Monday, January 18, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Monday, January 18, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 18, 1845, London, Middlesex . . V\'. '\ .wwththeMen^k^^ in my laft. WindiNojth. * ;the -Indian ^epijWr?gN,^fee�i) �C#6Unaj ^ IVfaryiandi an^|^JE^^I?om,\ ---Riga- : .v..--. vv:,\v/.vv, . . . vAv.i'.ift i'^M^il^^^ijv-'Sii^m^^ came,, in, the High-, lander, of aray^ and the Hampden, from Du|jtoV Barbactoes* whi^h had been takerftbythefrfnchyajpie-takenby the Hampton-. Court. " . ;V" ' * Crwes, Jan. i j. jTeflerday^came in the Fanny, Ro^ berts, from London^ fo^EimW? r Ji �..' > Pool, JanSi 5. \SaiI?d^he^g^i|ationji Strong, fadjj^v mouth andjjreland. " * ^ ~~\ \ The Prince of Wale*, Wakefield, fro^n St. Kitts^ttar*; lived at Haverfordweft. '� L O N D O , difperfed the $jtv:~lt was thus we loft this important, I ��; Battery, after^wjiidi the Enerajr, immediately fet the I r Village od; Fire,. At that^�S^oal ^di their. Infantry. I bith � of thefiirft aMfetdndLiney were obliged ilo#veWtf ft* Wot Account of the Bdtttevf Wilfdorff,. at p&UJlxd at Drefden,^w�? /�* Retreat ef the pruffians. 4 On the 14th of December at Nighty General Sybilfky 4 and the Impend Major-General Maracz reconnoitred ' she Prince of DdTau on the Side of. Neuftadt^ and on 4 the 1 rth sarly they reported* that the Enemy were in foUL; 4 March fsom Neuftadt to Wiidrufp. having already dif-' 4 lodged our Uhlans from Lamperfdorir andFora, where 4 they had beenpofted. Our Troops were quickly under * Arms, andat Break of Day we difcovered the Enemy's * whole Army, whfc h, ,|^'�i^^.,||e^^l^b|raiyvia-' 4 forced by 10,000 Men from J�iq^,of PriiffiK under 4.General I^aluw^4�''^yaiv^^'i^vi^^iE-ua,tiyv.f�he vyayof ' Keffelfdorff.. TE'his obliged ^ ;to #eft ti|ie ajferong 4 Battery, defended by alfbur Granadiers, and fuppoited. * by our Infantry^ of the- firil and, fccond jCiirie, ini the' � Kj�m of the Cavalry thaiVere there before, which 4 iBoved towards the f^iwmcw.oJT; Bonnrich, inhere f & formed in two Lfijcs. riawn^lhoS!^ovSrealoar Right *^ing, while the Village of:Kefdfdorff^nrf^ ^i^mentiojrKd :aow^ yith co^fiderabljE i^^^^j^in Dif1-4 order. ' ' ,' ,v^:,^. **''*C";V ,; ' 4 The it^oftiirEaejnl's^feng^ * Time by a yklley, on|tbJ|^J%^^ * munt to gain oaV Em^encesV^l! ' Attack. " ' 4 The -indifp^^bTe ^li^kh'e^i^iiyer 'of K�flelf-' dorfF, withouti whl^h- th^vcoufidl ^therVeo^r their * Right, nor advance* upon-us- in Front, dblrged them to 4 make this frelh Attack upon tliat Villag^' tho* their Gra^ 4 nadieis fuffei^-tartibiy to^*:n^M^|'b^^�^' ' ruin'd. At'M'th% were|^'9^f^|tttft)^nt^^-' cond Attack, and the bad Succefslbf this neiw-Attempt * had entirely decided the Viclor^vin..ouf: Fa\-qur, if, * on the one Hand, our fight Horfc'cctufd hav| longerre- * lifted the terrible Fire of the Eneh^y, And if� on^he * other, the too great Ardor aii^Iyacgtjroi" our Grana- II diers had not carried tham too far, and occafioned the * Lois of Keffetftdrhy as^ll a* of the j;rtat; Battery we * had there. Fovin Pac\ tha Enemy^were repulfed a- * gain with Lofs, and' our Granadiets, abatidonfeg %e advantagious Pofithey .had till then occupied, began to iced in the mean, ebf Zalt . fecand I* purfufc$cth, and eVen got^ppeffi^ of bne 4 Bat6eriesw>f eight Cannon. T4iey"ci�ttmue4 to mWqr- I 4 teat; tor is lets man a vuarteror *an now mon or our K �"Cavalry, as well as- the im^ntr^ tjlitt fhbald f^toort it * * wasehtirelyinDSfprfer. 