Friday, February 5, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Friday, February 5, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 5, 1845, London, Middlesex TS Morning failed his MajeftyV Ship DeVonfcSre, With two Ships j fef the Weftward.Naraes urtknowri. ['Camedowi^^sMajeftyV Ship*the, yj^ow^lr andj^4ftihgs j andremain with his M$ejty*s Shjp? Princefc Louifa, Admiral Maybe j Defiance, Commodore lUc^esiMatyGalryV ,,___theSyren, Ruty,yUcan, Hipxhmgr' broke. Horned A^$aj!ger Sloops, and'Swift Privateers. Arrived a Dutch ManofWar from the Weftward. Wind E.N.E. �  -   JSra�tftnJr$&. 3. Pafc'd by th* John and Conftant, johofon, at Leghorn. : , TheMambeadVChapjjeL from Newfoundland, is arrived at I>gKbrn: ' * < - . ~ The Elisabeth, Hindmao, from St. JCUts at Glafgow;. TbeBdglej Sim; from Virginia, atjfriftoi. . �-\ The London and Edinburgh, Bcwnan, from "Lei&.'m; I Grimfty R6a� The Helen, Wagerman, from Guernsey, at Rotterdam. � v :*  ...... ' '*'1 ' -'*' Yefterday 4n-iye4^eM^I'^P^K0ll|nd. � r Vienna, Jan. 29. TtieEmpreis does not ro o\xt of her Apartment, on Account of her Lying-in.being fo near. Count CoIJoredoand General Nacfcdti are fet oat for Italy. The* silt' Divtfiori of Troops marobhiif for tombardy is arrivedftppn the 'frontiers' of the Rcpublickof Venice. Dre/dm, M. Viffiejr^ ^njfter^tenipotentiary fitmi- thc^nriifGreat^a^n, afdM. Calk^l^-fttr-FIemp^^iiito lately hid jl jriv*t* 4fP*** $f W "N^^ theyde-ra*ndedia $orm the March of the.^,c^$!en, which : his Majlfty m oW^ed, by the Trt�tyrof Watfiw, jb I fornilh to the Maritime-Powers. ; Tm King affured thbfe. to?#rfpsmi!�eiia^�si Francifort, Ftb , fti! .4.:'-'SK&eMrt received an&ttirefs pnT^kef-day lad, with Advice data Detachments Count SqxVs ! Army had take* tne Pofirf Niveite woH jnitand,' and that anpther^Par^ j&fiii^ that of I Halle, three Leagues ?rom,.Brufle|j.: W learn at the Ame Time, that this, General having reaffembled his Troops on the 27th paft, began to. march j;he, Day following in four Cehtmns j of which the fifo* under the* Command of M. Philippe, is deiigned to block up Moos and Charleroi; thefecond, commanded byftf. de&roze, is to repair to the ScHeide, to block up in like Manner Antwerp' and Fort St. Margaret; the-third, under Count CJermont-Gallerande, is gone to occupy the Polls upon the Catialof Vilvorden; and the fourth, c&njifticg *of 30,000 Men, commanded by Count de Saxe himfelf, aft againft Bruffels. It is added, thai on the 30th of lad Month, the Marihal caufed that City to be inveftqd; that* there was in it a numerous jG&trfon] and that on' the ift Iriftant the Trenches were to be opened before the Gate of Louvain. We are affirred* thato* heavy Pieces of Cannon and 32 Mortars will be employ'd in this Expeditron. Alj|he Officers; of the- KingV Army have Orders %o m tl�ir>eitJe�iv* Chips'the1 f$th ftfnett Month. The, ^y of his Majefty's Departure is not iye'd, but his Field-B^oipages areprtrtiring "with fifth piligen'ceas'tob^ really by the feme Time. '� Several Englifh-and Scotch Lords and GenUemen, that �*re in thh City,- are ftt out to join tWyoo4g 'Pretender! niScotland. Tlielaft;LettersffomlJdl6i|nety, thafthb* Troop* defigned for the projecfed" EXpe^tioF^dhtlnaeio* t^ton about that City, and Tire always read^to'embark at "k firft Notice. \t i\ added, that fcarce. a Day paffes, in *hich fome Veflel| fail from the.Maritime Places; �dea with Troops and Stores for Scotland, and that all Precautions are taken to fecure that Port againft the En-ttq>ri2esof the Englilh. Frattckfort, Ftb. 6. The Imperial Troops that defile to.