Thursday, December 7, 1769

Dublin Mercury

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin Mercury on Thursday, December 7, 1769

Dublin Mercury (Newspaper) - December 7, 1769, London, Middlesex ^*i3plTs D A Yr DijCEMBB* tlie 7th, to SATU R DA Y, December the $th, !?69. f aasViti ; Or* 6ti*k )N�alir��iM'-kiHM'-�te' felkwing fefeMfeMlafiqifc'Jft oJ||��-ia**tf there, in-order tog*, in ^ipjst^.vofci^tfiw^^ the The de . i�ny mi �----�  Auftrie*.�t#^�* The battafitfW within fi& c^ttia, volar of *^ 4,2^5iNBWW5 J'"3DJPi,*nB mn* whom: iqn, . , .,.,---, f_______ '�iiltfiaf^'u^^t^^^i^^en tt&Bi *Bd carried into aaRtijuxy" 1 .Cij&Ne Vaw beteg informal of it, iramedia-.efy ordered the CbeValier " - t^Smm Pm^kfmd fca of the King of Sar-MteJft tfBtoMe &Wm>m^i**m&xi*, anditawmroaa. Wppw*fe '=J3fc cferairjt wifUacampnear Pi*. 5�*�^*ifcfijii&re claimsand demands^in fa-, tba^lilJO^umltj; Uxe .iwmiand of Signor ^tftaii^l^^lt), tbataortar. tnd � ^epM^^I^, Kt^Nr#ks j>>isc*ppt-tfemsb' battery, on R^:�pipilM:#f �m Priitefcof Piedmont. will ^>i^l!ilMte�t- Maatnnjm. and the 8wi& purp>fe crffitrk-wjych pl�*. ��atf% the head Jtamf nt of Ch*%t�tV�^lnng of four him to commandant. Spring his ftay in the gp^|dh�ufe, Jie waauot frittered to go Hearth* dWJ and was mar|e to r&ire^arrt that aot with French pollteneft) faoift the window which looked towards-the port. The BEimffiT.TICiCETS in t^e LOTTERY for coo,dook for the year 1769,-drMftii beforfe the managers -*iitJ direfton thefeo, at Guild-haH, LondotW . - . Bigbteenth d*yV drawvog^ Prizes abo^w tpl; No. 18349, ^oool. No. 15516, 15113, 500I. each. No. 39^^ 33756, 15908, 7.739, 16335, 10501, tool. each. no. 4645*, 54973, 4u& 18571, be had for prises in the Weavers, Belfait, or Ex filings fcheaie^-^fStttti CO -tit II T R Y. K t W>*Si ^Copice, Dec. 4. Wl TiotAJay a boat, commg up to t��n ovcrfet near Paflige, by which accideat twomen were drownr4 � " For the Contiau�t��� of Zatok, Tee the third p#ge. This d*y wiwrpnKtilKatl^y the Printer hereof price I*. 944. ^^pRAVELS of a PHILOSOPHER.: or, Obfer^ioek of Bowboa �9d Mauotjnt. 1 �r - ____,_______ t.^^rt wa�eA�te* A��tawst axe no* fttt% a� PoUs'tLotte^-Ofe*** gift's He�# raOrfRe-ftrtet, rfunar4abte|wlisUit� the (argeft PRfllES. TWteu_i�*t!ifetf at faid offiee for one j�wmy per nomber, t�4 imiiiedi�t>M^Y%r til >fri�i. hiR. DESY in Crtmptoai*o*rt, wijt regifter TICKETS thia7tttjK4i* peony per number ; where �*r E^ettANOE TICKETS mM 6e>M^ 5T1b^�K�U^ tWifcetS'iwiWfeftlHftB there. SMlTfli aSdCOLLINS, Mercer?, at the Moer's Heed is Ptdi>tte�ft*(� tenm their ^fe|ie t&ufceto the ^S�y� gentT/* and cfae fublit* *i�r;^�e iw-i� teMBr* UwjsAilieceiSeweoVoa dptt iince their eommencemeat Id bnfineft, and no^heglefWW e^pah^lfctt^ ibefhare ghkday taiea to�ttj|(rt. neilhip Mr. jM&Mmi wt�liM% ttttfifte* bnfineft ft* Mr. A.-aiew Fiidiy. -Ttap#*e,.-ifo-Wrttl"�wJ"^egaiaieof their|Jr*fifctiftrtmeritof Gold �n4 ftlve^ �fta^ iwit 4eog*4tt, wairtO, Sec. and^e rtitCbtabhaeft of their Friee*, trilUMfftjiiBe to thefr t�ntcs| she confiteoatfee abd ftotefllco of the n 4tihf �IVf �*h* wiii �Mfiyl eode l�e nejtt week.*-Tbe �5oD intentions cf Qy�r� *>� aoc would b� better ua4eWtffl^ h^he ftotlM'ti�5jJ'eW paper he alludei. to io his letter. '  '< x- *' One night iaft �feek, Mr, Pittherbert, � RomhV clergyman betonftof �*� j . Priteivftfcei chape), WM^t^W of bjs � ti^t P�pe^ aj6teWP�M�es the receipt of of Mrtv Shaw, for which (herelwm her moftfraiefut re-ajley, b�f to tcqnaint r juft ret&roed from ton* ,___f�1ts, ncheS bfocadr?, every �#�r vin^ of fiik� made ifl 1 Vanei^M.jgold, fitrer, tnd^tber JaV i^tt^f|ehett:|Di4 and lueer wttfir be^ag in the ci-r.. ^fctftotb/jtifke their dafcfr o%Mta�.IB*�Jwn|- .their romm�al^�x "k� ihiJ'Ww�kiae�, with the '-�fsttlM, Rc.