune, Jp4ifc#ftcer* ^t #1 ' my Behaviour jneotfequaDce i* according to die Rights 4 of War,,a�d�heCi*fc>i�WaH Eeswp*. if it>�* true, � thatl^||n^|QM^M-|K^ tift Ruin offcs * Hereditary Jiftate% JSe; moft ceWam^ajj in my Qpi-�"nionaf his coming to &i� JEnd, is to'accept the Peace if. ______ 'lam, Ac * Count fleftsleteifehai been hat fiuce YefteTdaf* csndDnlI W3it^i1l, to &iifthese'U *tt means of banc-, ^Jngo�er^iSsi�JSJSMftrjf to fflore ja^ and^ttitable Stntiaoerrti. Xei^k Kipg of Potwdthen a�ail himfelf c/ay,i^po6iH�, aj>d �0t pym � t�o��. I wBi fend ' you To-moriow my Remarks upon Cour^Brtthl's IftV ' moriaf, ofwliich y p"erto mol- * lify Minda sbaa to imitate them, yoa hate- it in your ' Powefiiot 10 nioduce it �t4me Courtl lathe Interim, ' I^m irtajigo�j; gire new.ASiwtf to my Operiboa, �* and woride for my own' Secarfttr, elimer^cranShig > * my Bnemies; br oBli^b^ Wh r. ttatct' * -ifeaibhable � ifeee. Whatever inftf arrive, i ^iatt a|wa^bear m j * i&eitoory your juftl^rtceem^pjanttlfl cani>e lervrce- , ' able .to jrou at your jQourt, J vdtt warnVrf.en^kqriill'nry ; '* GredH to convince jou,' tint jebu mtt TuitSsHmiiai Jo- ( * grate". ii.Tl'B Jt, IV. 1 Wriiitn ihrtt H^tiie/areUe SignaiursihfB.TilholnaHti. '$ l&r � ' ' -J � *� ^ I was *ety*OTcbtfarptifcd toTeceive Pjopofifido* of ' Peace�h thei)ay of aSattle; sod I ha*e teen ftmici- - * ei^y cenvincei^tneiimk SiireeT^of^^S ; * iiifters, iytheftemrndff rmce�!harh�of Lonaininto| S�ouy. Fiortuiw, wWchfcath^teoiriisd^Dj^O pat4ne u� a Cotton tcTe^ fac&Sort of ft^ : with great Vigour farfrom thinking III that Man-' * �er, 1 offer ft^fi, for the Jait Tone; my'Frienaiaipifr f-tht JKng ofPohad. My Sucwffia-d* not blind �ie j | * and -riio' I might have JUafon to i� *trff�d op fomy I � Situation, add-tontmae in the fame ^timents of pre-! * fe�if�gPeace �o War, l�pecl that mte&im*M'\ * M. deHex, will have tfeirfBH'rHwWs, that the Count i ' de Podewils. Who will arrive here t&��vem^w To-1 > aoteewg may enter into tmniediats Conference llitb | * thttn. As.b) &efeHrI cammt-ramceal my Sutp^r, I < that aa Eogliib Winiiter ftouldadvifeme to depart ftom ; * a Treaty 1 hate made with the �i^ fcisM�eT, and I *� whieh Gwat-Britam has faaMteeJ.' Yon fHaOt fooner | * fed -me pftrifh myfeW and all my^ Array, man to rdak | ^j��n^leaftiPa�kle of AatTreaty. If theQueenof | �* Hoogaty ^wttatlaft, �ncefor a�i have a Peace, lam ] � ready � figfl � acbotowg to tfee Conyinfion of Haao- 4 ppt* IbaS lunre alUg^t * xorikuttny tVeterifioro agateftteft Bring mc&ea * t� X&jfv atiap-ClodcatNooo, an Ea|Jie^arri*ed Irom his Royal Highneft $te jDukeof CHaiberland. with the Allowing Litterti. ttfrrf* Litter #m ^r %�7 J5Krf%J �>�fo �r 'N my laft, of the 30th of laft Mondu Ito^rmM vpt ol* ourlntenrioh to snkch to the KeUef^cjr^hcd. _ .. henl wrote^a^ 1hoped thattfc R^^,4iil&d wiM ^^J^.^^'-J^iT6m.'0^v�i|i tJpp^ahity�f firul^r^^ Affair atonce^wlucfi, r am morally fore, Woti^ fiav^beea m bdr Favour, as the llroobt p general IheW'd all the. Spirit fhat I could wflh, and would have retrieved whateverSUteate paft'-. %Bntjtb taf great Afto-nifhraent, the Rebels have blows up .their. Powder Maga-aaae, and are retired over tfceFc^'at Frew� lewrthz their Oatuiem behind d�em; aaid* Ntntrber of Aear ticKta) wounded, befides �t> of onr wounded Prifoners, taken at thelateA^ur, winch 1 nave found here. Xtope to be at Stirfing-To^morrow; from whence 1 fliall be betterable to hrfbrm yotr ofaH this n^zhge Ffigbt; Brigadlw Mordaunt, wittf th^iwo Regiments of Dragoons, and Lieutenant Colonel Campbeti} with the High-SmderSi are in Parfuit of them. : ? I am, your affeSiohate Friend, WILLIAM. Tiis Moment comes is from-Stirfinfti* Afah> whoiayt, Jlakeney had putlVoops in the Tows/ and tfet all the Rebels, had cuoffcd the Forth. I enclose tha beft