Friday, October 7, 1746

Dublin Journal

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dublin Journal on Friday, October 7, 1746

Dublin Journal (Newspaper) - October 7, 1746, London, Middlesex GEORGE The Dublin lournal From TUESDAY October the to SATURDAY October the Since my la ft arrived Two Britifh which brought One Holland From the LONDON Auguft ON the zpth pall the Grand Vizir was depefed and baoiQied to The Kayftaw Bey is msde and Seyd Effendy who was in France fucceeds to the Port of Kayftuw The Auftrisn Refident makes Tomorrow hijPublick as InterNuncio from his Imperil Sept Yefterdey at Noon t Herald at with ii snd a Kettle in the the Opening of the Diet the Members of the Boufe of Nobles accordingly now bufy in giving in their Names and Proxies to iheir After Tomorrow it is thought they will proceed to the Eleftion of their The Dutch Commifiary ii upon toe Point of fetting out from hence for in order to receive and marcjj off the laft Divifion of the Bavaiian in the Pay of the Maritime The Prince of Hilburg who commands will fet out To Prince Clerraonts Aid de who was dftfpitched by him to Afarfhal Saxe oh Sunday was by fome of our Huffrrs with hi We fince hear that the iaid Prince was to with the Body of Troops under him that woe in the Siege of on the yth at and the 8h at in order to join the Marfeah Oqr Army paffcs the Jaar Tomorrow or nest We juft heard that the Enemy abandoned Kuy Yefterday to joia that Corps likewife to their main Oar liaflan had aSkirnHh on ocr Left with four Squa drons of which they attacked in their teuted and took 15 or 16 ard as many Horfej but perceiving five or fix more Squadrons and fome Foot coming to their Relief they retired with little or no The firft Column of the Bavsriaas eoroes this Day to ITALY Yderday Morning Count Gorani joined the Imperial Army with four Auftrian having Jefc fix o thers at The French and Spsnifh Cavalry are aftually arrived in fo that its not doubted but the Remains of their Infantry will alCo make the bcft of their Way into without as it was faid they at or difputing the of the Var with the King of The Demand which General Botta has made of the Contribution of three Millions of Genovines greatly erabanafTes iuc and the more as that General re fiifes grant Paffports to the four Nobles whom the Seriate has appointed to go to to implore the Clemency of the unlefs he be previoufly paid a third Part of the faid The Doge and the greateft Part of the moft opulent Senators have fent their Plate to be in order to fupport the Credit of Georges tiie Bills of which are already refufed by feveral As a further Misfortune to the we bear that Sivona has furrendered to the King of that the Caflle muft do the like in four or rive and that the Im perialifts have taken Pierre where they found large Mxgazincj of all belonging to the French and They have alfo feized upon the fine Plate of Count de Senec heretofore Ambaffador Frince to and had found the Worth of Livres in which belonged 10 Ffench The greatest Part of the Booty which they took was fold for almoft nothing a wherein were feventy Bottles of been bought or a Jingle Agreeible to the Demand made by the Marquis dt Botta of three Millions of we have made a Shift to pay one nd with regard to the Pay ment of the other we hope to obtain fcm Relief from the Clemency of her IrnperiaJ For this Purpofe a Depu tation will be fent to compofed of four Thir teen Senators aie appointed to fettle the Tax which is to be laid upon the Subjtfts of the in order to raife the Contri butions Bent Upon the Kiug of Sardinias Approach to the Deputies of the Burghers met in order to pre fenthim with the Keys of thr Town but he asked if they bad brought thofe of the Caftle likewise and upon thtir that they were only fent on the Part of the kit Majefty ferit them celling that he looked upon the Town and Caftle as Aftfr which he took his Quarters in the The Govepnor and the Garifon of the Citadel are feen tvery Day to walk quietly upon the Ram parts without attempting to fire upon trie who go very near the There are Cannon and 18 Mor tars in tht The Kingi reSed the at Spr and marched the next Day to where the Com mandants of the two Forts immediately dcfired to and furrendered next Day Prifonerg of with their Garri confitling of 700 General Gorani has jained the Army with four Imperial which are to be followed by fome His Mjefty was to continue his March the in order to enter into the County of and pefietrato into We flatter ourfelvcs that the Town of Nice will furtender at the Approach of the Kings and that his Majcfty may pafs the Vtr before the Enemy can be able to dispute the Paffage with From the General Quarters of Pierre The Marquis de Botta is preparing to advance with 30000 Im perial Troops into ihe County of as foon as tnc Kit g of Sardinia has finifhed his fo ts to be abk 10 aft in concert with As Enterprjze is to be favoured by the EnglifhAfen of War which arc cruzing upon the