Thursday, January 17, 1765

Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser on Thursday, January 17, 1765

Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 17, 1765, London, Middlesex T H U R S U A J A N U A R Y D R U R Y THIS the IE A LOUS Holland Major Yatts Palmer Lord Griffith r Harry Mr Burtdn Mopdy f BadJely Mr GlOttgb Lady dive Palaiejr With U E E ft M A Rooker Mifs COVEN TG A R D THIS The COUNTRY Dyer Rofs Sir John Shuter Mifs Macklin Mifs With a Country Dance incident the And thj Original SheepSheering Ballad by With H A R L E QJJ IN s O R C E R E Miles To the P U B L I E Number printed of This Paper having fo tifcreofed as to be equal to THE DAILY A D v E R s E R ekd tier trttofr that a Nectjjity for its going to Prefs at an eArfor Hour i it is right fo inform tbofe who it their Interfft to itf The Gazetteer and New Daily that all Mvertifemtnts require immediate Infer muft be Jent to the Printerbefore Seven in or there can be no Certainty of futb Advertifements appearing in the next WHE RE AS it bath been both in print that Alderman owed me for Greens during his has not pad me Part of the fame In Jultice to that Gentlemans Cha I think It incumbent on me pubicklyto that he genefoiifly paid late at various the whole pebt the laft Payment being Three Years fince at the was and with my late Witncfs X Mark of MAItTA the City of T Kttunn you my hearty and I for jrbut Pole on theOrSce bf for at this pre fers sod fwntit me to that nofwrith ftjttdtne jthssbifenifldaRrioully infimiated to the con trary i am detsritjined to Continue the and doubt through ami Perfevewnce m my BdullV haive the Honour of being elejysdr your all Times be gracefully and 1 doubt flot Of myfelf worthy of jour With the greateft Refpeft Your moft obedient humble j 7e Lvytrymth if tfaCify of TjiE Office CHAMBERLAIN cf this City being vacant by the Death of the late worthy S r THOMASH AX me 10 re quett the Favour of your Votes and InTtreftto fueceed him therein and fliould I be fo happy to be your be aitirred that 1 to the utmeJtof niy Abi endeavoujr to difeharge the Dutie of tint im poruuit and gratefully acknowlege trie Obligatinn tahfared G E N T L E M E Your moft IrnmWe Servant j SAMUEL As I may paying hat proper Re juftly due tft ereiy Owtleraan otthe 1 hope it will not be to any Ncglett but to the DilKcifty of procuring correft Lifts on fo fhort a Poll Ten oClock each ana at of tie Il hitik myfel infinitely obliged tq you wto in niy As deterniined by the Advice of ray Frends to per fevere in the do therefore beg the Favour of your early which will he eftcemed a high Obli gation conferred Your moft obi humble SAMUEL FRKEMAN The Number to 1418 January TO the Wmthy Liverymen of the City ef G E N T LE M E XOUR and Poll are de fired for SAMUEL CITIZEN WAXCHAND To be your in the Room of the late worthy Sir TWOM AS being welt attached to his Majefty K ng happy Cnnftittitioft in Church and andever to aitert the Rights ald Liberties of Poll begins at Ten and ends at Three each tttt LiverytaeH of tht City of London TAKE the 6rft Opportunity of returning you my tnoft grateful Acknowledgn your very numertus This Day at ljr whieti lhawe pained a Majority over the other worthy This Das Poll 1 muft eijtreatlWCojftinusnee of your in Support of tliatMajwty i and beg Leave to aflure that if o happy as to it dull be my liidy to merit my Fellow Ci Being with the higheft G EJI T M E Your much obliged and faithful SAMUEL Totbe Wertiy tf tlu City of XOUR Foil and Intereft are humbly de fired for MUEL Efq and CLOTH To be CHAMiERtArw of this honourable City in the Room of Sir THOMAS deceafed fFebeing well verfed in the ot th s City of great Experience in zealijtfly affect ed tt his Majefty and our pafern happy Conftifution in Church and State and a warm Affcrtor of the and Commercial of his Fellow Citizens snd if lie fhould be fo hsppy as to be will Lnmediately rcfigrt his and devotb his whole Time to the Duties of that important 0fon the Clofe of the Poll this Afternoon at Four the Numbers thus For Alderman Turner 656 Alderman Deputy Ellis 171 131 Freeman 122 The Poll will be opened Tamosrow Morning at Ten and cofeat Three in the To the worthy Liverymen of the City of G YOUR liitereft and Poll are defired for i S T R A C E Y TIL CITIZEN ANJ To fucceeJSir THOM VS as of this Honourable being a Perfon well afTetfed to his Majefty King and our happy Conftitufion in Church and zealous Affimor of the Rights and of hii Fellow Gentlemen sf the I return you my hearty Thanksfor your Ap pearance on my beg the Continuance of your Zeal and by your early Apjearaoce