0*|^^qretiTe^behi�dthe * little Riverisrf' Weifferitz, awi'abiwtthe gr�at Garden, � the Enemy not'daring tofoHow^thein, '"f ' Prince Charles's Army w# then-in order of Battle, � and it was Mdoubtedly' the Dif^ice'hindered him from 4 fupportiriglusi fince b�m adver- 4 tifed in the Momihg of the Efkmy's Approach. TI� tofs of a good: PaW of our Arritleiy^ and; the great Enfeebling oti ourjfefantry, madfe W rerajVt to occupy the about Drefden, to obferve the Motions of the Enemy? Zxm& of a fcitttrfrom'Ntevitftlt, Jan. 12,. ' We have an Account from Edinburgh laft Night 4 of the main Body of the Rebels being about Girling, 4 and that thty have got iq*t faeces ef heavy Cannon 4 crofs the,Ei*h> and/haye^iftt^nfh d themfcjves, and ; 4 are jaifirffi-Batteriest ace tpwa^Edhibtirgh. ,. ^ :* CplonelJI.ejghtoh,* with. ^00 JVlen, by Order of j * General, Hawley, iias erois'4 the Firth, .upon a fecrec  Expedition, v .* de'undet thtir Convoy.-~lt �^ very calm laft Night *' � and this Mbttmg,- and it is now a^Ve^y -r^tck Fog.*'*' .. Orders *re fent f Vee1lejg|nuhts ofMarines, to march . forthwith to P^tlinouth; hiorflerto^o onBoard the F^eet how fitting out there for Sea, "� And Yeilerday 28 Cbefls of Arms, were fhrpp'd *os Board at the Tower with Powder, Ball, &c. for the Ufe ofthofe Regimenljs. Laft Monday the Cornwal Regiment, rais'd by Lord Vjfcount JFaJmqmth* were rtview' hk Lprdmip^md, Lord Edgcumbe, at.St. Columb in that County; and macB?? a very'finei^pearahce, at the fame ^ime their Lordmipg* .review'd aoenc 4009 TinnerCwho appea^d coinpleatjy Arm*d and �U readyi to (erve his Majefqfon any JOecafion agamfljmVEiemies, ' 1 � �^0c^ oorrd from Dublin^ to Barbadop, was taken on the ift Inflantbv a French P^ivateerrof ifCarriage*Guns, 1 19 Swivels^ and .113 Men 2 hut was re-taken by his Ma-jefty^Ship the Hampton-Court, Capt, Moyftoh, about 35 Leagues to the Wellward^f the Lizard. The Dove, CXirtil, from BofloniwLdtidon, was taken by a St. Malo f Bith and Xftllt, prefenteti the ReV. Mr. Samuel Jackfon, B. D'. to the ReAory of Sfould in the County of ^omerfet, void by the Death ef the lafl: Incumbent. Laft Week, 'died at Cullitoh ihDeiK^mire ota M6r�4-ficadon in his Bo>els, that fincefe arfdlartte Friend to hif Counrry, Edward Sydenham,. Efqr.A GenfJeman, whofe Jleart and Hands wereTevef ready to relieve the Wantibf Mankind, . '. ' \,  : A few Days ago died, at hu Houfe mGfea4^^ flrect, Mr. Abraham Maffay, faid to be the" moft eminent Japanner in England: Yeflerday died, at his Houfe in the Strand, Mr, J^feph Sparrow, an eminent Haberdamer of Hats. OhThurfday died, at her Lodgings in'Panv-lnijb^Mi>^ Andrews; a