Sunday, January 25, 1711


Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Examiner on Sunday, January 25, 1711

Examiner (Newspaper) - January 25, 1711, London, Middlesex The EXA From Jaauarj to February magnorwtufo in Rempublicam mento rum cum optimi turn mam multitudinis tejlimomo Am what a mighty Advantage it is to be emertaind as a Writer to a ruin A I remember a who was in clind to come into the and take Or ders but upon mature Thoughts was diverted from that when he confiderd that the Col lections of the Godly were a much heartier and rea dier he could get by wrangling for He certainly had and the two Cafes are If you write in Defence of a fallen you are mainraind by Contribution as a necefiary you have little more to do than to carp and cavil at thofe who hold the Pen on the other fide you are fure to be celebrated and carefled your to a You may affirm and deny what you without Truth or fince it is but lofs of Time to contradict miferation is often on your and you have a Pre rence to be thought honeft and for ad hering to Friends in After if your Party ever happens to turn tip you have a ftrong Fund of Merit towards making your you never fail to be well furnijhd with Ma every one bringing in his and Falfhood being naturally more plentiful than Not to mention she wondertu Delight of libelling Men in and hugging cur ieif in a Corner with mighty Satisfaction for what vou have It is quite wirh who engage as Vo lunteers n the of a Flourishing in full Credit wkh the and belovd by the becaule they have no finiittr Ends or dan gerous but purtue wkh Sieddineis and Re iolution the true Interefts of Upon which ac count they little want or defire our Affiitance and we may write till the World is weary of without having our Pretences allowd either to a Place or a Penflon We are refusd the com mon Bincfit of the to have our Works cryd up of courfe the Readers of our own fide being as un gentle and hard to as if we writ againft them and our Papers never make their way in the but barely in proportion to their The Defign of Their Labours who write on the conquerd is likewife of greater Importance than Ours They are like Cordials for dying which muft be repeat ed whereas ours in the buc Meat for Bibes At all lean is to un deceive the Ignorant snd thofe at diftance buc rheir Task is to keep up the finking Spirits of a whole After fuch I cannot be angry with thole Gentlemen for perpetually writing againft me It furnilhes them largely with is their proper Bufinefs Neither is it or altogether that I do not But as Things we both act fuirable to our feveral Provinces Mine by laying open fome Corruptions in the late to fet thofe who are right in their Opinions of Perfons and Things It is theirs to cover with FigLeaves all the Faults of their as well as they can When I have producd my and offcrd my I have nothing f3iher co advance Iris their Office to deny and difprove and then let the World If I were as my chief Endeavour fhould certainly be to batter down the therefore I cannot buc approve their they have indeed another Reafon for barking inceffantly at this Paper They have in their Prints openly taxd a moft inge nious Perfon as Author of it One who is in great and very defervd Reputation with the both on account of his Poetical and his Talents for publick They were wife enough to what a Sanction it would give their Per to fall under the Animadverfion of fuch a Pen and have therefore usd all the Forms of Pro vocation commonly pracfticd by little obfcure Pe who are fond of diftinguifhing themlelves by the Fame of sn So nice a Tafte have tbele judicious in pretending to dilcover an Au thor by his Style and Manner of Thinking t Not to mention ihe Juftice and Candor of exhaufting all the ftale Topicks of Scurrility in reviling a and then flinging at a venture the whole Load upon One who is entirely innocent j and whole greateft too much Gentlenefs towards a from whofe Leaders he has receivd quite contrary The Concern I have for the Eafe and Reputation of fo deferving a hath at length forcd much againft my Intereft and to lee thefe angry People know who is the Author of the I the Opinion began to and I chofe rather to facrifice the Honour I receivd by than let injuc icious People entitle him to a that perhaps he might have Reafon to be afhamd of Still faithfully riever to difturb thofe worthy Advocates but futfer them in quiet to roar on at the if they or their Party find any Eafe in it as Phyficians fay there to People in fuch as Men in the or Women in I muft acknowledge my felf indebted to them for one which I fhall now tho in a different Since the Fall of the late I have feen many Papers filld with their Encomiums I in imitation of tbofe who write the Lives of famous after their immediately follow their When I faw the poor Virtues thus dealt at I thought the Difpofers had flung their like Vtilentineshyvo to be drawn as Fortune by the their Craffus drew Liberality and Gratitude Humility and Gentlenefs Piety and Juftice Loy alty to his Prince Love of hts Country and Confutation and fo of the to quit this I have often feen of the whole Sett of difcarded celebrated by their judicious for thole very Qualities which their Ad mirers ownd they chiefly Did thele Heroes put off and lock up their Virtues when they came iruo and have they now relumd them fince their Difmiffioni If they wore I am fure it was under their and without once convincing the World of their Vifibility or But