THIS DAY at Guildhall which will be moft gratefully acknowledged G E V T L EM Your moft and faithfirf S TRACED The Poll begins at Tea and ctoffes tt By A U C T I 0 To begin exactly at SIX oCLOCK Of the L 1 B R A R Y of Honourable The Earl Brought from his HOUSF in Jtmtss By S A M U E L B A K E In York Covent On the laftEvenings wrH Sold his Lordfhips Three curious mldfeby j an Adveriiicnicnc has appeared in fome ot tire Public Papers of Mondly and TualJay greatlytending to depre ciate my in Juftice to myfelf I think it ceflaryto iufprm the and my Friends in that if John Waiter has any farther A reomrs tle with than what have been already T am very ready to anfwer the fame and do in this public Manner defire the faid Walter to acquaintmaf with that they may be forhw tli WILLIAM The R ok ntitlad WOODs memiuned in the was by for aiiifiid to itj lVr i j bis Majejtys Royal Letters RAN I ED to JOHN FOSTER f the making felling his new INSIDE for Chario and other Carriag which are hToufTy contriveJ to Braces iii the liilicie of the whereby the fudden or fliBcks ocoifioned by the Roughnefs of Streets or Roids nreijuite taken and ihe rendered in every eafy and agreeable to rhe Any or Lady thn chute to make a Trill of ihe may hive a Cha riot which FOSTER has put a into for that wh ch they are welcome to try in any Part the Any old Carriages may have their Seats withaut and at a fmall To befold a Secondhand Poft very little worfe than and Shortly will ie In Price fewed in Boards This Day is Price One CONSlUhKATlONS on the LEGALITY of GENERAL and the Propriety of a Parliamentary Regulation of the To which is A Poftrript on a lue Pam phlet concerning Jur Printed for the in Paulo This Day Price ORIhN 1 L APOLOGUES Or INSTRUCTIVE TraniUted from the Dedicated to his Grjce the Duke ot Primed for Chsring crofs and and Ur quhan under the Rnyal This Day is defigned for the Ufe of Price bound wich large Allowance to Schcolnaftcrs and others who take Quantities ANEW LA 1 IN ACCIDENCE An Effay towards ftipplying the Defefts of the Rudiment hy adding the Doilrine of and and by enlarging the and illtiftrating it w th CLnflical Examples with a ilort Syftemof Rhc oric and Engiifh To which is a calculated to accom modate the Difficulties of Grammar the Ca By O W E Matter of the Free School of Pr nted far in Tits Day is pubiijhed By H E N R V D E L L and At the Corner of in Hoiborn A CATALOGUE of fcarce and valuable in various and in all Arts and Sciences nianv that are curious Divini Muiicil Trea PiXi ry with a large Parcel of and Hue ColeJition of old Phys which w II begin to be fold very only rhe loweft Prxes prjircd in the i and continue on Sale till all Catalogues to be had of nppolite the Monument in Cimrh at TempleBar Lew n VCMI Gatden at Charing Kiels in JmessStree at Jxford at Cambridge aad at he Pljec of TH U UG H T S on C 1 V I L and By the Airhorof ESSAYS OH the Printed for Davis and oppolite Grays a very proper Pielent or NewYears Gift for Young Lad es and THK of VIRTUE DELINEATED The Hiftory n Minia ture of the celebrated Cliriflk and Sir Charles in the Compifs of a 1ocket Vo neitly printed on a fine Printed fur in PAicrnofter doft C in Gentlemen who are phajed tofuhfcrile for the ivbich is no iv printing at the are to jend in their Nams imme diately in order to le infcrted in the Lift of Subfcribers to John in the Bookfethr to his de L Monfeigneur Ic Prince Due cie Bru1 f la Jerniere puerreentre de la France en Allemagae compofee Memciires de par enrichie de neceflaires fur ks par Colonel en 3 d At Propofals of in Fiench may bj hid at the Shop of the aboverncntioiCd who IDOJI p Uifti for anEnglifh Tranflation of tf1 i s and VV BOOKS Imported by PAUL facing inthe HI STORE de 1Academie des AWiee i htai xViiiitaire de la Annee des i 765 i Dittio aire des 2 Le fliiciri des er te Thomas Nuvjlle Merhoires de 4 2 i Avanturcs 2 15Ecoie 4 La Noiv de 2 par de with rnxiiy other The fit Pamphlets AH pnniid anJ fold by and WHI in Fket A S F E E C JH ira rhe Houfe of Aflemly of che Province of N on Occafion of a Pot tun drawn uj by and then unJer Confider nion of the his Majefty fora Change of the Govern ment of rhis Ky JOHN Efq of the Members for the County of DICKINSONS Reply to a The SPEECH of JOSKPH Efq Price A Colleftiin of OASIS and concerning PurviLKGEof with a few uccafional Remarks upn Price The IMPORTAXCE of the BRITISH PLAN TAI IONS in America to this with a S ate of their and Methods for improving it aLio a Description of the Jeveiat Colonies Price For ihe undoubted Cure of ths and all eruptive ESSENCE of and nobe tht Aub r ventury o is nor