Sunday, August 3, 1710


Location: London, Middlesex

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Examiner (Newspaper) - August 3, 1710, London, Middlesex The O Remarks upon Papers and To le continued August THA T my FellowWriters may not be alarm d at the fight of A New I promife beforehand not to encroach upon any of their Provinces jhall leave the African Com pany and the Coals to Review will not touch one drop of the ObfervatOrV Ofto ber he and his Countryman fliall it all up the next Elections All Descriptions of Stage Players and the creeling of the forming of the Beaus Red and the Furbelows of the Jhatt remain intire to the Vfe and Benefit of theirfirft My Defignis of another Nature J meet with a great Variety of neither fa fo nor fo as they ought to be I fee the Town every Day imposd upon by falfe falfe falfe and falfe Divinity Thefe fort of tho they are in contempt among the Few that judge yet have their influence upon the Generality of Readers and many of them are adapted by the Cunning Men ycha contrive to the Capacities of the Vho are to be mi fled by Some of thefe Papers I intend to fet People right in their Opinions My chief Bufmefs will be to inftruil my Countrymen and perhaps I may endea vour now and to divert I intended to have given the fir ft Place in my Reflections to a Famous Sermoit preached the Uft 2pth of and to the modett and difcreet Anjveer jnade to Author of the Good Old Lying in Truth But my brought me half intituld Pettmj and told me feveral thoufands of them had been indvftrioufly difperfd throughout Vpon I found it to be fo extraordinary a that without more Ceremony 1 take leave to begin with Pettms LETTER THIS whpever he that has writ a Letter in the Name of but an ill Hand at perfcnating and has errd in two ma terial which a good Counterfeit ftiould always take Care firft to choofe a pro per Subject for him he and then to make him fpeak confidently with his and the Characters of thofe he has to deal Any Rea der of common Sagacity upon the firft think it extremely that an Agent of Holftein ftiould fill a long Letter to a entirely with Englifa Maks If the fame Author favours us with I fuppofe that will give us an Account of fome fecret Intrigues at Ber lin or withoutone Word of what is doing at the The LaterWriter is either unacquainted with the Methods of able or has little regard to when he makes the Frsnch Plenipoten tiaries empty all their niceft and moft important Se crets into Pettws who ic feems was fo unfit for that betray all he had heard to a Man who betrayd him again in his turn and publiflid the Dilcovery to the s The whole Letter therefore is formd upon a ri diculous Pkn Let us the Particulars ettm begins with telling his Corre That the French Minifters eiffefted many at which be is Wry much And Could be ignorant of who far three Months paft had been treating with thefe Mi nifters at Gertrnydcnbwgh Ccud this be a Surprise to our io long after the Gazettes had di vulgd it Or was Pettm Io refervd in his frequent Converfation with that he kept this Secret for a Letter He is much freer I find with the French for be tells them very plainly what is Hill a Secret in Tha the had publicly did AT d And that the of the Exil of Sun fhe would makf no farther Alterations in Her And was going on to give them more Light into the Counfels of as knowingly as if he had Prcfided but that happily for us the French interrupted let us fee whether they are not as and as well he fay if the Englilh General be or fa mortifyd that he can no Icngtr tbt Miniflry and the Parliament eiijjolvd Tbefg Mcafurss are already certed bstveeen France and her Friends in This I is a notable Inltance of that Freedom and Confidence that the French Miniffers usd with 7hp Frtedsm with which one Gen

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