Saturday, January 16, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Saturday, January 16, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 16, 1845, London, Middlesex my 14. tRRltED iroi| 4 4|jg|%. n^M^i4fmkf^ Cot Knowlei ; Mtjamottth, came m tie Tib Brothers, IraM, ftom Ne# Yofk* for Iionqbn a .ami this Day the Dolphin, of Toriham, Miliar,' from Netf-foondknd, &jmltoiBiL. W&M%. Barbaxi�t.<;r: . ..... .. ( . Tortjmouii, Jan. 14. YeflierdaV armed at Sflithekil Ship remain* m-my tiu% - h-AreOr<feri;td^�i^fdcc ^ tfcePb^thaVl^tera' aflign'd them, in forming the Go^idS aldig AeRhiae;; i all &e-PoM# $e ^|^A#^.E^fcM&a|ch� f A^wHcfi aT&lU&ei mm fyh T^.pfjffek&fr \ afef fonfewM ffirfa%4$m Mf&aimfm aitf ! that the (aid Treaty will be Jbon reftored in full Force: 1 the1 #eW rrdi the y<i%Ghev^fc* p^v#every ttjy' I tifrfc, the jpSloSon tak^h by the" Court, to land again j ah the Th ,. r $tf. fL Tti&J&fafr&SW haVe ftnf a eircjk- lar Letter to all the Pro$*^ife�|a to the* present' tforny SiMBdnof fkiMiJMm't Affairs, both & home ^MfttiBfUi mipTbre rW<^bW *&Affiftance of Thf Fritfi [ Atae-Galtey, FateioV^ fhV thV<StFoV fat �m Sir John Barnakl; &r^iultmg Mr.jJchd S6U$, ^ Ml-Lax^Spittie-fieJds Carpenter, hear ^^^H^^ Mount; on Monday Night laft dapping- ar-Pftlol to ids Breaft and robbingJum of 7j. 6d.,mJ*2SS�!1._, " On TuelaSy^laft a young Fellow, was committed to th^Poult^y Compter by Sir JSdward Bellamy, for ajanki|g W. ^bhn Akwman, of Gbrhnill ehihama*^fti^S his Wife aj&$fai&mp&fa&xt, opon thrjLing's High-way near Wand/worth in Sorry, and robbing them of Mbaey and other Things of tenuderable Value. ftJGS appointed m London affd M ^ A�JV*y w�aw vu* dtibfi^ Imf its' Dominioiis in glrofe, on the 16th of tomMjiM. M*/C^ -<nyaf'^ t^mm? Wbr-li^ doling �,iiiore' at'^i� dc^f #�WH ^s, Eng^emeritt/ ' MSj^.-^ifittiiaf #TJljy^olt' wbttl#be 1^ � h^Ta�f ifiveW OWfers for'^dbo of hi* ^eii toxoid* L O N D| CT N. ' hear News of their landing.' Tte-JUMif|t of the A<Mf�M^'^^^m^ . w, . . . ofcMoney; was .bnjulkiiito' tl�Mk^idia^tfi%i d4o^a$ialBeil by^aFrench^vateer, and carried into' St, Mattel . . TM: Erfcftilhip^MoVat^ foonrBirbadoej, laA from Bonba, is taJtfarMcawMinto fiayonoe: : :..u -  T4irIa#^^^CGftn1imiftlito/ofSw WSlam: .Sta-ptoto^ri^pB&ifpci JBfcrt.. lie�o^ngerooflyrill iofcthc SmaU-Pox; at her Hoofeat Stok^Gwen, near Sbnghin- Ba^tTioriday ^ Hormam XSoel: in >rASmOT3 and Edl^'M^ than elieven' Peribnsap; againtt them. t ^4 1 . ....p.......:j|^ii�sfe^t#^ay4:Mr3. rongh orspMpwark,? and the moft con�dfbble>Xiiveiy> �afcMb>&ydied:,t;Re4*^ Wo^M^eaMj^. lUcna^ Wa^eUlln^ct; irn^^ne of tbfe iydelmen of tmtt^rjf*. ration. foWjHalhMd, who di^ deep enough to receive them al|. MIDDLESEX. sc^itdfttr Term. , Tharfday Feb. 13 LONDON. . ^ . Friday .5/ .; , 7 Friday 14 ^of ttfreSX MurrlV^ ill lp?f %leftir! 1 ^^d.'Th^3%at: count. ^Cf*^ alt xn^e their tSKS 'ffTOMiciiPM La^ffi'they bro^ehtrduh}! by ti^rFrb^ one E#tttn Pounder, which they hav> beenmfuarfsjully, teyineto pMoJfe dtAfl^wkto Fl&d, hirrt. imUftiT**. 10. BarretTs and Poalte,ney*a |^ Ba&i maAo^^ntFa^lrli!;  ^ ^thdTraiaofAttillfcry Tb^' they feipV' tht^Pi^cU: of.CaMnT WS. Ret w�� upu ^ fromWlicK'fd that ligM^elSrf theSr this Side thrRiver, and anlltla^fnigfea"^ , . ., inf Aifito,' VC TM^O^rT^that 1* ided Of?dmnot of-their ISfe chedc "off ^there, ana^lb^ about zoo at Elphingftone. 11 r iltr^%'wiJiiV et*o^ A D V E RTISEMENTS are take* in fpr this Paper, at Lloyd'sCoffx t-Hovsi, in Lombard-Strje^ 0 0

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