Friday, January 8, 1745

General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of General Advertiser on Friday, January 8, 1745

General Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 8, 1845, London, Middlesex D A Y, jAiitrary 8, 1 i'-^OYY ptaly January 6. EMAIN his Majcfty's Ships Yar-"inou^ Adtiutil�; .Martin; Princefs Loiii&j Admiral Mayne; with the Me�.oF Vl^'ahd'Privateers as in toflaft.; ,1^S1W. '!; X^eKirpert, Parker, and Amelia, -from Virginia, are ar- --_-----rivM at Whitehaven. 'J he Seahorfc> 15tow, from London, at Bermudas. 1 ' AmatiliiV Doyle, from Falmouth, at Madeira. Ja O N D O N.  From the London Gazette. ? * Edinburgh, J&H<.i. The Number of the Rebels arrived -s4"at^Glafgow, by a^ Medium of feveral Computations, is JQ. -about 3000 Foot,,' and near 500 Horfe, including jo or �36� employed iit carrying the Sick. Their Hories are O'poor affdjadedr-and 6 or 700 4J-Arnw-0r.Ability.XQ ufe them. . J-* Friend* hay� paffed the Forth in their Way to Glaf^ow ; and on Saturday lift the Perfon called Duke of Perth, with O,. a Party ^o�. about 150, went from Glafgow, and it is-re-^ ported, he is got home. Small Parties are continually par-ticularlylron Cannon and Ball, from Montrofe by Sea to ' Perth"," arid that they had fitted ant the Hazard Sloop, and  a privateer1 at'Mohtrofe, which, wire ready to put to Sea, ^aridtha*they were alio fittiiigoutan armed Sloop at Perth. 6* At this laft Place the/ have FordFy'd Oliver?* Mount, and S^have from lod'td 20b Country People daily employed in I fij fortifying the whole twtm As foon as we heard that the *  fir* Divifioh of the Troops fentto this Place from vMarihal ,0-WadeY Army had paffed Newcaftle, we began to repair f #5 theJFomficatipns of this City, and gave Notice td~ther People itt^he Country, upon whomwe could depend, to I beittReadiWs'tAcqme hither" for. the Def^npe of, die i \ City. . fbe Friers to the Rc^lSif thejji Parto^eht'Exprcfs1 ' ^iecxiEjpefe taihep�at G^fgaw, t^haiftf^eB: March; hither, and on Monday Njehc (wehadjrlateljigence that they jiad called in thfeir"Clo|hing half inade, and packed; 5 itSrp, which ^|^k for a Signal of th^ir^Marc^.' There-. .'upon the^Uitia"was called mto the ^^^^ than wecoald quarter,. Horfes were ordered to meet the . firft Ditrifion o^ITfoof^'-^n'd ,Bf3m �f>*: ready for them .Cpon the Road,'wUch, the Cbun^. ^eoye. tontribujted i , with great Chejcrfuinels; and this, I^^img^wo Regi-f -flients of the rirft Divifion arrived^here moti^tedan the ' - Horfes bcfore*rhicnttohed fiom Dunbar, and^ere received ( � pdeh Hty^;JDJ|&pii^,; '-rrfteV werevimte?tamM ; :aiDun1?^:a^�^:fe ^tthe,^-1 ,. pence of the Ct>ui^y of �aftlLg^hianr �nd this Night wijl that now/ we think i '^urielVesquitelafefromthe^Rebels. � n�f -���.� -  \ ^ppewcei -fcawm &*pmmM: 49$, m y u ,� '� '. v JTherfcer^airdy ^?|Jbecn a^Skijinift. bertwen the Rebels ) jpear AfreirQ^^and fparl of librd ��ad6un%Men com- " aianded bylme^ it is faid *- to have 'ended W'j^e Di&^mtag^oy'^ia^^who were inferior, in Numbers. _ T^e are however-is yet no Ac- " C counts of that Affetr but-ivhat the Rebels give j". the moil | ,^ Sanguine of whom fay, it was a total Route ; others, that J . about 20 on each Side^ were killed, and about 60 of: our \ ^;Men taken Prff^j^/.