Friday, August 18, 1713

Freeholders Journal

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Freeholders Journal on Friday, August 18, 1713

Freeholders Journal (Newspaper) - August 18, 1713, London, Middlesex Gr T A U A ttichjq e 1713 H0rate and indeed the Writers in a mod every have with all the Strength of Witan4 the Vanity of a Mans ing himfelf epon his and endeavoured to how that true Nobility confifts in not in WithSubmtffion however to fo many great 1 think they have pufted this matter a little to6 We ought in Gratitude to Honour the Pofterity of thofe who have railed either the In tereft or Reputation of their and by whole Labours we our felves are more Wife or Virtuous than we fhould have been without naturally Man bids fair er for Greatnefs of vvho is iheDdcendant of and has good Blood in his one who is come an ignoble and obfcure For thefe Reafons 1 think a Man of who is derived from an lliuftrious is very juftly to be regardedmore ihan a Man of equal Merit who has no Claim to Hereditary I think thofe Who are indifferent in and have nothing elfe to diftinguilh them but the Virtues of their Forefethersv are to be looked upon with a degree of Veneration even upon that and to be more than the common Run ox Men who are of low After baring thus afcribed due Honours to Birth 1 muft however take Notice of thofe Price Two who arrogate to them fel ret more Honours than are due to them on this The firft are fuch who are not enough fenfible that Vice and Ignorance taint the and that an unworthy Behaviour degrades and difennobles a in the Eye of the as much as Birth and Family aggrandize and exalt The fccond are thofe who believe a new Man of nn elevated Merit is not more to be honoured than inlUjirticairt and worthlefs Man who is fcended from 2 long Lnc of Patriots and Heroes in other behold with Coniempt a Pedbn who is fuch a Man as ihi firtt Founder of their Family wab upon whoU Reputation they value them I hall chiefly appiy iny felf to thafe whofe Quality Iks in all their Dlfeourfes An empty Man or greai Family is a Creature that is fcarce You read his his in his in his He has indeed nothing but his Nobiliry to giveEmploy ment to his Rank and Precedency are the important Points which he is always difcuffing within A Gentleman of this Turn begua a Speech in one of King Charless Parliaments I had the Honour to be horn at a upoa a rough honeft Gentleman took htm up faio kww what that Gtntiemtn