Widow .Gentlewoman of very cotmolerable Fortune^Relief of Mr. Andrews formerly ah eminent Merchant in Red-Lion Square. Yefterday the Seflions began at the Old Bailey, ^hen 26 Prifoners were tried, two whereof were Capitally con* vifted, yiz. ' John Webb, a Shoemaker, for the Murder of Hannah Dock, by ftabbing him in the Belly with a Shoemakervs Knife. And Jofeph Mafoh, a Boy of 14 Years old, for a Burgla^ who'was recommended to th<S Coiirt by the jdty, on ac^ countof his Youth? 17 were caft for Tranfportation ; and 7 Acquitted. Neviceftltf Jetti\\. By a Ship from Holland we are amufed withAdvice of the French dVclaringWar agaitdl the States- Gerieral % if it be truef we mall ioon fee the Face of Affairs dianee, We arealfo told by the fame Hand,) that^ooo^efhatis are to ]and 'here m * very ^fhort Time. The Di&h,*3ffice�here are fellihg^ofF their Horfes, &c. in order to & ready to' embark on thtfirftNotiae. York, Jan. \t. Tis uftiverfally believed, the Houfes with Baggage, at Chefter idthe; Stoeeti were inajkiouu/ fet on r^oythePapilh. The Dutch General Officers at Newcaftle fay, they expeft War either i$ or will foon be dedar*d by Frante againft the Dutch} aM^bme Dutch "Ships nowloadirra there for the Levant, have^tctived Orders r� fail Norlh about. ' ' ^ 1 We are inform'd, that Forty three Rebel Officer?, and 150 Private Men ef the Rebels; taken a&CarUfle, fet out font that' Cify^tlfatwdcy l^ahd-d^they-wilUeach York on Satui^ jhext. Laft Weekdiedin thu City, Mrf JohnRudd, Aged 29, one of the Commoner* lor Mich*elgate*Wftrd,c and one of our Indep^df^tG�nt!^lhe4^V^ a File of the faid Volunteer* hVd at the Time of His Interment.- 1 y The Rebels have gOtPoifefijon oY the^O^vftof Stjr ling. A very infolent Me%ge wa&TcnyoGeneraJffiack-neyvre4oiri�eM�n toddftif ifeCSw:* Jmuwc been firing on that Fort, ^at too.great apulance to do any Exeojit^h. ItiiMtdoj^ but k w^iiold out till theFoicesjnajchto^J^ier,  The Rebels in Ae. RImth are collicUtg in onejBo b^Iogthek Art0ucry to this Side of the Forth: - ^ . * ' , Cti Wedr^fday the Regiments of General Howard and Monroarrived here. Tr^re are ^ow Ten Regiments of ^.^FwemQre.aree * * L *- * Sixteen Cperters. from .the B'fKim RegiinentsvWheniff Flanders to the Flench, and foMdamon^'^eRrifoners taken by theMillfotd Manof War, were Berwick by the 'Regiments to which they belonged^ are brought tpTown, and will probably furfer Death. -'.anvTlT""'-^ 1 ''! rh'11 A Sa Qijeftion is to be tletermin'd-rrfxt J^dav at- f\ the General Court of the Bank of England, of the greateft' Corrfoauence to alt the Proprietor*^ it is to be hopM, that altthat have a Right to be there will attend that Day, and>Jy*Pre for *^e Re-payment of the Frwcfeai Sum doe to them from dte Governmeht, rather thanie ty'd a perpetual Annuity of 4 per Cent, as it is pofSble" the^Government may be obliged to.giye jjfer ' r . -.� . � -t-Y-� ^?*- ADVERTISEMENTS arc taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's Cpffee-Hpuse, in Lombard-Street,

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