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Publication: Evening Post May 24, 1712

Evening Post (Newspaper) - May 24, 1812, London, Middlesex to nfyfoiie fiftityfa i i i found or 500 Lucernois pa Pieces Thefe be a of Sarae Recrylts J cujder to be Embarkci i and thofe that Heijcciiej areto jqyn fcfiehv Y tfyStiflHeffieiij and lfer is cop Mm 3 5 and Let ters froni TranfilvanFa That the Seraskier of Binder has already publUhd the fame on Frontiers ind at Jaffi Letiers frm tyy J f i i 15 L w J v w T Tx terd urrendetd upoa the uejghbouriag Catholick Cantons rung theic AJ nptwitUftanding the two Mmi5s to attack another fmaQ ToworpTi iho given they actemptntBe City and baffador the Deputies of the Neutral out the ftadeo the Minifters of the Catholick Cantons pair and it appears that the French Ambaffador is hearty ia his to of the nidipgcm bfttH 21 ftto barter rheTown with i flX i M lii 4na oQtamingf only they upon About 18 final in the with proportionable s Goffau and the twVprin Abbots auo oJni irtauoid That the Port to procure the Re c i a9 tfie Monks gT of and on a certain ifland in jefty he ;

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Publication: Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: May 24, 1712