^' � ^_________Bby T0�iA%.C*�u�ooipf . M�T. � ^fUplTliOftmSl^ul^Uc W offer, to �,-diff*etept in c&loa�^et! ��#4,'drien^ Aftw ^tgs �* W ^P^'lp;^ ;{Hb r frefli burns- or /: itf&mbpff&e* kibedheeb) tad cbitblsins in a v�y few tines Pritje W^;.tiif^tifb  Thir&y,iAUu<ki.*}*c*) at Wa tt��s cdebrj<*4 Art� r 1 c 1 a l M* <�-�tT� Sr the eaeaual cure ot the tooth* *ch. Tifcy #re impdititl only t* the  '--------------' ' ' ^*\wLn, caAttit cry out, 'Vf|g� -ip? PrV^rfi^m' "'"*'*'** �** ""** "r 'lrc'1' �w mne we e , between : Bourbon^ '�?�ch weitftt.1 :�jriG&*tM*<* treaty ^tain�aferj*___^___^ j^-^^tM^'ttf v.- i f. Bpii|at4iNl�|fc�1 l|l�^MII)ai^^4flMW Wilt� Aire that * .1 j#e^famepi^ce; lot. OMfciwai WitmttoiftffjtlitMSwiSjt -?ftiii Aviral armed v�ff4|>  Mr^ollin^^Mr. beg�t*om� weetiBg s ffjMi �^ pir�;b,r�ae^� lo . .TVERg^Vj pec."$<hrl: andlt rof p^K?r lyhead.... .  Dr.Pagjn �jVf - ' '----- ----"rich WHer to oppofe ** Rur*? fny^y^tMs^ <WtU cotniBWder ia djfcf of U* M�|e^� k�lrf"H*rniralty 1 in. tKe K^edi* wQmaA. tp F*ng)*f �aj}y pe^MtJjg fjfhieJW^^fWI*.v ^ h i p n r w a enjtettri the fttkttc; #: ttutjf 4* performed anfth it, rJjfcirtd.Mf. fcfcttghtet, packet (jrotn Ho-' picket frorn, and lii* tiflvtly* he-JtcBtsit^: nomber fiariet .ijiQ&tmj&'wft new di'patehtStTrived itfeawn from the riafc^fea*, Icrd Botte- .fro�^l*rJ*lrhJ�* that the tftablifliment ofnew. minufaiftcries �i�:|^Hi"0 rfaily* in&t neb that ihejjro'inteof Penlyjvani* wiii tontee**oJeaVto 'fepph/itlelt with woaitient, linens^ hasd-warc, and many ether trtkles heretofore impprted rrom Croat Britcfn. . "We are. W16'lined the Rttff^n admiraj lies ds^gatoufly ill st Dover. ;&5W, oat Ife'faejgay, atbi* lodgng Vthfi Sy^Sd, Francis Broderick, Efo> $f&lm**mpf*i �^o�|^a)�eijr Arrived tfltown.from Dublin. : Letters are (aid to be tec�i�?e�li� town. From, two right honourablfs abroad, jt�cor$of to which (he reports ot their ill (U'e of ht-alih are entirtiy deflitute 0 fcma#a�lori i their lorduupt UbcAirinp, at prefent, under no other indiCpofi-'jltea tbatrthat wiiirfin to rwft peifons wh� ouit thejr native clime, elpccwlly �tf ft they have but little profptcl of revifuing it again, and well known among the pVeneh, under th � tide of la Maladie de Pais. The day before Sir EdvtarcLiinwke ibid out >>f the (|npks, he informed ifae fjs�|:lTe� r>t the advictE he had received ; to which, howeyet, they feemed to 'a^rc'^ttle or ito cie>ljt ^ and he concluded with faying, be thojght it his duty to MMftot them. Befi4a^"$ir Edwa� 1ons from home, by hi ------^�.h their opinion*, . -----.. from (his country i^jr is, ttd'Apiftt'd fubjvcVi and ... Joined to of ttHe American eoloniee, are enough to make any thinking man tremb||e." There is not the leaft re.afon to imagine that the Grand Dp ke of Tufcany wHf ever be po^tlled of the ifland of Ccrfica ; for -the timber which that ifla>ni (produces j� the hell timber fi�r fliip-building in the univerfe, and as the Frenqji are making pr-parationstoMtiui^tothemfelves the title of Lords of all the t#iruis in Et�rope� ��d flJl'^0? a" ,ne uleful t*�'es 'n tria* iland; an amazing 0B�ntiiy will be e'�p*rt�| for Frarce, before