Sunday, March 22, 1711


Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Examiner on Sunday, March 22, 1711

Examiner (Newspaper) - March 22, 1711, London, Middlesex prefenmive Nation thatladi ever been fum moned in out Merries fo they have taken care m their firft by that noble Bill of that future Parliaments composed of Landed and our Properties lie no more at Mow ot thole who have leaft orik what is ficntor If there be any Gratitude he Memory of this Affembly wUl be always Celebra ted if at leaft who ihare ui tilt Blef fmgs they derive to ought with grateful Hearts to acknowledge I defignjn fome following draw up a Lift Tor I can do no more of the great Thmgs this Par liament liatii already the many Abufcsthey have detetted their juftice in deciding Eleftions with out regard of Party their Chearfulnefs and in railWSuppliesfor the and at the fame time providing for the Nations Debts their Duty to the and their Kindnefs to the In the mean time I cannot foTbear mentioning two Particu which in my Opinion do in fome Mea fu4 the Temper of the prefent Parliamem and bear Analdgy to related by n the Lives2f certain greatMen as himfelt Though they be not of AXwru that make any mat Notje orFijtre in yet gve more tight into the Chart ers than we could recede from an Acwntvj thfir mojt Senmnd Something like this be obferv d from two late Inftances of Decency and god ini that llluftn ous Aflembly I am when after that inhuman Attempt upon tney were pleasd to Vote an to the wherein they exprefs their utmoft Deteftation ot the their high Efteem and great Concern tor that able and juftly impute his Misfortunes to that Zeal for Her Majeftys which had dram upn him the Hatred of all the Abettors of Popery I dare that fo diranguifhing a Mark of Honour and eood Will from fuch a was more ac ceptable to of generous than tne moft bountiful Grant that was ever yet made w a Subjeft as Her Majeftys fill d with gra cious Expreflions in his adds more to his real than any Titles She could The Prince and Reprefentatives of the whole join m their Concern for fo important a Thefe are the true Rewards of and this4s the Commerce be tween noble in aCoinwhich the Giver knows where to and the Receiver how to tho neither Avarice nor AoiViwn would be able to com prehend its The other Inftance I intended to produce of Decency in the prefent Houfe of relates to their moft worthy Speaker who having un fortunately loft his the moy d with a senerous Pity for fo fenfible an adjourn d themfelves for a that fo good a Servant of the might have fome Interval to wipe away a Fa thers Tears And indeed that Gentleman has too juft an Occafion his by the Death of a who had already acquired fo great a Reputationjor amiable and who might nave livd to be fo great anHonourandan Ornament to his antientFami ly Before I I muft defire oneFavour of the that when he thinks it wordh his while to pcrufe any Paper writ againft the he will not form his Judgment by any mangld Quotation out of it which he finds in fuch but be fo juft to read the Paragraph referrd to which I fei confident will be found a fufficient Anfwer to all that ever thofe Papers can At leaft I have feen above fifty of and never yet obfervd one fingle Quotation common A D 7 RT 1 S E M E N T Plain Spaoith T Ight and in Tin at per Fine Brazil Snuff it an Ounce allo fteft Lit DM sJTuff and other To be IbW by Francis in at the corner of Garliek near by Ubolefite or Cariick Hill it at the bottom of Bow Fort Next Wetk Oznams CompJeac T in 6 lit Heguar ad of 3d Different Method o Fonih 4 gular s and drh With near Jocurious Copper eijta ritjlir more plain and enfyjhan any cutji Uon i to tug ilh y f fazuicrsof Hsrtliali in in uid f fi near of ihematicks will be published in Months in 5 iu ilicontaioi an jntroduftion to the with large Nees and and his 2 TbeJJ every to winch is auJsii by ut NO whatever is ia Waihsi and i er C With feverai Hundred Copper and correct uleful Jtk of the whole is jo bound but to thcfe that with ot 7th comes arc tjken in at to in London aoJ iubllrrberj Names 7K if rtturod in The Impiety and Folly of Refiitmg Lawtul Governors by Force or ted in a Preachd on the Thirtieth of Jn 1710 Being th Sptisnn Day of Fatting and Humiliation for th b ecrable Murder ot Charts the ot Weflld at the urch ot st Ethei By Lnke Milbo a Presbyter of the Church of Printed for at the three Flower de Lutes in Uttle Redivivus Being part of T lifters fire hundred Poin s of Hujbaadry drrcfting what proj cr to be Sown what Tiecs to be ilaatej bow Laud Improved With whatever fit to be djiu or the the Farmer in every Month of To which art aided Notes and Obfervations explaining many o blte Terms in the faid Mr and what is agreta ie to the Praftice in feveral Counties ot this A Work very nectfikry and ufeful for well as Famersand Occume s of whether or Tillage and Printed Mor near Stationers On Saturday w II bePunliOid The Memorial of the Church of humbly offera to the Confideraticn of si true Lovers of our Cbuch and firft Publiibed from a correft To which is added an wherin is the L te and Death of the and Realbns for this Publica Printed in the flour thing Year of til and Svld bj Sawbrdge in Little Price i M Or rung Gowns forMen and of all fortt of Tick Bo Japaned andgrea variety of oibv rco Slufft bting a frejh tarcel of choice Edirards and Richard she lelt are to be fold at very lov at the Golden Sugar up one patof it over agtirtl the Horfe at the Price bting Cttalfgttti of the abov Gavin to be bad tt tbi Place of Juft PubJifb The prefent State of William Wbitteni humbly in a Letter to the Reverend the now aflcmbled in Printed ler Cle meats at the HalfMoon in Pauls Price 4tiAn EXAMINATION of the Four Letters to a Tory concerning the Management of te the Negotiations of Peace in In Two tetters to my Lord with a Pottlcript to the Medleys Foot 1 rimed tor near Stationers Juit The Speftatqrs Addrefs to the on the Occafion of the Stabbing Sold by the Bojk felletiof London and Price This Day a Publifhed the 2d Edition A Sermon Preachd before the Honou rabb Haufe of at Margaret on Thi rf March being ths Day ori which Her Majetty bigan Her happy tobeoblerved withpublick Thankl By Chaplain in urdinary to Her Printed for at the HaltMoon ia Pauls Churchyard Price The Church of England Mans Com panion a rational illulrrarioa of the Excellency Ufefulnefsof the Book of Common Where n all the Kubrick Kites and are Explainer Vindicated and Compared with the Anttent aud the I ra dices of the Frimitive To which is prefixed an Introdndo ry hewiogthe Lawiulnefs and Neceffity oa Naiional prccompofed Printed i for and are to be Sold by Mar pbew BookAUcrs in THE true Sal Volatile is not only preferable to any other Volatil or Coirpimnus from any But as rar excels or any other as Lite dees the Matter it Animates Fjialmnch as tis drawn from a in ing the theSubltancc of which tlcment is a Salt with Vital the chalt spoufe of u 1 bis Uni on is the yual Seed of all Corporeal It fills tbe Bood vitSi fliining in which rtCdes the Viial Its Vifties are manifold Tis only to be had at byiieida in Court near AT the up out Pair of Stairs Toung bottje at are Morning Gotras for Man and Wi of all Sins of rich Tkrtaui Caps Carnai and great IurLty of ether rich Stuffi tnd being a fcjb Parcel of ciiuice Qoidl taiga hi and to ie fold at lower than rbert about the Price being on each LONDON Printed for J o H N near Stationer