Saturday, July 8, 1899

Dawks News Letters

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dawks News Letters on Saturday, July 8, 1899

Dawks News Letters (Newspaper) - July 8, 1899, London, Middlesex DAWKS 5 ws tiraa ^ arrived a SColLnb ^Cail witR. fame ^ivias faUowlna 3 Warfatv^ fune 28, ^fie S^eputiis of J^orver f Qra an tfieir SiCarsliaiy iut Qnat S^otanb anb J^tfiuama r con ml iturito. ome movd ftarl to nave me 9o!ai{b iRofen e or 0 ate unrv'dhr]^ to to turn off all fiis Wli mjUTS tfiat are not 3 c^pi/ts^ whicn is not [lie to he ^ranteh \ hut its tfiougfit the rvi ll ftnt I ma ^ifuiy of 5!/CarimSur^ fias prcpo/e^ to rant the 6000 Sfin in ijueftion^ anl to tCpl^t tficm in t ews tfie fa 9Ceart of fiie ^in^Jom ; lut tfie reft wsre^y tfiat la cafe tfn ^ruffians wanteh tfum for tnnr Protections t^ey ouqIx e mem Quarte not oStaineh pajfage from tfie Emperor, c Qermans are ^dvanceh to tfie frontiers of Sifefi OUaht to a Uit !i ave "J imna fut, mttrors ihat the irm m le J^orii S'.i^ets Qjicretary is fent hack to r ^Inanopfe^ QLUtwn as to tlie'^'U^uiation of tfie �^mits^ aiih alfo rvitfi ^dvlc e sna e rea in Siu^ujt to fit out for e 9ort. con coWf tfiat tfie Qzar makes yreat S^rtparations for ^Par^ and. tKat no tefs tfian JSOOOO J elect Soldiers were daily Sxercife^ hy a fufficient numher o fopean Officers J tfiat tfie ^uildwcf of Sfiips is continued ax. ^Otronitz I anb tfiat not onty e tv fiicfi fortifications are Repairiny ^ Sut alfo Slu^menteb ^ an') a Jilt L tVl ill i e cataoie or re ceivin^ ^ide fecure from all wfults ofWitih or o e yreatcft Vfavij in tfie Wor Arvour is ^repariny ^ me '/roncy where thetj m vfie Qalvinifts fiaviny ^uilt a SRarcR, an'b a Scfiool fierty fefjor if ion� ermon on faftf an celehrateb lotfi Sacraments, ^eformeh Scfiool at SCanau^ S^reacfieh an&xcellent Sermon on at occa 3 eriin, u! cfS mprey na dadtj bonify &Wwg more atib more y anb defiyn to lere is aood real on to hove t fiat e Jitter written wedtn y aSout the ^ifu SlrtiJe of ^efwick e sr. lavt a yo effect in favour of ifie 3^roteftantSy wilt ^amiuryfiy fuly jO. Ojir Sfiips hounb for Spaitty heiny ^rrefteb at Stabeny for 3.0000 SrownSy owwy ly one of our ^ercfiants to tfie ^my of Swebtny two of our Xayiftrates art yom tlitner to adjuft Samm to ^Sooo Qrowns, t the 3Catter 9 the dvancth Arrears of fntereft ave notif July JJ e ames y wRo flood in fo opikSliarity fias mucR. reviveh tfie frisfi of tfie ^etinu e in tki Streets witR t^eir Sword mucfi neeb tfiereofy tfiat tfi s tHeir fid were open es ^le ^mys Status that is It fit if in t^t TUce of Vendofm, wtiyfis jooQOQ pounds; and tfie S^trfn wko fia\t

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