Friday, January 22, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Friday, January 22, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 22, 1845, London, Middlesex w E'D N tSD AY/ ~-r8?t -T3J ijSTSStl? �"* [k$W&we his Ma- '| >nei*with the #^Pnva&frr. JShips the ufcaiuytfce ,..............Mftifl-MfcXftM Atosnwutb, and Coalers bmradtd^ Wl�war4^....._ r......._ , ,. , Mow i ^^m^^^^M>i(k^^^^^' rfom Plymouth. . , The Merma&L Tfofllgey,; andj Tufepyf ^prackjijpg, from London ? ur himfelF at the Head of the A^y ia,Etu�%^. :M. la Claye de Herouviljci w&pmSfclD^ hither with Difpafch�%cojDlpe^ defied for JEffiwl, is^jt*uifled tOi;thatrGeoe*&wi*h frelh C^d^/fl^^Coijrt. Accprdingrtp-the laJfeAd. - viccs-fiom tl�ej|w|fei ^^j^tf^^p^^B^f m&t the Departure'o�tfr&fc ^ni^v^^lMB^^^et^dy thaUawia^ de ftu^lthfieip, ftj^ Yet we are frill of not�aa.tilt afie^thi which,ispc^c�deit. biealo^ dpi nel, in Return) cruize____ __._ _.. and all her Mensfe$cV eitcrat Ave^ don, and the ffiirtto Vtehi&i"ThelkmeDaya Cmtiflt-pafc'd by hep.widi^D^IN^ baffadcarof Ibe Sutes-^iwal s#t Parfe Me Duke of Caa^BiktfsJSap^ hjther �bm WiHeih- ftadt, and the Tro^fethtfl hai bee� femtoVflvorderu 5110%, poftedaleag the Ga^t^ have e^i^ again into their former Quarters. Dictions 'ai^5^n^^DeIfr0le, Campaign eari^, and alltte C^jtrshaye &fe>akthtp Poftsby the 21ft pjf ^ii^IiRitth^V'-We J��miifioatJpiv-� kirk, that an Atretics beea ijued iri that City, in Favour of:jhe.-.Subjefib of ^iis Moft Ghriftian Maje% porting, that their Bffl^, laden upon Ddtch Bottoms^ ihall bfr&jcured ^othembot of the Privateer, Captures in. Cafc of *War� fim^^^key^ro^i^-A. jpdw^Qa'pC their Property ia,then% witli an Inventoryibf their Contents. ' ' . tV;.^i'. V - ^iwnw, ^�&.4$^l9(li4A^N' -OWMl^e nved Y�fterd*y from Bohemia; His Excellency wilt ftay ten botafewJDays to receivefrefh GRfcrs from % Court. He will then $;pak jntt^^ the Army thatls, to aft tbis-Year.upon the Frontien of Al-kce. TheTrbow of whtdi: lW^bft eoittdfed, accpr-diag to the^th?c^a*e*n^M 8 Regiments of" FoqV 4 of Gwtaffiers, i'of Pragopns; ~ Mi z of Ha(^ The othrp. Troops of the Emprefs-Queen wiUbeo^pofed^f inthe following Mannet: In Ita*}\ 21 Reginuntsiof Foot, 4of Cuiraffiers, 4 of Dra- il^vinpes.. J%h U^ghtJiBv^towr^ thaiaiefiae AeiOpeh-| Jijfpi the tepiign>tnert4a^.^.C^^ poi^m^ dsiwitb&ei|tr4 dmhK.Qfiiai#3Vii6 aie to| Bvered Yefterday to the Mihifter of ^lentz, a Decree of ^P#�^^^nt^|B^n!ee^ �S^* .fW�^^ffl^i>-W t arecoj affijpd ^i^amjwajfeto^afeetf&40^; Metal. There as a -Report, that-the Pkdaqptefe have retaken,Mi, and made the frmc^^M^a^ of,. Milan, Jan. io\ The Spaniards have not yet under*-lajkeaapy Th^g^gOm^this.Gitadijl jSbutthey talk of be-d^m^m^ a>.theirheairy Artjlleiy arrives* ii # N DO N. _ Before the 4�etwaSiPJi^lf&ed �t Paris to; aboIiibsthe Jr^aty. of 1739^ theMeKh^;#5toeifchad prefented a Jetitiqn to the Council, o^GQmme^ei in which they were Wwed by;%pjeof.o^?lai^,>coh^laim^ of� The v^elre^ %tggfpitb, that tK>ateh tmly�ool#  ferve them, becaufethe? Baty was* tem�pbn. their Ships ' than upqn,thoi& of other Nation* t and that as the De-*: .inS,n^in y&fo greats it occauoned fo confide- ' rable a Confuniption.:of what the Dutch could catch and ' c^e, that thejfijioemuft be very puch eahanc'dtothe ' s*Je�ts� �n bil*ue*. Smfienaacttf their Poor depended* .4, . � � - � J -i' ' * '& is thou^hl Wfiancfepri, that the Hanoverians, who' are now upon their March .from the Wetterau towards thjir. omCounttjv will^ receive Ocders-by the Way to turn ofF'towsMds the. Low Countries. ? The^bbjeyt,o^fttM^W: already ftntjti Contingent to the Pbfts affign'd, andt^o^Fr^wkfort will march a� fOPil as the lm|�e�^X|oops hav^dian^ p%ffiag by-Count Wwonzow, Vice-Chancellor of B-uffia, is gone from Florence lo Rome, and the Dujteof Mo^ena is arrived at Venice.- ^.,.w^xoia.thfr.~LeBo^a--6afletta z&'&Ss&agtijtet- JraarpFroftis cpme.