Monday, August 7, 1713

Freeholders Journal

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Freeholders Journal on Monday, August 7, 1713

Freeholders Journal (Newspaper) - August 7, 1713, London, Middlesex i V A A is ufuaily with great a very impertinent thing in a private Man to inter meddle in Mutters which regard the But the Memorial which is mentioned in the fol lowing Letter is fo and ib apparently de figned for the nwft Traiterous Purpofe chat I do not carf what I when i expoie it to theKtkniinent of all Men who yaluctheir or have any Regard to the or Giory of their It is certain there is not much Danger in delaying ine Demolitiem of Dunkirk during the Life of his pre fent moft Chriftian who is renowned for the moft inviolable Regard to Treaties but that pious Prince is and in cafe of his now the Power of France and Spain is in the fame it is pofijhle an Ambitious or his in a Kings Minoiity might difputc hs being bound by the Aft cf his FredeceiTor in fo weighty rT OC7 employ your important rnc 4 a little too when you l confider fo often little Circumftcncts of i Drefs and and never make mention of wherein you and all your FellowSubjects in general are i give you now anOppor not only of manifefting your Loyalty to 4 your but your Affection to your if you treat ail Infolence done to them both with the Difiain it The enclofed Printed Paper in French and JLnglifh has been handed about 4 the and given gratisto Paffengers in the 4 Streets at You fee the Title of it A moft bumble or prefect ad to f her Majefty the Queen of Great by no RON Dtpxty of te of 7ns 1 naufeous with the moll fulfom tciY tells the Queen of her and of dom and Clemency adored by all the at the fame time that he attempts to undermine her 1 and eicape her by befeeching her to do an A6r which would give a wellgrounded jcalouiie to her What the Sycophant de li res that the and of rrny 1 befpared ine Sieur for ib the Petitioner is ThundsrnVjck the which he fays ike mfide Thti her think in fhehac proncHKiced the 11 h i k y o n w o u I d c o i n A neral if you wouh put rne Seii in tnis and kt him know 1 iis no Sentence nsr hut hi Chriltian Majeily has agreed ihat the Town iiarbour lhail That the erpcci tiie lininsdiate Demolition of Thot very Common PeoDe that w it hin three ivirnchs aner ire the the Works townrds the Sea be and within three Months aker it the Works to wards the That the faid peace was figned the laft of 4 That the Parliament has been told from the Queenthat the Equivalent for ij is in the Hands of the French the Price Two