Friday, September 28, 1888

Fair Trade

Location: London, Middlesex

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Fair-Trade (Newspaper) - September 28, 1888, London, Middlesex Registered for] A Weekly Journal Devoted to Home Trade and Industry. [Transmission Abroad. Vol. III.-No. 155. LONDON, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1888. Price One Penny. RUPTURES CURED. G-urney's Patent Self-Ad justing Automatic Soft Bnbber Pad Truss. kbj't in Stuck. Full description on receipt of stamped direct'd envelope, � .- F. GUHNEY & Co., j 22, Woodstock St., Oxford St., London, W. \ INFANTS' AND INVALIDS' FOOD IS THB BEST FOR Infants, Invalids, and the Aged. Babies fed with it thrive equal to those nourished by the mothers. Mothers that take it nourish their Babies as well as themselves. TRY A SAMPLE Id. PACKET. prepared by NEIL & CO., Crane Court, London. political economy of agriculture. a short treatise on the land question. V The present Depression in Agriculture, and its Effect oh Trade. Discussing various remedies proposed, and whether Free Trade, Fair-trade, or Protection is best for the " , � Community. BY E. BRANDRAM JONES. RIDGWAY AND CO., 169, PICCADILLY, S.W. ENGLAND'S FOLLY A Paper read before the Silk Section of the Jubilee Exhibition, at Manchester, Oct. 21, 1887, by S- O XJ IST L I P P E L I S T E ZE^3 High Sheriff of Yorkshire," President of the National Fair-Trade League. Revised and Enlarged. Price Threepence. National Fair-Trade League, 23, Cockspur Street, S.W. '54 PP.j price 3^. 6J., bound in cloth. secrets OF national finance. HENRY by CHAYTOK. Originally contributed to the columns of Fair-Trade, and tt^nv revised and enlarged. '. CONTENTS. for all." Live and Untile Introduction . . t HATTERS, I.-Free-Trade let live . II.-Agriculture. . . . . . 1(1.-Manufactures . . IV.--Foreign Commerce . . . . ,-V.:-The-Case of. the free Traders VI.- Free Trade means extra risk in War...... �-VII. -Protection . . VI11.-Protected can undersell protected Nations in. �Markets of the World . � IX. -Labour '., �-','� X - Population and Emigration . XI.-Machinery and its .Consequences   XU.-Land . . . . XI11-Statistics . . . . XIV.-Taxation  . � . . ... XV. - Rules for Taxation . XVI. -Taxation of Personal Property XVI L-Payment of Indirect Taxes through Working Men . XVIII.-Resto;eoir Import Duties XIX. --Business Principles should be applied to National Finance . XX.-Ireland ' -. . . . .: XXI.-Over-Trading. �''..' . XXII. --Limited Liability ' ... .. - XXII L-Lank and Savings Deposits , XXIV-Trade Unions . . XXV.- The .Cheap Loaf . XXVI.-The Co-operative Stores XXVIL-Gold and Silver . XXVIII.-Evidence of Nations j'AOl-S 1-4 16 -/ 7 "'5 �20 "3* >7 -I t .4 5 4^ 49 56 57-5') (>�> (.: 63 .70 71-73 79 84 85 h 9" 93 9,4 . 97;99 100.-104 105-114 11 s -117 11 -j 12 2 125 12.9 its 136-i.(.o 121, 124 139 London : Published by W. II. ALLEN" 13,,Waterloo Place, S.W. & CO., THE MODERN ARMADA WITH A DIF.FEKENCE. 454 PP. I price (for presentation to Clubs, &c), 5s. THE NATIONAL SYSTEM political'economy by FRIFDRICH LIST. Translated from the Original German By SAMPSON S. LLOYD, CONTENTS. Translation Prkfack. Brief Memoirs-ok thk Author. ��  Fikst Histokv. Skcond Book-1 hk Tiikoky; Third Book---Thk Systems. -Fourth Book--Thk Politics.    '� With Appendices and 'Index. Pi'BLismtD iiv LONGMANS, GREEN, & CO. OPINTONS OF THE PRESS. "We have no hesitation in saying that the book contains so much that i.s valuable that it ought, to find a place on the shelves of every political- insti--tute m the kingdom."-Sheffield Daily Telegraph. " H is economic theories,, apa-rt. from their having had no inconsiderable influence in shaping the fiscal policy both of Germany and the,United Slates of America, are in themselves original, thoughtful, and in many respects -in  advance of. the current opinion, of his time-and country."-Economist. "We hope; however, that the auspices under which tlie book has been translated, and .the suggestions of its style will not deter the reader fioru making acquaintance with a remarkable and very able work."-- 'The, Scotsman, '. ".Mr. Lloyd may be fairly congratulated-On the fidelity and'literary'skill with which he has accomplished his- work as translator."~Liferary World. " This is a work of more than ordinary i-ui.erest, and economists and statesmen alike must be grateful to Mr. Sampson. Lloyd, for putting it in an English form, of which let us say at once the matter and mariner are"equally excellent."--The Tablet. ��'...- "Mr. Sampson Lloyd h;>s .certainly' rendered ' good, service to men of-all views, for he ha,s laid before English readers an admirable translati-.".n bolster,; an(i *wo large-feather.-pillows. Cash price, �5 s.iv: worth 10 guineas. GE�- LEFEVRE'S ONLY SHOP, 2oO, OLD STREET. JTRENCH BEDDING.-FOR SALE. THIS DAY, A massive brass and enamelled Bedstead and -Bedding, - all covered in best; Belgian sateen, large Chest of five drawers, -a solid marble-top Washstand, two strong cane-seat chairs. Towel Airer, a large Dressing Table, and superior Dressing G!;/ss, best British plate. To be sold at once for �4 t'$s.. '6d. the complete set.  1000 other lots equally cheap ; also some very superior sets up to �yt. ___ . WHOLESALE AND EXPORT UPHOLSTERER, _______ CABINET, AND LOOKING-GLASS MANUFACTURER; , HOUSES COMPLETELY FURNISHED AT WHOLE- '/���/..�:���:�. ;�;,./. �-,,..�:, :-. v ,y- ; 1. .... :.SALE. VKlC?.S.__l__z^_^^ .;'�... , ', . ESTABLISHED QUARTER OF A CENTURY. ^ N.B.-PLEASE NAME THIS PAPER.