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Publication: Evening Post July 1, 1712

Evening Post (Newspaper) - July 1, 1812, London, Middlesex From TueOiay July to Tharfday Jly THE Cjrcuics appointed for jthis Summer ace Home Lord Chief Jofttce Monday ztjtytgfton upon Tnefday at Monday at the Town of Wednefday Auguft at Midland jGi City of The Day at the Guildhall of thefiid Friday Amuft at Slondiy at tffie it City of the fameDay at the City of yiiigiiS 7 at Town of Friday at the Town of Saturday Auguft 1 LeStcftiri WedireOaf AaeiSr ai theCaftle of BofbugS at the Botoigh of of at the City the fame Day at Wefeera Lord Cfetef Baron Baron Wednefday at the Gfffle pf batAirday Angpft at tfew r Thutfday at Wcdnefday AitguS at of atthe Guildhall of the Day a thf CEftle of at the City of Bth Saturday Oxford Jufttce Monday Jfjify at Wedncfday Saturday We do not f feen upon tHCoaft of T for and thatGeneraJ with the Arrival of order to fo Gironne or A Tunis brings that the Peace betwixt the Dutch and ttffnrp i4iyt Monday at Sl at Hereford Thurfday Augtift at GircwCi Saturday a at t he Cattle of r were Bagel Pn flat confenting ;

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Publication: Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: July 1, 1712