Saturday, January 30, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Saturday, January 30, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 30, 1845, London, Middlesex fa lalt. ..Eta/, 'Januttfy 28. JAME down the Mwy,.^Ea�oi*fi�, rJ cp6r*o;' Simpfon, Ragg, for ?-; Mary, Grant, for Topfliarh. Remain his Majefty*s Ships Yar-|- mouth, Admiral Martin ; Princefs ,L�wiHariftlthiralv Wayne ; and Til-bam Commodore Knowles, with -the Men of Iter, Privateers, aiad Outward-bound � mentlbn'd in my Wmd'K.'W.b^N. A/rivals at fevtral *Parts. ThePlanter,'Lavers; and Catherine, 'Haynian/from Briftol, axe arrived at*Jamaica. The Diamond,: RaraTey ; arid Peachy,--, from the Spariifli Coaft ; and Glajgow, Gold/ frbmf Africa, alfo at Jamaica. The Evelyn, James,' from Briftol, ^at Carolina. TheTryton, Rowlandfen, from Jamaica, at Lancafter. The Ldve, "Benifon, from Jamaica, at The Faniry, Southward,* from Barbadoes, atLeverpool. The ^een ofHtt�gaiy,**obHifon, from Carolina,-at Whitehaven. X O N D O N. -This-Day the luggage of his Royal Highnefs the Duke cfCumberland, W4ll*be: fent to Harwich, to-be -flvipt for ieith in Scotland. -Two Thoufiwd f onas ^re^quaterM on the Coaffc of Kent and Sufiex, to prevent any-D&rtders that raay'hap-pen m jhofe'Parts from'the Sraugglers. Y&bjfday whh' 150 Scotch aiid Ir^Moldiers^on beard, -and-fiAried AepioHall: -Bat w ve*afliare Ntofd ?r�w4ere Tjme-pan1;t>rtl Hall,'Md*\0. Ground, �*TcK: raadeaveryfirie* faffioit^thefSj thcOtCafion. OnMb^ay ^ght iStt the^Wto^ fo irigh W fee Dowqsi' thst-afrtirc-ftfei^ �f "War, *nd "Merchafif^hips drovei witk^ ty?o A^xchprs a>-bead,' and* yet mo osnfuleiable Oama%e1ba^lef^^y;i^yy�i. Amfterdarrw �leyn 2!|&er,4ftbirl ' ThelEfi|ab^Q�, .^aiy^ ft^b^tediar fiw Fafoe> is afiwre near Faroe. 7 1 Yeflwday^tiiec fcffrrji 6f "tb*11reifaVy --appomted; Mr. Stapleton totet^eWot^e'tlu^s:^ the^ of LyM1tf1�lflbM�^?^#^.^ deceas'd. We he�P*ii^?li^ early onTJuurfday.MormnB laft, they hada viotowt-Terapeil-ef Thunder aijdldj^toing, by j^michalarge'Oak:, nea'r that .^^^%c1&�6H oC'the T^ee Race, tom$P&ti&* mre) ^tt^entS^nd-Pifces, ayidjiihe Head ^toa^%*1&m&tf^*&'"iM v*Ho Aave feenjt. ' .'. . � -s;  YeftefdaydiedC^H^pher Wa^�^t^^%^^ in the B�r�iKSi ofSombiWkrk. *Ee'was>�aTfy 'Yftif s ^ Collar the Mfe � Sx)ttir^mh. Sis ''FoftBTte, wmihi*^rjrerMdeiibl^ M,^^fleaaied:to'W�l Wr|ght his Nieop^atPeclBaaa. \ 1 �'� 1 11 Jtri'mifiitoni c btJ-N T R Y-K E S. : j&t&tt^ftS?* JWj 25.- As the Accounts of the late Aclion-in Scothtmi difti^o imreh, thrfoHowtrirtray {^depended v<raia Si on PalK. noon,, the 17th Inflant, between Thirtsand Fopr d'Cldt*; About Two o'Clojt^ Gen.?HaWley bYerving the Rebels .marching towards him on the South-Eaft, about two Miles Diftahce, thought they intended their - Attack from that! (garter, But that was'only a Feint, the'Attatk didliot begin there, buHo^Nbrth-Weft of the Village. The^ General ordered our Dragoons to attack them firft on the j Side of a Hill, in order to cover and gain Time to form " our Left Wing; tbeyTotced' their firft Line, but the#fe* cond obliged our'Dragoons to retreat in fome JbUbrder: Bhfour Right, commanded by Qen. Huflce, made a noble Stand, and didgreit"Execution.. In that Moment of Time them ufelefs to die Rebels. We loft in the Field of Battle fbo&t ^60 Men, feyen Pieces of Cannefe,  Imme^atety^fSr^tMiiig. Their ioTs^by "all'Accoiiiits is ] agreed to be more considerable than ours. Our; Army'>vas' johVd in the Mortibig before the Battle b/800 loyal Clans, � from Ajgyllft^ire, who behaved .tayJiB&tJfcdid alfo Jhe Glafgow Volunteers. 'Tis faid, the half of bur Army: was dot erjjgagld. \ S CO T L X % D. f . &&ktergb, aj. ^^ueta^Nigfitfa Troo^^of] St. George iBTOgebwiffrivfed' *�rie,^iiig',�ns;MorJte ito t theHU&fcrjiC&&, ^hich is lodpd MibX&U. :. f We are well informed, that the QfBcejs made Prifoners { at the Battle of Preftbn*Pans, rand) coined in the Houfe \ of Glaaes, �WP� "d-Leffie, vtttt feieiMy ifurried off b>&�fl�ht N^hber dfti^WAm - - s#^e4�ld'H6t �nd eatt^'bi' #Edi'nbbtfh V.