-wwds Itsiy have Orders to march with all poflible Dili-I- gence. Itisi3iot)ght the Regiment? of HalHand Portugal � will arrive on the 8th of this Month �t.Mantua, and that �the Beginning of March there will be in the .Neighbourhood of that City an Army of 4o,ooorMen. Huflars Mantua, > Jatt. 2 �. Upon Advice rJLaftte Spaniar4s3vere 'becQme MaftersofGuaabilla, the Re^ularr,3&e0ps that were fhefe in Gamfohjn|rch,dlottt, W frirjti-a Cordon Watyfyh |P6, fromBofgotorfe to Offig^^ov^gMift ReVero1; od!: f the other Side of tHatRiver^ which' ^a|e^ey weris feftlriA \fyihg withal*Difigence, i6oe^ltlenbeingdiily eipployed.;,-; ! The Roads i6 Mhtriddla are alfo repai�afc which TQwn v � General Noyari h^^t^de^'dj '$'$$f f, an Attack. ! The Rjegjm,en$'cC-W^if^^J^*T010 uPn {the Nunciofcand th^t oi*;Vas^a,to Ojtijwai' ( I Pavia, Jan. zz. 'Forty^^^^Pieces ot heavy Cannon 1 are arrived here, with a greatQgttr^Mof fibnibs, Bullets, \Wdihcr IttiKta^ttoresT �liaPWlfc feht'inceiTafltry , ; to Milan. As fhe Weather it'^^aa,- we do not doubt! \ but Ihe Siegfrof theCkadel there*?U1.befoonbegun, and I it-is feidi tne Spaniards have alrti^ begun their Lines of .* I Ciroumvallatioiu .Certain Advic^be^g^ome, thatacbtt-* fide'rableBody oT^llfi^s kWffltfor �*& \ bardy, it feems.a$ if they wo�A|^ideavbia> to take the Ci-I USel of Milan; and' perhaps that pf Pizzighitohe; beibre" their Arrival. For this Pnrpole.3ofCannon and aa AJor-tars are to be employed, DreJSen, Feb. 2. M, Vaulgrensat, the French Am-baSador^had Yefterday his Audience of Leave of the King' of Poland. : ' iontt, Jan. 31. The following is a, Lift of the Ail-irrian Regiments detached from the Rhine* to fWLoftr I Countries, of which the nrft Column arrived YeAertUy at, ! Wahrt, four Leagues from Cologne. '/ j f .� Infantry^ ^ tif*f4?. :i " Aremberg, > * Los Roisf ; .Gayfra|gj Salm, iseuernay, HejfteiV FeftfRitz, � WoJfenbnttlrv Kalnpky, \ 1 Jatwtrp, Ja�.$iiJiS. .The Prince of HefTe is to lea%e this Place in a m Days injjis.Wayto Williemiladt. Wftiwv* Mmehw�, lha� thete,*er�? 200 Twnjfeej^M Boloign and CUsbs^ eight�f whichxHtinM' to Bunkirjt, to^-in-iWjfioBs-forTa Monthf-thatthfre^verrt8 Bat- twoSw |by.'alF fireTTO5fec?'R^^;pf Iraperm Huflawfromth�Rhine are fuppofcdto have joinU ' Pjini^ Waldeck^ and the^whule Cotjm ^.Gei^l ^ora-nai, confi^ng of lo-Battabons, i2Compank$ of Grenadiers, twd Regbnenb of Dragoons, and two of Jftiflars, is marching down to Brabant, by the way "of Mae^clur j their High Mightineffes jftving not oplygraft^ them the Pafiage over their Territory, but allowed them--to pay what they want on their March with ftrpeiv 'All DatcB! Officen and Soldiers are ordered to their Fofts; and' the States have tamed, an additional LieuteiBant? General, a Major General, and two Brigadiers toaffift  Prince Wal-deck; and as the Defertion u very great m the French 'Quarters, in ord�rro enccNlrage itf they havepubliihed a general Pardon for all their own Deferters that fliall come \ back again. The two Battalions withdrawing fromVil-voerden, and fome other-Troops, having repoflefled themr felves of Mechlin, Prince WaMeck> ordered back a Detachment to^he fja& mentioned Place, the French not having pouefledthemfelves of it. It has iince been attacked; bu( ^rhep the laft Letters came sway, the Cattle ftill defended itfelf, having Four final t Cannon the French em- . ployedhgainftit. 