Evening Post, July 12, 1712 : Front Page

Publication: Evening Post July 12, 1712

Evening Post (Newspaper) - July 12, 1812, London, Middlesex frrom Saturday July to Tuefday fuljr X da iWtiM J V f June o advisd from Emretnadura the ijth That tbeArnay This Day the fenglift pa Way toF4iiiesr CatteHaay of Ye mond font aa Qficpr tothe Pruffia rrr7 t rii TT T JTy 9 pat aOctachfflcnt of and oi ttve But their SCWK out ftomElvas ving Notice of that i has tMopMo draw of cfeeic Quarters to forjn he Army and that the made no f tris fitfy They write froniSttasburg Thac the Governor of th ttie Wnd of ohAe ta the Break of furpritd the of a great Kum her Commaitdcfj and made the reft Piifo Pcinctf Rsigofsky n6r havirig etf sfc hb was rtpbrEedjtlit Emperor has him three to embrace rtls from the Btppef Rhine the of the Empire the ijth and niafchd teRheihZabernl fi om te retire into Part of tobefenliftft Bladders Benefit of cjwj hope to take it in tbc Space of a Fon But cis t pecijlly ftnse J gttft baf et tdc on the urouid to tie be weuW where Grace would appoint j tneJJuJfe thai he fit cb a Meffage SvpHld 1a fe a t f i tjrom drokea asrwM the Left at PontaiReEUfio half an Houri The ftis h fyehart LPbcrty to fellow his Tfie fameAEfivcr warimajtilto of the HI IttcrviVn he was rhjt he muft espcd ou more 1ay from tie and addJl and Notice i tfty ilff h 13t ccn Tfre in w be laid over the Scbcit4 ;

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Publication: Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: July 12, 1712