^ar^ifwa^thbft" and St. Andrews, werebroughtorer by the fsh?e Methods., A Fellow is cooHmttedtoGoaHfor^xJring at the Centries \ -68 tlie Leith Wj*rM j'tfi^was^^'rtf'the, carret^here fce^warldaged fe^ral8Fftelocks, 'arid |n^s \ Cheft Powder and Ball. ' Ix>rdMark-^Ser^s? Dragoons-ate to ^e1 at Kelfo this! Night. And .  �; Q 1 , TheDotce Montague's Horfe, and a(n ^GKiBattaJion 5 of Foot are following. , i \ William ^bofntouai whojtatfed^maintawed and j headed the'VoVk&iie Blues, is Safely �riv�d in Town ; \ he had 3>een  carefully cOTeeMedfinee ^ A&ion near' Falkirk, wHeitf he^b^a-ve^Verv^anay. ; Four ceferi^S'fi^m iB^BrMflrArm^b^fore MBattle \ ^FentCTdy.trart he Prfe^ tte^Milfo�lJ Were in>the'Grafs i 'We aff^ged:^ Juftlte to ac^ihtaite:^^, tffet I the. Re^iikentj d^Bnj^dier Gen^ Price rfi^^l i?n tne' LefVof^^neraTBarrer'*; tand was one of thofe thatobli-  ged the Rebeis to retreatwith Fricipitarfo*. �� I On the Dtfikr of CratiberlandV|&ftjf�Scotland, TrttAra^-ia hpttke.Gtomdniif tbeA^vgaitt/bifa fotfttt. By the fytUr bf Bam^'NiA's AlArM. ' iLLUSTRrctJS Youth,  befereHwkofe dreaded%ht; . Rtfe/tio* vheerll^recijstateherFbght, Abalh'd, confounded; and, with *ager Pain, Fled to its Mountains, and iti Bogs again ; Thither, 0! thitjier, bend thy Glorious Way, QnStotiah Hilfelet firrr^^Stihaafds pfey, Unlock the Cai^07is, b4dth^ Bombs be hofI'd, To cpufi^ftSeouadretitabtteViaf -^se World*: Cheer'dby thy Prefence, by ^Codrt|e1tee^ O may our hardy,Troops, untaught to-yieJd, Confront the barb'rou* Hofts,;and undiiinayM 9M on (hieliffedTarge, &8rtiftteywd: iso fliaii;thf iiur^ms ^$$$^m$8* Again Yeek Shelter ^i^^'GJo^^u. > OrreUc� 'tot&lmiaM forc<ve^&KiSr?oli*, E^r Song* of Praife ! . To the Author of the GEtJERAX..Ao^aa.TxsER. S I R, v�^HEJJ^^^ccoun^^e4^ Treatment J_ of Mrs. Eiinabitb V.afamcfllot in the Inqurfftion at Por.'ttga/, which was fome Time fincepublifted jn'the Daily Adveriifer, is fo mocking to every human Breaft, as tohave produced a Doubt in fome Readen of the Truth of the Narration J but it very happily falls out, thro' the Favour of Providence, thatoneof the worthy:Perfons who attefted that Account is.ftill fivirig. I,mean, MxWikfah theMinifter, who is theprefent Right Rev. Bifhop Of *Ro. cbefltr. The Account was tranfmitted in-a Letter, Qf which the following is an Kxtracl:. � Dear Mddant, Vienna, March 24, 1707. ' The inclofed Paper is an Account of a Woman who � cameont of the Inquifitidn about three Months fince at *tiffio�f'm tWric^ro^wttl^ifef 'lh|rba1^aTibuyUrage'* bf � thefe People. Mr. Wilcotis, the Minifter,*hofe Name * you will fee; fubferib'd to it, told rhe he had ieen her Foot arid Breaft, , -, , .-------.- embarked � on Board orie of the Packrt-Boats, defignirig to gqlfor � l�>n i^fnmde for htr, which her ^^r,hayi^f�v^ie^ereh|ldr�n. confi�ted to. do. They^tpok^eirrfaflage ca BQaifdnan  Zxg!i/l> M#chant-S% in :the'Y*ar"J^?y jj^Snd when tley were got ne4r-tothe Ifland^rfl Madeira, jwerekttach?d;% Vaofurhtp SWps, aiidMd'a.^rp^igJag�J^nt, inv^ch many -of-rfieHBag^'i'wr* l^ed^aod|mongft�he:teft:iter ' Undei but the ^h^x^,fo(^^o^tevi^y^ the^kip ^(ftitute( ap0>ed k^timjte s&g^/h t&i^'toei&fyl that iPjaee^^h^liWwc afld /oBJe-orbm,-fl&livtMa ^rvanit, Nil . Y#r^t<$&;i*fcer* MlafteBfcM^afie ChapMn Ibnan^/^ Matf bf HWar,ito 'm�lte/GkHbfo ' the Church. Butin the Year i704,mtteTtrii�bT^Eefrt,'ier Huftaadbeing gofe^a Voyage to Braxit, ihe feUdange-' .....~"~ ded, the PariihPrieft came inta her Houfe, attire her the &Krament, wierwanny was ftie was told ' ^^Talw;^*a1eb�irfc^�. ADVERTISEMENTS aretaken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Coffee-Hovse, in Lombard-Street.

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