'A French Detachment has taken Pn-! feffion ofLouvain.." General Gihkel is named to go ar their High Mrehri-neffes Envoy Extraordinary to the Court of Bewn. Count -Waffenaer Twickel fets out To-morrow for Paris, to execute a particular CommhTion at the French Coiirt. The French Court has granted two Mitigations to'the Arret of the n 1 ft of December laft, by Which the Privileges in 1 rade granted by .Treaty to the -Datch were annulled. {The 1 ft exemf&ng.the;Dutch Vel%)s, -aftually in th� j French Po^;;attdifi,t|rae of tlie Promulgation or the feid I Arret, tom^rhe^C^rges impofedby �; and the ad;, I Prolonging the privileges of the Ij-eatypf 1739, witu, I refeed to aU Sjfts^of Med and, ^ied ^ifh to the End' I ofthe Cunreat^esnV.; Jhe 't^eV�aVi0airy,',0tttch' Ships. 1 of the Admiralty) of*4ffliWdam^,.#}ch ,had ;put iiuo I Plymoutb^belpg fince arriyed at dip^e^l,a/ecomrja^dej' |'t6''Ktom{^p^.a^'.^i�;!faid a fourth pf'the CoJJege.otV' I North Holland, will accompaoy them., � "Wtlimfiafa. - Tne Embarkation is begun, and thecHufiars were on boar/ lift *NJjght, and the Kegitiien t of Grenadiers is this Moment embarked. TheWeath^ ' is rainy and bjow;* pretty hard,, Out |T we.; have it no,  wbrfe'ttah It prefent We can work, andiri that Caie[>, I Wednefday or Tharfday next_.we ihall. be: ready to put to^ Sea, L O N D O N. They write/rom Peterlburgh, that Lord Hyndford having received a Courier from London* had fignihedna1 th& Bihrnan Coar*t,Hthac France, iibt content with fomenting the Rebellion in Scotland, Was preparing to iendan Arm\ into England, to make.a Diverfion in ....... beft i wmeupoo themoft ferious Dedajations have been made toM. D?Allionof the Emprefs's, Difpiature on that Hejd, a^thatihe ^o�34no jonger diinenie with employing aU her Forces, to prevent the TotafcRuin of Europe. Gbttenburgh.., .......------> - the Sake of Cojjunqrce� but forbidding the fame Liberty to all idle, vagabond ferfbnspf that Nation. Yefterday arriyed an Exprefs.from Admiral Byng, the ^ Contents of which are not made peblick. / \ It is reported that; AdnliralMedley has taken rSpanjlh Mjuiof War with Treafure on boani,^ and feat her into ..YefterdaythenwasAdvice, thattbejleatichoate,C< Spencer, from Jamaica^ very richtv .Xa^ehr is the French; aitf .carried m-o St, M�l�ef. . . Alfo, that1 the Mitford, Rpw^ . ihd the,Fbrt%f <**-^n, fcc^ Maekey, from Virginia, are both nPh�1ianpii^P^>^er, belonpngto Br^ol, was funk lateJyinanEr^agement with a French-Man of War, of .70 Guns j but the Crew Iaval Stores for hiiMajcfty^ Port Of Plymouth, a Platt.of-cxjnfeiei^ble Profit, l / , -. ' The Rsey.; WW*-. having4Kfigp?d the Place of Preacher to the Hon. Society of LincOln*s��Qn, oh Accoubt of his ill State �f Health^the Cindra^feslo fotceed him (who often affifted Mr. Watts); and the Rev. Mr. Upton, Chaphm^to the liue J^t4Taibot.1 ! T Ji * ~* * A Treaty 6f Marnage is on foot, s)hd w4U fpeedily be corulmunated, betw^n. Sir fcter Wacburton, hart, and ^etL^;||liB^h'S^^^ ! i^n/tae $arl of Perby, a fine young Lady, with a very * confiderable Fortune. . 1 On Sunday N^ght laft as t4 Gentleinjan*s Coach wat ftanding at the Ram-head Taverh fa. Ti^fey-Areet in- the Borough, fome Rogues ftole great Part e^weiiamefs, aad carried it clear c#., , > And on Mondfcy Night as Sir Abraham Shard's Coach ftoodat the Door, a Fetibw M theIm|*itece, whilft the Coachman, was gpne into .�he Houfir^6.w#rift A cy.p RTISE M E N TS'are takcrr in tor 'this Paper, af. Lloyd's Copf^p-House, in Loml?ard.Screct.

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