Thursday, May 4, 1882

Domestick Intelligence

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Domestick Intelligence on Thursday, May 4, 1882

Domestick Intelligence (Newspaper) - May 4, 1882, London, Middlesex X H E Nflmb. ico. Domeftick Intelligence : Or NEWS both from City and Country Impartially Related. From ThurfdayMayi\k 4, Co MurMy the 8. 16X2. Weftminfter, May 6. of the Earl of Ojfory his Grand-Child in THis day Mrs. Ctllicr moved by her Marriage. Council at the Kings - Bench *�ar7 Southward May 6. A Second Addrefc Sign-that feeing She had been confined in ned by the moil conficierable Inhabitants of this, the County Goal of Newgate for Burroughs is in a reaclinets to be prefented the fpace of 18 Months, upon an accufation to his Majefty at his corning to White- Rally for tampering with Peribns to Burn the Kings, which is with much Ifflpatience expected. Shxps&tChattawy She defired to be Tryed or London, April 6. The,new intended Eaft-Bailed, but their Lordfhips anfwer was India Company have again confulted their thatfhe wa* continued in Prifon upon hcrFinei Principals, ana we hear they.rhave advanced of iooo pound, whereupon her Council reply- > iodbQ pounds more towards the procureing a ed that She was willing tc>pay it, to which Charter of free Tran^ue. t)ie Court again made anfwer that when that Windfor%blay 6, Their Majeflies contiiju^^ w^as done they would take the other matter here in good i^ealth, and we are in great ex-v into confideration. � pe&ation of the Arrival of the Indian J^mbify -London, JMay 6. This Morning two Perfons fadors, who we hear are upon their wajMfprv met in Moorfislds-, and drawing upon eacho- , London. The Town of Mptimouth na$jc&t> ther Fought>. to that after feverai PafTes one of their humble Addrefs in order to be prelentfji., them being Wounded fell as Dead upon which; to his Majcfty^ which was clone accordingly*. t,rtf other made his eicape, the Original of the, wherein,c|iey exprefs their Loyalty and oje- , Quarrel being about a Woman of ill Fame. , dience, refolving to Hand by his fviajefry with\ Weflmwftcr, May 6. Clarendon - Houfe is their Lives and Fortunes. .  ,.. preparing againft the i ith Inftaht for the Ro Lopdog, May 6. Our Letters from Scotland cepcion of the Heads of the Univcrfuy of( Inform us thai great preparations are making Cambridge, who will be there entertained by^ there fpr.the Reception of his Royal Hfghnefs,' his Grace the Duke of jilbermarle, he being ail the Lords of the Qouncil and mpft'of the elected Chancellor of that Famous Seminary Nobilliry of that Kingdom intending to coh- of learning.  $u�t him into .theXity of Edenbourgr where . The E*ft' InAi* Houfe is likewile repairing at preient-.her Royal Highnels remains, v\ bofe (as mbft conjecture) tor the Reception of" the Retinue have, received orders to be irr area- AjmbarTadors fent from the King of bantam -dinefs in, order; to their fuddain departure for to his Majefty. % , . Humptqi Gpun, wbfire^ff things areproytoV London*. May 5. By Letters from Ireland ing for the. f^ceptior^o�v her Royal r^ghnefsx we uVderftisd that on St.Geoxges day laft.hjsi Pwof^jlfyy.5vTT}efpunters Grace the Duke, of Qrmoni .came to Dtttifex this Gi�y ar$ now gijo^^c^lm, raan<y;Hayjng where -he was met by theq Mayor and JtVlder-^ alreadypC^r^rrn.ed 'to;thfi^^t^tlifticdl^ men in their Scarlet .uc^vSa|ijteci by [the the Kingdom, and many,TnLipre have te^olvedt Cannon of thc.Caftle^andalltneBclls.Ringing to ren4fx,tlpmfdvescon/pi;m^bleto theb^urcli be was conduced to t6e great Chufch o� Mn$/<yvCA n... . ..:,','/ 'j'n:- i~ Guarcl of. too^^art^ahsvan.cj'.^* great. ftu^|jer . London, jilay 6. By; $tjfpfx; frpm Mfxit*� of Citizens, w}{q ,Flocked afjptut, his Graceto in the,, fflejiijndies t)' we ^.^et^r^^t^at with h;m �a Prolperous Voyage to England the Indian! are up in ArrJis^jelblving to drive wher^e being A^ived, risifajd he.will difoofc , QU&theSfAniyfdt, in or^ei;^tithe.recovering. '< - . .-��*  �'* Gg ' n / *" * "" ' t^cir

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