any anfeer is given rciativc to ihe lorrerdrr of thvtyiii of Coifica to another power. letters frm Cot'enhao6^tyi#nrt�>, that amjdft all the prefent violent bickerings in Sweden, the tihercjf aftjje prels continues ftill to be preitrved there tn its foil pi ivilrgesr' . , Laft night many r�fpe�Nhle proprietors of India ftock, to the number of near 200, affembied at the JCfngV-ajfris tavern in Cora-hill, where a committee of thirty gentlemen were chofen to fnppeit the hoofe lift, and Tecure the independence of the company. *� tiei:or, the Cairier, and the Cleaner. The firlt leqdefts the inhabitant* tofign ; the fiecond takes it opon his knot; and the third ha* his p�ckets filled with bread, to rub ont the Wains, which the foui-tinajered petitioners generally Irave after finning. The above perfons are *-mployf<t ami paid three, fhijlings and ftxpene^. each per day, by a patriotic tradefman, nrfr Chering-Crqii ; whofe zeal in the glorious csufe, has deter-JNjtnjed birtf to haito h"s befl diivn? parhur with copies of th 'n<? thi-one. We ire aflajjd,.� has coft ibis. patriotic dealer no iefs a fum than twelve nauisjtt. jspu,rcH�fmg bread ^nr the above pnipole. "---^-lle^t�jo who her lately; been *� Toulon, we are informed, that they The Royal ^haflotje, eatonj/wi*^�|fi�ager� and tnei chandile, arrivedfrcro ~^ur woohy ehief rafgiftrate impeded the ttM^AAgtt, end feiaed a J qssnrfiy offratiduleDt: pn<vffions, which his lordfh^p vfepiealed to order to be diftribuied ififtfrig the poor. _ , '. 7th.]' A jgrariJ dratorjb was performed at ^'An m a Uorfe; they were .both carried to Sc. Kicholat's holpital. a n t r � tr w 8. Dee. Gib] Arrired, tfrii Matift.of ScWry, Wilg rnfof^ from Bowdeatt, 'ila; the jei�t�ah>�B^�lart^ >��eafc ot Utait^^n^-t^J^S^' -^htniiaelithe Chailotteiotlcelajd^ NewrfigaL, 4tt^% tne fWdt&ce of ,1'toib Liverpool, Kn^iy, (*f**i 4.-colliers, �oais; and J vefJeJn, ba*k and �3mLA*6**i* *he 8e8� of *8d froTi f jwrpool, Reily, rum j thv BlefflW eOp^M, Cwilfco, ffam.Loadoo� qtarchandtfe; tht> Margate: of Lipurkki Borit*.flrom Uftuka, �nn t' e Ha pt Retatn of Warhin^toa, Pr�dlti ft� Livr*^fock>Uc.^.l�4. cbfieftoro^ Bi#*#�ttr| i S�tm iis^^ Niond. I Tflef. . DiWin^ahi Afte,N,fo>u [99 m fie? t% Aitf i^ftlflriotJ*, wtth a wife and  ur children, is iat%e^n> F\ the Weft �bb of poverty diflrefs, occsfioned hjp a moftfna^mnt {vhnefs f*gm^ attttjngft the wh'aje- family fame mOBths paft, to fcrtotjt which they have- parted with eva;/ deceifary, even ithCir weariog-appirel, and now Jet quite deHitute, and ffouft perifh if not relieved by the Humane. c��o.r.A; �. �,;it b� t,r*\\>eii hv Mr Paine', rrtberdafher, aod ||r. King, Bentfadi ns will he received rtier>er, in Darne-Ilreet, Who ^ MIC ^*t?f^t^n".^ifi^"^fc a formidable fleet. The tmlm^]wte lh%C ouite �hK befldesl number of mgaiea. STtaEkfC ��n F^g rmaThe ^detained a quarter of a*t>ur in Be�g ifflWj to be an p.ngi. ^ nd 4i> loon as he landed *m a none -, hkj nii�^vHi vM.,.-.....-------- -%______ MARRIED.] Mr. Jarnc* Wa.fli, breeehe*-maker is Capel-flreet, to� Catherine O Brien of Caftre-flreet.-AtXJonke, Mr. Wiflwrn ||ati�h, bakefv-' to Mif* A'icc Green of $and?in; and M'rrWtTiam Cwry, an' rflcer or the ex<ifr, to Mil's Wheeler of Biackpo�l.-On TuaAtay fart, the rifni heft. l.o d Kir.