Friday, July 15, 1712

Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Evening Post on Friday, July 15, 1712

Evening Post (Newspaper) - July 15, 1812, London, Middlesex The From TuefiJay July to Vu From tbe Paris July From the Camp at fitly H E 7tb loAantCQUjit Broglio folvlng to a Forrage with the j of Reft under at near pafid witi 700 to cover the Forragers af ter he difcoverd 600 of the Ene mys Horfe and 200 Hufiars ad vancing to Mm in feparate marchd up and He is expefled back on Thoufand VHife k one attackd them Sword in with fuch that he immediately purrudthetn toaheGjads of Three were made with of cheir 120 and above 600 Horfes General Go vernor of came one with to purfue Count who put Mmfelf into a charge which the Enemy with From the Amfttriiw June The Englifh and Dutch baffadors chat the Title ofMediators was con fetd on them contrary to their Inclination f anfl that twas only upon the Solicitation of the Mufcovire Hqftages with the Confent of tfce they meddled Article of Eva cuation Polaffd ttiat tis thei Czais going tp Bceacfc Of ticle or Two Officer from Bendw arrivd at the with an the Chiaur Bafhaw to was vourably receivd and presented with a Sable Furre and a Harnefsd Horiei who is T to return foon having for fhit i demanded rectitaining 500 Crowns betwixt 4 500iioifc for of liis 200 TO his a Guard firfficknt to conduct him fafely This is veiy agreeable the who has hither to been that the King was relblntely bent to contisue in Peace and Vizier has QrdeES to all the Troops of to march for Fiom the JmQfrdam Jure Laft Wednerday we here 3 Shocks of an reccivd no we are than fonie has been done on the Side Benevento and MountT Vefuvius has dif continud its thefe 2 Days But the ffTta lity among the Cattle is broke out in our V ce Admiral Squa Iron conriuclcd the to rivd rhcie fafcly2 the 2710 futy frotfi jitfitaUajISj Troops being W for ffiat WsRoyaT command the Anny The of Baron arrivJ at Way to From the From ite Camf this the Prince with 34 and 6 5 BattaHiofls Bar 4 Sqaadrobs 2 15 Battallions and 8 He tallions and 2 4 and 3 Squadrons and pf the Bneiriy but without mear the of the were betwirc imagind i Wings of tbis Ground beinig Need of affSJng oa the frosr EiiRlisli fpefertejiire Eaff acquaint pirfiiant 6ad Next iWay acd 2 i marks Before the of th rate the any of therr Towns 5 i fot the more comtriodibv wbBld thi an4 cers who retutnd the approachd to the mentfrom theCommandaht ns towards that and a ivd

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