Saturday, January 9, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Saturday, January 9, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 9, 1845, London, Middlesex Numb., 3496. -tirjii,.;r cur as*. rf^iltft^-^pFtte i^ ^vlndS.S.W. .- ; The>AdctelivFi^ewfeir A^peron,  from-' Leverpoelg 13 ID W ^�*iar�tha$ 0f{the O Btfpie^ ttfdei^a Isettarfcof^^ita^^^iel^r notify the Grand Duke's Marriage. He had afcerwaA& comp^enikaupon this^apoy Evlht. ;4 Prince Augustus of #elfai whp%�fctt Grand Duke has appoktea (j^ve^^GFoe^l oFhts Ditchy of ,Hol-itei&Gbftoip; it. upon"W&epVf^^&i&i he is to *aWaii AtfhaatfFenflpn of* i*fo66Cwwife, a*&thfcCoiin. try will ftvTiilhaa^frrmgi m?cd&t>-for theSopptft ofS? Houfitolcf, . > i ,,, ' iV^/r/;t� AaEdia^ibel!fci�ba^'here, by the5 M^f�#li��i|� upon P�b of g&^^^jr of tlx* Pi^^m^M^W^-of Genoa, Det\ py fevexal Poife|^^n^|^^{l!thtFenders of the v�. RepnblK^T�%*bri;. Enemy ii^^a^loifoife8 the" (26aiitfj& jThave lately brought* Che^s t^of P*>#*s lorDW O i*p*r;Ai?flly;w*tfnWw^ SpaniftM, #oiis affp eommifla^ot S&r, , . ft Ptfr/Vj Jiwl 1.1'V^umberoC Veflelsa^mMerat Bo- Salt Those iWSgpg ^IWS^tifi^^^k-biHHft tlfen ard net all Affisrijd l&r fct$and, botf &at fome of them will be fe^tf lb Newfoundland, in order to attempt the, Re^yeryof Cap! Bre%6n7 - Jobberies are ve- fueif. W-WmfflllkA-'Circiini6ui!6^.^5the tejnaadedi^^efa^oi^te^ This has induced Geti^^ Yawle�'iE&jmck recal Part of the -.^ent$-wer^A^ pmia| felgff^ilif ft f^^tifi^^jrefeiBSi to pi�Yti:tvth>P�|^urff offfie, Conyoy. . (U having, on the tBthjpstft, cxcfaangM the WEbattonk of by the iolh or f ith iniUht. Afe^f^^qBsturn X off to�aj^ Pro#a t|d Silefia, .^isfnnceof AWt is cipline he caafe4theSoldjert to obierve.  . tlhey Write from Stockhejm, that h^it; theln^f^c! oClCB^ m^,^wel?|(e1lo^M!G ptdttvto ,. . ^,;8opg^nt. -^illi^^hi^mp yei atte�p$in|tp tmfflb tf'ms wMth^rer^yjtol^^Wi wfiere: They affo expeSel every Mom^the SpiMiiih nfxom Feisol. j Si * th|Da^of'thei^bliqaaoh,t�^r^^ft^e|yr^:J9i� *Sta|ej: ^ea^ M^j^^0p^^^:tii:(^ ' joy in thePbjfc and-Ciries'^^JSiiE^^'^e/Adlyan? 4 tagesj^ant�4them by theT^^*f^b^��M;^^ cember z i J i ^39, purfuant'E w.DnTOutibna of the ' Treaty of Peace^and Ami^#. concjtj^i,at Utrecht; * A$i�iJ^^i3$j-lMe#ett^.k|e^|:a^ due$iafti:s-' General; Beoufethe^ing&y#t^ the States-Geneial have &rBial^^)ntraven*d th^^aM Treatie^.by oblong fevexal FxericfcFriviteetf abaadoa thtir^PortsIhe * Prizes theyjkd ht&tri* thithWf; by forcing others oat ' they were even Told, and from thence dypatched to Hok ' land^OTder l>o^;Calours^i^ f. xttakik iiZtiiiwufuie,;by*;tbeInfifaftioaof th�^aphu* * lafcfemi of Toumy and J^iBtomande, whic& 4eAtoys * tjw&gagein^ t^Kingh^ent^^ ""' 1�� loJSnce^ePea^ofiDre Dutchyof Lracembourgh. ' I i i%r^^^4^:>9^ 6ontt'|iMW A Expre&fromV^ ){foJBBa^fltdy*&t?&$> h�^B^e�G^h� noimMd S Regiments of Foo^ 4of Hoffei au&*9&I^iStm^t tymtiteM poffib&r Espedition r They witt be commanded by the Generals Brone, Ittcnefi, Coll, Jutt- ; ^anll-B�l�i^ ^ , Neekar aiidRhltJe, both Regakr aB4l^ ' i�aeitegmea�s^ H^s^ ^ will defile off to the Low Countries, vfith thofe of tha^atfeanthei^ettei�i�r; ' � ^ " toi&tfy Dec. 25. The Prince of Litchtenftein ha� de-Htbh'd only a Pa�t �rMs Trpops towaftft Triao anji?M-fcentinp, to keep open a Communication with the Ktng^of Sardinia.  - ;"  "n-^i^W^^^-^ ^ ^ to,p^uce athuij StaQ^tiqQ^'i^S^r CI L 0 N D 0 N. His Swsjdim Majefty to avoid giving Umbrage to the King of Gita? Br&ainV bas^iimy tharged all he Stubje�b engaged-in the French Service, not to � tim Dominions. it itpetos, from ji State of their Accounts, that the Ffenclln&a Gbmoany have M^hloot tU Millions *f: Ltvm vintiiifi 17 Months paft,whi^vhj� fcfoe^ their ' '--tepg^Livres. The fojBowinx.- Order for the* Retreat of the Pruffian i "TVobpsoutof S^dnyjis.^i^ a$ it was wrote by the King of Frdfija himielf, ahdis as FolTows, < it is my Pjea^e tS|fcon tfl^�$h of P�ember yttu pj*t � yourfelf in ifachtv%&l}�8ij^te * Thierre, Lepfch, i * which you ar$ $3 ta|^ � Quarters chu% ^^mj^S^W * with that^oros bv the ftwif RoM%m#Je tQw||to * Wurtrtn, leaving f4eWP aa:^p�m. � march two Leagues a Day, andip'halt e^erj^H � you are toJ^^^thatW^ipoM � and�. no* forournfe, wluch Orders you having fa^^co^^y with,.you ace hereby peremptorj^conm^ en? tpjte^.i^tbe rj's gntc^ whe^eE;iUhjil! tot wnicn you toaUjreceiye iutijcient Jlicpnerja&on^ Tlus our Demand yoa are to comply wirl^. uoqnpaja- ^f?vthe fevereft MUitary ExKutiontol^alQne agair^your, Gi)o^t . and Effect., By,hbHighwfs^Command, , HirtStito the tollefrr-of Sfiftly^ ' jj MURRAY fir the'Shire of Linlithgow. . S *� !' GUajgtrw, Decmier 30, 1745* S IR, ,...v  �., � Jririgbfthe Commiffioners of Supply, for your Shyre, and mumate 1^ withirl ��^r to them. Xaw* Sir, your ' huni*fle-&tvant,' \ Sift Sjibffribilur% ^Inda^irnecdinuy toj^have art nnmedlate S| equal way, by laying them upon the di^nt- are- rierefdrc hertM-com* mandedtand required to deliver to u�; cyi ot WpVe1 the i.dth>D^of jatiua^nejrti ^er^^e'maU' happen t6 be far the Time, twenty five-fferftt* of the Vsbwof 10L fieri, each) which b to be aieertajnecr by^- proper Ferfp'ns* e� b^rxamcd by us ftr that PurBbft",, 6thaB/SSs to' pay to our SeMrelauryi for our Uft, roi. fterR; for each undelivered Horfe} and for your Relief>ou irnpowe^tfta meet, airf fey a Ta* nponthewhole Heriforij ani others of die Comity, in Prjportioa to their>atu^d Rente, to the upon PaiiiofrMilftary>B*eeu�ioBi ;to b� done ag.lift your ' Gboa^andSiTeas/ 6W&at G�a%># ti^ i3t&^|% of> December, 1745. By hiV ^aacTTs Co*ma�tt 4 &r Sah/eri&kkrt DheSedtothe Commiffimtrf $St$fc |. M^RAVw' ^ftr &Wrr ijf Lmlitbgo&i \ � About 2000 R^gi!af;R3^ j^'^ � tzob Militia^ which are tade^E^i^rgn-fc pafe the ^ � Highlandeis come to atttc|c;it. WPa^%fM||aibpt, Vi^ Only a ehance ^ImaTl BiriFh � Account, that Lord John � rdund, whd,have any myj&fj " :: jpo, 20b 'and; 306I: aJ^i igsan g to all ms; A Yefterday it was rumoured, onattthe iPutchShip^inf from the Dpwnl�> the was laid railed V(OTon-am?ed| .at his ar^thePWr^in^l^W4to Dfthei>E^�adgooaWiflies.a at nis bjeitig amonj^ ^fm. A t) t ERt i^E ME NTS are taken in for this Paper, at Lloyd's toifEZ-J^^^i^^^^ No Wooden Shoes. No Arbitrary Power-

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