Coift of Admiial Townfhend has been here to confer with the Marquis de The Stoats of Genoa has remitted to that parfuant ro the a Lilt of all the Sums by ijriva c Pefloiw hi the Bank oi St Gtorsjts All thofe whkh be longed ro the ofFrance and Spain arc but the Funds to other Nations are We learn from ttat thcGarifon which the Duke of Medena had at the in order to avoid being cut or made Piitoaerj of that Place the iich Inft and msrched into the State 6f in order to embark on the of that Republick for and join the Troops that are cxpefted there from This Advice has been fent to Admiral who has ordered Lord Colvil to crurze on that to endeavour to intercept the Ships on board of which this Garifon is The French are drawing a Line from Barraux to the The Garifon of that Fort hfis been confiderably and a great Number of Troops are daily expeftcd in The French feem to be more and more apprehenfive of an Invafion on the Side of Provence and Dau and its given that in order to flop the Progrefs of the Orders have been given to a Body of Men to march immediately from Alface to and thtt Barracks are tftually preparing there to lodge thefe Troops during the Winter though it is generally thtt France has not near that Number of Forces in including Oftober According to the laft Advices from there has been fome Difagreement between the Kicg of Sardinia and the Marquis de concerning the Surrender of the Citadel of the Commandant of which refufed to fur rsnder to the though he offered to furrender to the It is that fome Conferences had been held upon ac de the Britifh Minifter affifted and that the Affair was decided to their mutual Satis The King of PrnfSa designing thit all his Troops may be made complete upon the ufual has given Orders for raifing a certain Number of Recruits in In Conlequence of tftere has fcarce been a fince the Mouth of in which forty or fifty of thofe Recruits have not paffed Yeftefday there were above fixty of The Sute of the Pruffian Army upon the Footing it has been for the laIt four amounting 10 near F R A N G We every Moment expeft here 8000 who are marching into Dauphiny and it is allured that other Troops are coming this in order to oppofe the Invafion which the Enemy threatens tb make of that Par of the Ic his been refoived to aflcoible a confider able Army in the Command of which will be given to the Prince of His Highnefss confiding of 106 havt been fince the lid at Pontarlier in where they are to wait for farther It is affured that his Catholick Majefty has given Orders to embark immcdiitely 7700 Men OH board fome Ships ac to go to the AffifUnce of his Brother the King of the Two A Courier lately arrived from Madrid has confirmed the News which the Court received fome Days his Ca tholick far from giving up the Eftablifhment of tho In fant Don was refoived to infift particularly upon this Ar dele in the Negociations for the general The Duke de Huefcar has made a Declaration to the fame The Mar riage of the Dauphin is more talked of than ever forhe allot for him aPrincefs of ard others a Princefs of Saxony but this will foon be cleared In the meftn Time the good Underftanding grows ftronger and ftronger between this Court and that of of Poland Eleftor of where the Marquis dzs his Majtftys is treated with great marks of The following remarkable Paper is handed about which is frid to come from and is received with a good deal of even by the moit ciicical Preliminaries of Peace between Great and A Sufpeniion Df Arms till the Peace fhall be That the Commerce and Navigation of the Eail and Well ftind as in the Days of Charles II Thit hhj Citholiclc Majefty fhill renounce for himfclf all Claims en Gibraltar and That his tatholick Majefty fhall abandon entirely the Defign of Don Philip at the Expence of his Britannick Majefiys Allies in That the Pretenfions of the Queen Mother fhall be difcuffed in a That Don Carlos fhsll be maintained in the Two on Condition of his renouncing all Claim to any of the Dominions of the Houfe of That there fhall be a perpetual dcfenfive Alliance between their Catholick and Brhannick for the Guaranty of their and in an ofFenfive to be fettled by the Extraft of a Letter from an Officer in the Army of the Oftober Upon our rrpifBng the and mirching towards we made no DDUO that the Erienay would have given us and accordingly we mide all the requifitc for thit But upon our Approach to their Camp we foon faw ourMiftake their covered by uneven G fprinkled with Redoubts and and by the Village of forti fied iaiuch a Manner as does Honour to their with a ftrong of three Faces fronting the Road the Centre and the Left have before them Marfhes an 1 utterly jn Sight of a more numerous Army j and they had ftrongly retrenched the Villages of fo that there remained no Hopes of coming at them but by uncovering their Polls by This has been our Buiinefs for fome and this View the Prince de Waldeck parted the with a Corps of HufTars under the young Count