^ -�^|dT^e^n ';ibirp. |>ajrs ago� aj^ hinders the Triwi^rts from. Joying at Wilierajftadf. One of them hawled m. into the Streain the ot^ej,Day, hut the Quan- d> h^mBPft to be'ieadyto nwrch 1 tQH#ds Stirfing^ .^hit^i^^^W^oMk,' wdeV 1 BarUdale and M*&$ 'ffl^jmMr^^ PJaa^F t� B^^^govt|e �Talfel o^IbiBat^he : rn^pBW^ There ace�> only *ob Gbtcbnshere bafc.hetweea4 and 5O$ai0re are i wiU^Jefthere. T^ ^m/ESt^St ling, and a large Houfe cidl*ir' Msst% ^brft'; iftjr.ere^ipg . A-Jwe^^e^-^aiiift'&erCiirJ^.^ For this' Purpofer fy* large Pieces of Cannon were ready in jrhe, $I^al MarkSt,. and three fi^l bheiVeit; eipe^dr from Aythi They had fenrfeveial ^�^r^a^;|(.Tcopjpi in Peuhihke to  haiten their March tdv^urds Stertmg, where they fhut �p the Ports, and> placed Guards aig^{ the Qe^lets of, the Town, to preventthePeople fromcdmihg in for, or going out^ with Intelligeiice to the/Jg/ng*ScTroo|B | and the Body at and about Falkirkhad Orders to march upon the .^th towards Linlithgow with all th^ Waggpnsand Carts, they could get together, for carrylri^off'all the, Prbvifipns thty could meet With. AccordinglyVthw nurcjiedYefterday Morning, to the Number of 1100 Men, under ^e Com* mand of Lord Geor|re Murray, and Lord Elcho; but fcarcdy were they arrived! at�mh^goWi when MajprrGe-jneral Hu&e, who had marched thejfeme Mormnj^withfive Old Aeeiments, togethervvith theGlafgow Regunenton-derXibrd Home� atid thev Rerriains of the two Regiments of Dragoons of Hamilton and Gardner, appear.'d near the fame Place.5' V$on his Approach the Rebels retired towards ^aUcirk, wn^iout. having been a|?le to pick up any Thing, andwithfo much Fre'dpftation that he could, not come np wi^i-tttem, whereupon beltdpk Pbjt at Linlith^ gow. ThisMornmg three Regimenfs, more mawhed to Barrouf|ouneis> to berat Handto fu^obri him; and Lieu-leaaiM^caeiat^wle^'i^^iSI^ the ArtUlery^ to thfeRelief bF'S^erlinglas foon as^poalb'e. CobhainVl)ra-goons are qtpecledLhere this Day, and will' march upon 1 udes.the-Gor^s aader^iy Son, which" is, now increaled t� looo, and wVichwa^%b^ at' 1^1^ Night %ii�s MAxteM^Qmr&Wfc*, T4^1Nuji|ber:ot $m$fr bekoathisSide^he FbirtK c^ot'e^ceed oooo� fuppofwg they; have by tMs; Tim^bfcen tt^MMjg&m. B� of rieFwce.fromPerthfllife, kt^ thathave Joft no Mm*\fylWn&mj 4s$t*ki> affqjre$$|i th% have loft � great many. The^ hayr^^i^opo ibore #hi$, are canton'd in theNot'th, including about 400 {French, who, fince their ReWrhfrorn'Aberdeen, remain at Montro^ro guard the'H^^'Siooii a&ithetf Maga�ne$.The Sedition up the^m&Jayedth^M^wqs ofthe Rebels for attacldng' Sjerivn^; Caft'e, for % 'im la^t&telligeilteOj though ,�ey had made ft*eral Atte�pt?i& mfe theBaj^ tecy, they had not got one CJaluidn mounted. 'The Ban* tery which the Rebels had ereSedat Elphrngft^ne, was very b?�kly attacked^ 1)^ t&6 Pe^l/and Tu]^ the Ebb Tide, forced front ji^r Stajabn; anfl the two Pir lots in the other having each loft;a ^Igj they wereoblig^ to quit the Battery, and give up ^h| ^ntergfi^e. In �is wholeAffair-'only two^Sallors werefl^ili^ and 10Of is wounded; but the Lan4Forces under Colonel Lectori received no Damage. \ � Edinkurgfr&Jmt.. 16: Within thefe three, Day?. raf|� twelve Regiments of Root, and two-b/ prae^ons, $ave marched from hence to LlnlithgbW. Tlev: Artery followed Yefterday, as did this Day Lieut&Sit General Hawley with* Lord ^obhamvs Dragons. #��aftv^bf' the Rebels which had retir^.toPaJkirlcTfom Linlithgow, o^n h4aior Gene"' v W"~..�-'-�*.. the 13th; retuedon,tne't^tarrom ling,-to their main BobJ. The^/isy�| thc Rebels have goPmbft or their Friends t9 W Squth S^l* of the Forthfand are ende^vounjig to'fpjjit up tfieie Men to an''Action. Lieutenant ^foi^B^pbdl wa� IaHNighr'at Kilfyth, with tKe \Vaja of tjie A^jfea Men, waitmg the- G^neralVOii^s.' Major General Huike was to be thw Nip at Falirk, w^th eight Rcgi-|*ents. T^^f^y^J^^T^^ I tinUthgow, xj. ^y / [ Yefterday; the/ftebdsr hf�m I Gannon 16 Pounders, two ADVERTISEMENTS are taken > {Qr^this I?a,per, at Lloyd's Coffei-House,'in Lombard-Street. )

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