be lie may juftly to be in Thofe who are iap ss to try will be conv ncr that tbcre CM fcaics in Na urf an and elegant Cure ths and ai Soutbutic biforders F om its ly yet on the it will not fufFer tht Lafl Impurity to remain tcrcin j in the liting beciufe Manner it fo as nev r to reiu ihe dttptil I and Scurvy that Human Natur w s ever afrl cel with j as wtrU as the higheft te eld and UiCtri obilinate Irflamrin t ns f the 5 pimpl d Ring and cu uncous tvery Ki d the Rks as and the Skin as as tie Jiealih et bom Bab in the Jn thi Aufir is g to reft Me Reput to of his viericine on liis beins ti curr with and w ich he is icady undertake sny Pcrfoo wlio inay luve ony tried the Eflence tA Wards and Viarerlants uch like advertife but even allrtgu ar Pr c in Any farther Pai t cuiars if iliaiijrht may b1 known J ard tlx Advice of a n without the leaft arlditonal by a plying any Foieoon froin tight to Tw to Br it is Hi ufe nis in Bioonilbitry an I v here the ESSEMLE of MINERALS is old in SX wrapped in plain DTeii ns tiy the Appoii it is fold at Wiliijina and tin Lu gaiefiill at in N Lie ters Tom or Gentltmrn ot the Fa R to In the and fpeedtly wittfa fii AN A W bit to a LE t to the Docinr THOMAS containing an Examination the CriticifiJl Ott a on the Principles Cjf In i a i i dCllitUC k LI 1C JC JltU V tiFJiUrtlVl By THOMAS L ELAND Printed for in the Proprietors Of the Queens Keaj a d Star in Qoverii beg Leave tVinform njw on Sale a cvi elegsnt mipl of the moft le Silks fftthe prefent at our ufiul low in of tw itsj confiftinj 6f r ch plain and Variety of for the Spring Trad which fo as to reader them greatly under the A Qjuintirjr 06 and Vpr tte letters INDEPEND ANT BROTHER LIVE RVMANA GBSER VAT IONS of our fee the P R IN T E Ri A M I N E has always been reckoned of the calamities thateodld befal any both on account of its coheamitant ahl the fubfequent evils that generally follmv in her hor rible Hanger jcohftant and unallayed will loon eut the vital thread and where It is icantilyrelievedi from time to without begets a ravenous infatiable appetite ijrges the unhappy patientto devour aftf iKing that ivtth out diitonftion from mmy difeifeS are engendered into the human from generatron ca lamity becomes fo as t6 irrg MtDi induitrioUs and frniH from providing a decent cgmfbrtable difturfaaaces among the multJttftJej tod as their burclien profpeft of re their complaints louder and and breakout la find out DeJpair breaks and impels che itarving wretch todie upon the point of che raiher tKan wait rJhe more tJsrrible death of piercing hunger and one man prompts and confiHUn cover the thTeateailijg to diflblve the bands of under wfcchfo great are fuftered without redrcfs It been the policy and wjfdbm of ail good governments even many delpotic Princes 10 exert iheir jnoii Itrenuous ehdeaVoars to pre vent fuch or fpeeay rtlref to the fuflerers and to prevent their own have Some tiirlely acrxfices of the real or fuppofed authors of thofe public and by reitoring and reyengingthe fuf fcrcrs on their have preierved peace and good When theic calamities come from tha imme diate hand of Divide Providence by dif among it is the duty of all to for all to ufe their utmcit endeavours to avert or leflen the blow more efpecially Goxernors like to be mediators to avert the or leiTen Ky or takrng fury of it upon And thus affording ihelter fvm and protection fiom opprel a good claim to obedience and But when mere werms of the in fignificanc members of the Hull in the face the in dehance of the monificent hand of ind Providence lend ing profufe plenty of all contempt of government and the laws of the in open violation of juitice and com bine together to raife a atat Jyjiemttical for the fake of ill gotten to frultrace the Divine and ftarve the honelt industrious poor in ihe midil of like Pharaohs lean ing up all the feven years plenty fliall govern ment ftand an unconcerned fpcclator of fuch enormous infractions of all laws human and praftices tending to the deftruftion of the the fubverfion of all law and the ruin of and the diftrefs of the whole hptnan race Forbid itJuRke and Honefty Forbid it Mercy and Policy and and all that is lovely and praifoworchy If ever there were rebels ajjainit and and good it muft be thefe femi makes who deiibeawly iHifr M trefled poor that worit fcrt of ihe man WHO 1 plunges ins fword intu the bowels ot his Printed for in gate and Sold at his the Corner of Price Twopence to Sny Part of the Places adjacent where every Thing in the Printing Bufi sts executed and on moderate deii

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