Evening Post, May 15, 1712 : Front Page

Publication: Evening Post May 15, 1712

Evening Post (Newspaper) - May 15, 1812, London, Middlesex H May Supplement to the ftfy E at frxftri of the 4th aj Peputy 3 Grifort to in of Zurich and fhac fuch Grifoa are into Service of the aforefaid may have uafcti tu uj JJJS Enfby has deliverd tome iave tije Affair ofMi and to the Affembly of the mOTS nitlTa they Weeks j J 1 i T My n RpjqfliUon The Adv Advices that Count f ion By aconfc about Letter from Count Governor or April no You are to admo from Way P efft jp thejPrippipa4ityi of Orange e p take the 12 Days ly Jis his Ma jetty that they muft IfikllWlft tojend turnris toifirffer uoae o id themin They write ffftm Fo reigirerl vtKis have from fifty hy the jate great exceed Empefws to pth is ofTcfll the trne of iTiii pfelay fiSs to the tbt their Grievances may be redrefsd the tion Butotbers the Jojurney is Hungarian Deputies cannot Ceremony of receiviDg advance as far as Petrpnel7n The of the That Matters the ttall be regulated according to Weftphalia That the Fortrfefles may be gSrr Germans f but under the vernours in the ajifi of iBut jtie the Finances have prQp6oas an Freedom from ftaU States of Auftria raife a Sumof P j r J 1 great Dlrrances The iTrt are tond iq be Vices betWitt pity afeigone fo far fifferof may 1 My In HflfJ fhe Britten by Count Illifdhafi the Erbperols the isere0 delivefd the Lower The Contents of thefe Letters werel674sl their touch ing his Majcftys Journey to n A Ik rttr WW A x T A T tarnaAfftwer to tins i flat friratid Loyal States i ;

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Publication: Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: May 15, 1712