(b''r�uph, eldeft fon of the Earl of Kingfton, to Mil's Fi aaetald, diugbter of Colonel Fitzgerald, and grand daughter to the late Lord Kirt;lt..n-, by the uni-n o; this amiable couple, the cxtemive poffeffions of her ^i.aadt.ihar in the c un'i�s of Corke, Limerick, Tpj-erary, and Kecy, a:e nci. mort U'f-ted with thofe in Connaoght, and readecs that rjmily ;erhps one of ibf pi' ft in this kingdom. The teren ony was p�rf> rmed by the Blfhnp of Limerick, and immediately after tie new. married couple let out w.jh a fplendid retinue for Boyle, the feat or t!ie Earl ol rvingfton. ittKD.] In Britain-ftreet, the wi e of Mr. Peter C'aynor, upholder.--At Corke, Mr, iaii e� Bouix, brewer; Mr. Thrmas Sullivan, peruke-maker; Mr\ Wats; and the wile of Mr. James CoornUs, bofier. *#* Compls nti having" been mane of the iarenef* of the publication of his pjper, it is nrceflary tw acquaint our resders, that the very exten(ive fale of The Dublin Mtscusy pots it out of our power to oblige tb'em by �n early diftribution of it, without forfeiting thai title to the public favour, which it hashe=n hitherto our utmoll amb't'On to merit. Were we to put the paprn toprt-fs earlier than 11 o'clock on the night* preceding publication, we cgnlH not furnifh thft large quantity of news and entertainment, which has indved the public to prefer, �fld we hope wjji continue to prefrrve this pafper in greaer efteem than any other whetfoever.- Bcude, was there to be^a |iulli-cuion of it as early as the other news papers corpe abroad, we rnuft m* e-riaily injure fonte <f the .poor hnvkers, by ntt having any papers to (erve fuch as fhould ft and late in the Jift, conl'tqutntly not give all an equal chance of fale.:,oli account of the large number raoft of them pay for, we are obliged t<Tmake two or three divifion* of each perf.n's pipers every day, delivering the fu O at 7, the fecond . t 9^. and the laft generally about it o'clock. We beg leaveVTiowever, to a flu re onr indulgent friendf, that no endeavours fhall he wirtinp tu oblige thcro with as early a pnblication as the raturt of the bufi"efs, and oar endeavours to merit the continuance of their fivour, Will "*d" it. We tske ihi^ frefli blond cloaks, Therel'a's, and hood1; -, fans, filk gloves and mitts, flofs tippet!, Italian tlov/etr, garnet, cope d'pearl, maiqui-fet, Indian pearl, jet, enamelled, and war necklaces, eai-ringr, and egrtts; Englifh filk, and velvet ribinds; Iquirrel-lkin and raihtr AuffV, and hat feathers; a few pair of handfome Engl'fh plaiecandleificks. Likewifc, to be let, furnifhed or unfurn fhed, the btft pait of faidiioule, or the inteieft of the leafc thereof to be (bid, of which there are feventy-l'cven ytars unexpired, together wth an excellent good ware-houfe in the rere, in thorovgh repa.r forty-five feet by twenty-nine, three lnfis and aiw^ys dry vauits underneath, that will contain about forty tons of wine. The houfe, &c. is very comodious for a Urge private family, or any pe/ibn in the mercsntile way. The whoje concerns fubjeel to'only forty-fit pounds yearly rent. Pm of faid Ware-houfe and vaults alone, lei now, and for fome years pill, for upwards of thirty pounds a year to folvent tenants at will.