Account fbrlhe prefent I tould^raw up. 1 Oft of a Lttttrfrm hit Royal Hltjhntfs tit JM* ef Cumbrian J, to the Lord Juftice CUrh Camt atFalkirk, Feh, i, 1745. IfyLoriJuftiitChtkt IThought it proper to give you an. Account of what has happened fince I left ^inbbr|h� . yei^ay I marched from, Edumagli, with the Army, in two Cohimns,' coiifilling of 14 Battalions, the Argyle-Jbiic-Mfn, and the two Reg�aests�f Dragoons of,Cob* iiam and Waik fftrr, -and gbarier'4 tHfielf-ai Linlithgow -with ei^ht Battilioils�' and Brigadfer.TWojdaunt witbiBx ^a^talioos^i*^w^fton�-uefe. The TJragoohs c^uar^a'd mthe ffl^atentVlHages; and Colonel^CjAapJell, w^h>pe AtgyUmire Men; in the Frbni.towa^fhe Avon. Acon-^diertble J&dVoi* Rebels *as theH d Falkirfc, and iome*# tlf ^sem appWed &H the4HiBs between .tat PJaoe^limlh4|ttw. a'hey^ave h jou*, that they "m-tehdedtom#i 4ttoi^ Mibn with the Ki^*s Forces, ^ut ^^e^femeThire fcent'dvery mieafyfox ^E#^le* tvniclithey weieeod^^nring toiecire^ohihe ooi* tf marched, Itoiitetfr tie JughtR Sptfts.J^he advanced n~ a^retired with Prejt$%tt$n on aadjiejore Paitittof the Rebeb.retire^ with gj anothttR^fe, * widen had much diminifh'd' their anditwaai ibtilt wnopa . . ^Bb^tef fomid aUWrwoimdedMcji, ��hc�tbeyMit^Fr�oaei�isi dftla�s ,/iaion, and in �Mr Rtftreat had been to )ea�� bebmd diem: Ami XJwr Aey have Jefttisett AttiUery at Stirling fpiked As foon as rcame here,' I detached imme4;�tety.-ISS^ *t Mordaant, whktheAr^lB^Mea, anlall the Boja^ inftniflirof thea,t thpoA it rs iwgintd that met of them�ili W�^d at^e I^i^of RreW, � they gerie^ jttafe * g*od desi of Hafte tvbehther rt^oingefe Th*^iavelofta^*r*� many kenar Stidmg, iBtdalnirie �B Ov*r Wim-Aem, ahi they mail txiaWeo M�ti0e. Qm Circun^anceis pamctflar, that LadyKilniartaxkwtataWlN^h^ CaBe^tioofe, vmtost ^stht$�." . - -'' - ' and Aeee rabr WrtliffMifcrJgda* quieting dime PKttoef HitMajety^s m*&mL.i&*M.: f|^H� Awital cd" hit Royal HiglxK6 the JJake X- ^ done the Ru&ie^ atm^ated �ar Amsfi aad firucfc the- Rebels with Terror a^ CoirfafiOT^ He lott no Time jo improve theft Advairtsges.tuaixhad theAvhcae* Army Yeflerdav to Linlithgow aod the adjacent Places; and continued his March this Moraiag to FaliEa% the Rebels always flying before him.. ThirMorninE the Rebels renew d theur Fjriaf^igimt Stirling CNSk; bat General Bfakcaey amtinuing toiaate a good Octente, they railed the Siege, and have blown op^rSeir Magscme of Powder, and, as believed, mm tpiked their Cannon, and the whole Army of theRehds bave Sed with Piecq�katkm, and exoing the Fiortb at the Fosd cf.Fiew> aid �& Royal Highnds ha^fent off the Dxagodos^ ArgyUflxi-e Men to *afce Pofi^soe oC Sriding. aad remann wtbtbe Foot ibis Night at Falkarie. Wining you Grace |ey of thk great and good News, lam, ire. jttd. Fletcher. By Letters from Barbadoes, dated the i6tn of November, we have an Account- of the Death of GaAuBalchen, !Cfimmanaer�f bis Majefty^ Ship the Pembeokev.^oa oi* the s^%ioHBa]cben, who was uafbjtunately loft in the Ymfcyy ^biive afd wenhy Officer; betev'd by all that;Wtt#�acler bis Coaunaed, and highly efteem'dby bifc Aesjuaatalke. The fame Letters inform us, that the French at Marti-nico� are in the utmoft Diftieis by.tbe DiUgeace of M> im^Towjaibe�^ji^& fca�two Men of War confhmliy ^ Letward of the Ifland, to prevent any Succours arriving. TharJie bad oidered Cbmaodnretee to lie againft Fdtt St. Piers, with four Ship*. And that there are 75 Negroes on board the Admiral, that escaped in Pewagaef and Canoes, who con- -V' firm tbeOiftreftef:the; French j and fay, that: die fmvi-ficouallcwedto i4M�^ror* Week, is not suffideot to ferve 20 one Day. "AD V E'RTrSE WENTS 'are taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's CopFlE-Hbw*> i-Ombard-^fCct.

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