- The ArgyUfhire Men are now ^ ready to coTOpe^!te with our Troops.;' '"' Z , Admiral Byng� who is nowin I^itlLRpad,.ijjreparing I / to go out again to Sea; the Milford and Bridgwater, who wereleft^i^^-oft-'ft|ontrofe, will, it is hbpedj be able' to prevent the Rebels From receiving any Supply at Perth, land fending out" any Ships to Sea; and in two or three Days Adcural Byng will have another 40 Gun Ship, and; two of 20y qrtujimgx upon that Cealt; and. this Morning I 4jiieShark wiu1go|uti to cruize off RedHed, Arbreth, and '� theRiverT�y. - Nrtveo/Hesjen. 4:.* The firft Divifion of the ten Bat-' talions, whicrr marched^ ftom hence for Edmbureh, arrived ^there the ift inftant^�'The fecondi it is^p#i�L will be there either this Day or To-morrow. The third by the " 9th, and Lord CobhanVs Regiment heral Hawley's Body, which, wdltthiettk�nfift of'dyeet Regiments of Dragoons and 14 Battalions, befides ^the j Country Forces. - A great Number of the Rebels are laid ( tohavedeferteH, and returned to their Habitatioris^;, ^, Whitehall, Jan.j. The following" is an Account of. the Rebel Officers and' Soldiers,; together with their Artillery, taken by his Royal Highneis the Duke of\Cum-berland at Cariifle, viz. ' .. Francis Tqwnly, of Lancafcire, ColoneL pF the Ma$-chefter Regiment. * John Saunderfon, ofMorthiimbetland, Captain in ditto. ; . Peter Mofs, of Lancaflxire, ditto. v ~ James Dawfon, tditto. . ' S George Fletcher, ditto. ^Andrew Blood; oflTprkftrire; ditto^ g Thomas Deacon, of Lancafhire, Lieutenahtih"4hto^'' John Berwick, ditto.' Robert Deacon* ditto. - John Holker,jditto. '. _ 1'homasChadwick, of Staffordiliire, ditto. Thomas Furnival, ofCheihire, ditto. Charles Deacon, of Lancafhire, Enfign in ditto. Charles Gayior, ditto.  ^ '� � John Hurter,,of Northumberland, ditti. James Wading, of Lanca{hire> ditto." John Betts, ditto.,. 1 William Bradfhaw, ditto. Samuel Madddck, of ChefliSre, difto. Thomas Syddell, of Lahcafliire, A%taht in ditto. . And 93 Non-CommifGon Jtyjebel; Oncers, Drummers, and Private Men._.. .. .� James Cappock, of Lancaihire, made by the Pretender Bi&op of CaHifle. '. �  lift oTthe^cotcliRebel Qm^rs^"taken at Cariifle. John Hamilton* of^erdeenihire, late Governor.. Robert Forbcii, of^ditto, Captain in Lord L. Gordon's, John Burnet, iiitto^ tin Cot. Grant's. V GeorgeAbernethy, of BarmlhiTe, dittp, m IiordOg>lvie*s. Alexaader^AberoBthy,iritliiJJukejofPerth's. ' DanaId'M f:Athe,l's: * -A J Charles Gordon, of Aberdeenlhire, Lieoteai&t in Lord Ogilyie^ . :\ rJ;  * *, \>, . J. /. " . James Gordon, dift$ in Cot:Gl�ntV - ' \ Walter Ogiryie^Ba^nflmre, ditto, m Lord L.GordQ^^^ WiUian Stewart, iitto, <of Cot '&oye Stewisc'i. ; "-DittO. ' j.": 7,-� ^l"imr: ^n on to the Gar- Walter Mitchel . George Kamiay, . n ^ames%e^^C^*in��� fi^ , CoL Roye Stewart's. Jar�s^i ^ ^; . , htzJ(�i*t} v **  And one 5erjeant>tani^burJ priyate Men,- who * call themfelYesJFrench. �(';�/�, J nxi* * ��-��'', ' ~" �> � ' .... ^ TJb^ 6, Jfeals � One-an^-Half.PQundersOne BraiaPclagon, with � Carriage ; 3 Brais FburPoahders V 4 Brafi Cbhorns; and 2 Royals.- � - ^ � "� ' - � The Rebeli C9ri$|nnj.'j|m it Glafgow, and JTtheT Neighbpurhpod | ^e^Dqaan^TjtheyxrhaxP made there? ' are boll exorbitant^ they talk�f OTmgNor^ bu; if � am apprehenfivc theV wlft not mdvelbe^i^e^&oo'ps!' -tmoerGencraiHj^eyarr^m^s^ ^xtreamly MfrSSI%| ? all .proper Meafurej^anp taken Xe$ thCiDiifMiceiof. this 1 � Capital.' -^-i-rr-" > i> j ' ��*>�� > ; *-(leneral ,CampBeli na� ^rder'd �oo of' bis Mea toj � rein^rceGerieiallSalcene^V Stirlihg: This Body ha�'' '� aftualb/got to^Dombarton-; but as- the Rebels are at Gla%ow� theyjyill.havf diffirHlty-to.efect-the Juncl^on. > � ^he�inainderfof the^rgylefliirePcaj>lefto the number 'of 3.50b, are utrtnediatelrto, tnarc!