-�N. B. Mrs. Ivers having imported all the above goads, the public may depend on their being of the beft kind, and alfa made up in the genteeleft and neweft fafhion. Thomas lvera wii continue to deal in Jinem,, See. as ufual, on the lowed terms. Novembe 18th, 1709. TICKETS wAHAtiTW OKDRAWtf, are felling at Chambirlami's Lottery-Office in Dame-Rreet, oppdfite Fownes's-ftreet, where MONEY ma/ fay ft4r, . y a>vwva>aa�aat�a^ auu ftjali* Sialllg) IB afceruin the (rath �f their tjialan.hory fi- m 1 w R 0 C O $ Kf, r" is the, op"n'on of gentlemen^ who hava feeh molt parts of the world, tnd the n oft celebrated piece* of art they contain, that the MICROCOSNf greatly excels every thifig attemplo4 of the kind, even in Anions farm as for tjhe abilities, of theif artiH tauty of its paintiigs, the excellency of its r-ufick, tbe elegance ot i s compofitirn, miih the lyftems !texhi>-tt*, render it jultly wonhy the injjjeajofl of the cu"m';us, who w li meet vtth al$e%Mr� tunment that will ahVsDdautly^ eleeed the r expeditions, le wiii c ntintte n be exhibited. duriAg. tbev winter, in Shaw's-ctmrt, Darne-flreet Adm t-tance at oni Brivifh jftiliixig each, every day It the hwr* if twtlrt^^ne, and two o'tlock ex��llyti,�nd again at fctfen in the evehW. Of the proprietor may be had, price dfrU � fuccica account of th� MK^t|^Wt,T�ipaioing sll the virious movfmertif. of that machine, with a fKo"rtS|rj:oh�t cf :WsO� LAR SYSTEM, inttrpeifed with poetical ftntimettta' Vk'^ ' ff$ill$?l9(' extraaeu fro* %he mud approved authors on that fuljaif, � A& a^afge c inper-njaie print of the Micri.cj>ftri. SILKS. To he fold by Auction, Mon-iay the Uth of tb/s ink. Room in Great Ceor r hjii e'emptorilV fold �or difcharpe u��:ieof. The fale Wcr mtift to be 1 e-emptorily fold >or difcharpe u :ieof. The fale 1* friWflW' frrrin rl d�y nil the whole *re diipofed of. Good fires wiiitf^pt^^Chf a�Cai d/.i >n ol the coTpany. Per p-rticul.ars apniy M� tkr^^ft^fVi"' �T�0 be fold by Auclion, on Moniay the iSth^in^.lh^ Awhofly Htfdfon J_ Aucliont r. the interefl of th^ ie.11* of a hoiife back concerns, fituare on tie of St. Frantis-freet, known by the 6g\\ of Sr, Patrick of ivhii'h thr-ie ^re thirteen years unexpired from the 44th . J-ir-p iaft. and only lubjccT d t.'-e f>- � il ye�r/y rent of 44I. per afn^'m ->-h. fl. S id hcufe is a rema'ks' !e good landing for ai^y buiinefs. Tie ieale to be lei up pre. cifely at ia o'cinck. Terms to be declared at the fa'e. ABlack ftron, made HORSE, fhort tailed, with a It ge ftar, and Bis tw hind feet white, was left at thp Ganer ion in Kcvan-ftree'* on Friday the firft of this inft. De. ember. Whoever prc/es their propeity may have him, fiifl payins the e*jpenceof advertifirg and llabling, AYounp Gentleman is willing to lay out Five Hundred Pounds iaa Civil Employment. Direct to G. L. L. at the printer's hereof. Secrefy .10 be ohferved tf retjuired. \ FEW very large and elegant Turkey carpets, lately imported from f\ Leghorn, to be fold at Bjlthafar Welcon's, at the blue door in Moor ftreet. TRINITY COLL E-CTt, AT the anatomical thestn, on Friday the 8th inftmt, at tayetva o'clock, will b' trin to I.e deiiiered a courfcof it&ures on the theora andpr-c-tice of midwifery . in which the various means of aff Ming in fimpje andcr m� plicated -sre--, will b* iilulirated and explained, to witch w|B ha>t�!l4>' pra&irtl ie�)itres, e<aation! to prefer"^ that kind prote^on ind^avcor which he has f� long ewp^riertced.-C. Flower Roots, fts��p tnd tree laedtr,' garden tools, mats, hemp facks, fiour muft.rd, fplit peafe. aa ufual. This morfling was pubiilhed by the printer hereof, x vojfc' 4a, 4I bouad, 3s, 3d. fewed, � NOAH: aoemr^etlfromtheOermanof Mr,Bodffl6r. Mf JofephCollytt,, the Gentleman who did th� Di4TH ofUABEL, ^ which tltUiaiaidr ' t� benothiof inferior.

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