Sunday, March 1, 1711


Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Examiner on Sunday, March 1, 1711

Examiner (Newspaper) - March 1, 1711, London, Middlesex Bivinity they an incurable Hatred agaifift the bid and ftrengthen their Party by Depen dent raifed from the loweft of the People they have feveraj of working into Pow er but fureto be catted when a corrupt Ad toiniftratim wants to be thole who are endeavouring at a and they firmJy bbferve that celebrated Maxim of preferving Power by the fame Arts it is They with the Spirit of thofe who believe Time H tut and their firft Care is to heap top imtnenfe Riches at the Pablick Expence in which they have two Ends befide that common one of infatiable Avarice 5 which to make themfelves and to keep the Commonwealth in Dependance Thus they hope to compafs tbeir which inftead of fitting their Principles to the to alter and ad juft the Conftitution to their own pernicious Princi Tis eafy determining by this to which Side the Name of moft properly But I will give them any Syftem of Law or Regal from iVtUinm the Conqueror to this prefent to try whether they can tally it with their lare Models excepting only that of whom perhaps they will reckon for a If the prefeot and fo great a Majority In the Parliament and be only a it muft appear by fome Actions which anfwers the Idea we afually conceive from that Have they abusd the Prerogatives of the or invaded the Rights and Liberties of the Subject Have they of ferd at any dangerous Innovations in Church or State Have they broached any Dodrines of Here Rebellion or Tyranny Have any of them treat ed their Sovereign with engrofsd and fold all Her or deceived Her by grofs Mif reprefentations of Her moft faithful Servants Thefe are the Arts of a and whoever has Practisd they and their Followers muft take up with the It is ufually reckond a Whig Principle to appeal to the People j but that is only when they have been fo wife as to poifon their Underftandiqgs beforeband Will they now ftand to this and be deter rfiind by their Vox to which Side their Title of Fafiim belongs And that die People are now left to the natural Freedom of their Underftanding and I believe our Adverfaries will hardly They will now refufe this and it is reafona ble they Should and I will further that if our People refembled the old there might be danger in fuch a A Pragmatical Orator told a great Man at that whenever the People were in tktlr they would certainly tear him to ccs fays the and they will do the by whenever they are in tbeir But be our Populace is more merciful in their prefent under beretDirection j the Orators among us have attempted to confound both Prerogative and in tbeir Sovereigns and the higheft Court of without any Hazard to tbeir A I V R T I S E N Gowns fat Men and if all forii of rkb taitA Stilpi fapaned and great variety of other rich Stuffs and si bting a frejh Parcel of cboict Coeds tf Edwards and Richard who leftrf Trade art to be fold at very low at tin Golden Sugar up fajrtf ovtragriali the Herfe the Price being Catalogue of the adove fdU bt bad at it tf act of x joft PfibliOidjthc Third Edrtjon fiorrefted VvfOST Faults one Side the fhal AVvL feoWh and Villainous Defigos of the Author of a fete entiniledTablts on Confiderd and in an Anfwer to that Pamphlet Shewing the many Truths inModern related by the do not mike for his many FaJthoods in Faa and ip Second Vofeme of M E M O t RS of B O R O to wardi the Clafe of the Eighth Written by Eginirr Secretary and Favourite to And tnjlifli by the Author of the N H W A T A L A N TI Printed for near Stationers may be badthe Second Editioa of the Firft Volume of the did M be Publiflid as ibon is near Stationers NEW Dialogues upon the prefent jioddrs of cies of National Pnbliek Banfc and EallIndia and the Trade row carried on betweea France and By the Author of tkt Ejjty on trays and Poll of the Lirerymcn of the City of at the Ele clion for Members of Parliament Begun Oftoher and coded the Saturday Shewing who each Polld lor Th Names of thole that did not Poll And the Objeftions made at the Compard with the Clerks LiiU of the fcveral Companies deliverd on Oath to the Right Hqnoora ble Sir Samuel Garrard Lord The whole being a compleat Lift of the All Sold by near Leathermore advice concern ing Gum the Third Printed fur Jouah at the n I Lately Publiflid An Anfwer to a fecond Scandalous hac is now to lart Printed for This Day is Remarks upon the Account lately of the Earl of Qalwtjt Cpnduft in Spain and In a Letter to a Friend in Printed nerr Stationers Price This Day is Mlfcellanies in Profe arid Printed for John near Stationers This Day is A Dialogue between the eldeft Brother of Ka and a London Wherein feve ral relating to the prefent State of the Church of England and the are Prin ted for near Stationers 171 This Day is the 2d Edition of AN EXAMINATION of theFirft and Second Letter tea iooeerning the Manage ment of the In a Letter to my Lord Piiutad for Jonn Morphew near Statione s Price will be aa Examination of the Third and Fourth relating to the Negotiations of Peace in 1705ln Second tetter to my Lord price This Day is The Report of the Committee Appoint ed to denquire iatoihe Frauds and Abufes committed iatbeVkhi alling Her Majcftys Navy the Refolutions ud Orders of the Houfe of Commons Printed by the ourablt Houfe of for Samuel Keeble at the Turks Head in i1 and Henry ac the HalfMoon Church YardV SI R Thomas Doable and ip High Pre In two betweta Stf Tho mas Doable and Sir Richard afcai Wfaiglove On of Printed for Joan near Political Confiderations upon RefiftM Po andtheMafter Strokes of arPratflad by the Xncieota and Written by Gahritl not ififcritfd to the Tranilated into by for Cleraenu at the Half Mooa in Fanjc Church aod Sold by near Stationew StateBell Mans Colleftlon of for the Tear The Character of a IK The Defponding Tha High Chnreh His The Tbeix Their Grace at the CabttOtfj Their of getting and looting Tbeir RefolnifeiB iJC A Song at the KitCat The New i a Mod era Moft hwmblr dedicated to all bis tood Matters and paiticularly to thofe of Sold by near Stationers v on TH E true Sal Volatile not onfy preferiraHe to any other Volatil from any But far creels oraay other does the Matter as tis liring the theSubltance of which Element fy SaltTnrichc with Vital the chaft sponfe of unkerfilFbrftfJ TblMlQi is the Vtal Seedof all Corporeal It WitU hiiiipj in which refides the Vitaf Its Virtues are is only to be had at Salistmry Codrtnear AT tjie black Lion Potter Lane Lon Are great variety ofMoraicg being a large Parcel trefli of Thread Callimsn soes eitraordinary Goods in their feveral price being faxed on each Gown if to be Sold at lower then fome fpecious Pretenders Sell ihoir Goods wken in the erfon having left off his allfoftsof talfSillfs may be hod in the Piece ac low At the up one Pair of Stairs againft Teung Mans betife at ChoriugCrofS Gownsfor aud of all Sans tf rich Brocaded Japaned Jp eats q and other rich frefi Parctljf clwice Gotdt and to he fld at lower Rates than any tf here about the Price being each Printed for HORPHE w 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