^ Wherever the Servicei � of theGtiveTftmentn�ay"i,equire.' * Thelfeppties/ri^wF^ * day, where they were very gracioafly reeeiv'd ]tykm < Royal Highnefs, and had the Honour to dine with, � him.' ' ----- '' 84  ; 'Titfaidhi4: Highnefi the Duke of Cumberland feb. out ihortly to command the Forces in^ScoUand, and *tis; not doubted, bqt'jbis* JRoj^I Highneis?will; b)rhis*^re-i � fence, put a fpeedy �nd to thatHniiatiira! Rebellion, the; well-afte&ed to the Number of above 20,000 Men being - ready to Jdnvbim.--------------- -:--rr- -.....- L - YeTfterday a Houfe .was fear^li^ ^^lUj^JBrjtetjj SwtaJ.^ Fidds, upon Information; and a gr^tQuaiuiry oF Arms Found therein. t . ' ^i^Se^USi j& Jth&Cityi whAenter^M.^whoteAimy mofthearli^ confidering them^their Deliverer^, ^ 41 We are inform^, that as Jbonlas the Pretender came to GlafgoWj he fent for the PrOvoft  of that City; Sno^de-injwded of him the Names of thpfewhohadfubferibedfor raifing Troops -againft him, threatrung to^iang him immediately, in cafe of a Reiuialj, to whici .the Provoft bravely and boldly replyed, ' Hp would: not give up lbs  'Name of any one Period in th^Townj ^jtl^';h�Lh*i Vjfcmfelf fubferib'd a greater Sum than anytttth^fterfen, * as he,tiought it his Duty ; and that he fcar'd oqt^tdr �* die in fuch avCaufe, &c j . _ " Laft Night two Mails arrived from Holland, which. wilLbe inlertedinournext. & Wehear thatthereis a Treaty going forward by\ Maritime Powers and^heoiAllies to brins-ispa the 'ja the Spring 126,000 ef^^Men, w$*W!t cbieflf )to i tieerrrploy'dmFlanders'; whilttanpthei^ery.confideiable ; Army is to penetrate IhiOLAIIacWiwJU-.v i^ -J v. ^ We are informed, that one Mr..B&mieyk belonging *t�: the Revenue, in Suh^ihire, iuvhig;inadp hji?d�f�e* markable, by tobferving the Behaviour of feyeral Perfon* in that Part of the County where he, ljvedi, who�'J�*, 1tt$elted''fo:W~^uifs' the^GovernnMnVWi�ibs m^mku ijiKi^HtoJ uvm M ittrBart|en; V" Cheefemohger in Cavendiih Street, Oxford Roaa; wa� broken open and rqbb'd of Goods 4o Jtco^fidenblc Vabie, and a Sum cf Mbney^ " *'v ''V t . \ High Wa^at L9n^ri-Bridge,'jhisDayat t5,Mm^ Bank-Stock' 126 a t halk V india^DittdJ^ ^> SoutM Sea>Stock^|>}^h|� ypittar^>|d Annuities 101 1 4th,av 34th�a8i. pitw izW8�f4$�*Mq Ditto 1,743 Ma Cent;-Empetoift�eaaiio�ri^ no Price; Bank Orctilatioti^  ^cifofrhree ak^*alr^CiW^a^ �:,Price. ^;W^|�rQ^citt*^1H^^ lrtr'-H-" La C ^0 pj�&# IG A NT}, Wlb VhM*�WWi* Dacoft*TlO�s Enttnlj Mm Pitud BoKOto fce Mt together, and an lUfemi. he admitted J09ee 19 tikj^-Mkihet, M Half aBnfeel ttlfi jrjaUefy,<4.7, ^5aJfesaaBfiar'ftK-�,l,"� vThe Fart�ft B!n^RiehM4iif HfltfOyiMewi , 3 . ... MicfcBHjf S: Mr. Wirt} ]____ , _ rori wt,;7 CbocIu4ia| 4nth___ Pkeetfor trteJaqt^kejakea of M&iWa pf the Theatre.  Xf-1^ - 1 ?Ts7 I?HIS ia to give NoticetottheXDrrl the Taking of the SkufGrMi Ekh, recene a furtherrDijr^enioa tlwShmaiVtlw Jaftf4ay the ijth-li^av irenj Ten �^ck' :!fc�.3r.e*$'S� **' ?o^Eii^

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