fwept all the Eminences that lie before This very Day Prince Berkenfelt as gallant an Officer aj ever ferved is to make a Motion on our and ir he it may very probably make Way for fomcthing worth I mean a general and dccifive which would much fooner fettle Preliminaries than the famous Conferences at from vrnich we do not cxpeft much Good Tis now confidently that the two Men of War mentioned in our hovered fome confi derahle Time upon the Coafl of Mull and Ardnamurchau that they wfire almoft inclined to return without their have ing fcirce been to get any Intelligence of the young Adven turer bat thit having come upon the Coaft of whither they were directed by the People of they fhot their Long with twelve Men in it i an old who they informed them that the Pretender was krking in a Cave at a fmall upon which they detained the old Man aj an till they as he the almoft famifhed with and fpent with Fatigue they immedi ately carried him eonclufled him oa hoifted a ad bid a long Fare we to the beloved Country of Keppoch A Letter from Carlifle in relation to the Trials and Condemna tions of the I forgot to tell you in my that the Rebel BiiTnp of this on his carried Things on at a Rate by the Evidence of his Sweet They thought they had cleared the when at laft the good Lady ws if me could fwear to his which fhe inadvertently anfwered in the Affirmative Then a Letter was fie owned to be his and it happened to comrade all her for mer On the the Heads of John Berwick and Chaddock was brought and on the about Ten oClock at they were put up at the Englilh The fame Diy James William William Win George William and James Re bel wers all found This laft though having a had a Lady appeared for Km at vsrho very frankly offered her Evidence on his Behalf But it was with good Realon that the tender Evidence and the Prifoner at the Bar had too near an therefore her kind Intentions a Thing it is to be hmd fome David Andrew Robert and James alias all icirafttd their former and pleaded Thomas Hatch acquitted on Account of Alexander and Wilriam aceuitted The Michiel Themas William James Hugh and James were 2 found John and John retracted their former and pkaded Thomas Edmond Robert and James were aii fairly The ioth John Alexander Groom to the young William James Lewg Hugh anJ Patrick were ail found Alexander John Alcxandtr Steven Henry and Jimes all their femur and pleaded Alexander James and James were fairly The Court broke lip that Day at Four oClock in the After noon at which Time the Kings Council applied to the that they might be pleafed to begin topafs Judgment on Monday Morning at even and the PriTtmers convifted to be brought into Court by twenty it a which wts When James was a Pioteft was made by the principal Officer of the French that he a Captan of the French King and thit he was not a Subjeft of the Kit g of Great and ought only to be looked upon as a Prifoner of War buc noiwlthftinding was and found teing born a fa rhat his Life depends cpon the Carte of Charles who claims the Title of Lcrd not been he having plrsded in to which the Council for the King fo tha matrcr is The 221 Sentence of Death was pitted upon Thomss Rebel of John who killed the brave James Rebel Qaartetma MDonald of John James Rebel James Hugh Uavid William Robert Ronald anrjer Robert Philip Jtrnes Edward Stephen Micharl Jtmes Richard Alexander aad Andrew The lime Day Francis Efq of had e Trial from in the Morning till Five in the Afternaon Ten Wstneffei appeared oh Behalf of the and thiee Be half of the Prifoner and at laft he found The ijd Thomas Patrick Brothers to the above James Sadler in and bald were all Peter who for merly made his Efcap out of this and was up by a Kings Mtffiiger near was found The fame bay and the Day following Sirty more received Yefterday purftSint to tje Court fat at the Csftle for the Trial of the Rebel pre fent Sir Thomas Sir Thomas and Francis Alan MDougil was fworn and then the follow ing Prifoners were Sir David George Captain In the Rebels and taken in the 3kirmifh at Clifton Charles James William Gilbert Petar William John John Matthew William Daniel James Alexan der Robert Benjamin William Alexander Archibald Nicholas John Jimes William Duncan David Alexander William J6hn Simon Jimcs Daniel Charles Michael William Willixa Far George Peter Altxinder Joan Angus John James Joan Cruik James John Peter Ar gus Jahn Alextnder Thorn SB Chiries Archibald John John Alexander Tames David Willrfti fames John James arid Lewis pleadeA Not The two laft being Sir Tho mas Burnet very candidly explained to in their own Lan Kuage the Nature of an ladiftment and advifed if they had any Tbkg to Cay in their to plead Not and then what hey had taoffer would bs heard in its due James and John pleaded and tlfca the Court adjourned to Thuftday Nine of the Yefterday Evening the Lord Chief Baron axl returned hilher from whert Seficcj cndtd on Friday

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