Tuesday, May 16, 1899

Dawks News Letters

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dawks News Letters on Tuesday, May 16, 1899

Dawks News Letters (Newspaper) - May 16, 1899, London, Middlesex � s di 0 )f/ereh e Sir clilisfiopric mi an to imor Stiottij SiuJi )f tfit ^ota^ &ut notn/it^ftandwa raws a Qardina iftir i�; tie anfwtreb ttiat an MrcRI>ufiQfrici was not his Vocation^ arib tfiat ftt not requite iht care o I'm was fiirwife outs t 0 wantina an iir e to his ami IS wir was very iiffteajwg to f/tc IS OVi two willin^f'^ emtfo-ij him in Scctefiaftical Slffairs^ yet fiis SColinefs yav ^ f im �9 were not s to e mfid er eve in m 9 to w flick iat fi ucn a i^nior dvanta^ Moti (rs I s I'ltt an wer e iejireh no ^rcUisioprick cm e^ iiv a m e ear urin 0 a 34i ftfi air Qittalet falti en to e Qrounhf dnb aCO 3fcn are dailij Smptoijed . to tt rafjaae tfirouyh part of tfi e aneze^ t e re jly'*dy tfie ^WJ anh tfiat tii French Mmlaffador fiavin^ defire of Savoys Qountry^ rtnc to tfie ranee anh ^ are qoo^ ^run^is^ anb wz we m faid SImtaJJador perfect aodl underftandiny^ arih fo went Wit Jpeak in more to e ^arfawy Way 6 one e ener atiainft w filch time Us 9 The particufar Sbiets 9 eaan e ?fterda^f ermahs wi T teh thev mult return to \ferman maa e to e es in eir 3e arc anb that Or^ are e Mi] defiSeratlna on rv is ourn*d to \he ficotih offune\ lome 9 it ijid ent them not re 0 an enice ftdntmople ^ay8 Qra�b SngnioT fidih S^roctamdtion at Q hereiy yivW leave to altQhriftianito return into his territories, ah ma a rwi hi ej, an e freeSxercife of iheir^etiai 9 a to Suild'Sfiurches if they think fit; which freedom is folety ^itrikleh to th vina-SeeKjo ^redt^ hat tfie Qi of thai ftace Hath rade in fiofe S^ormmns, ^ ^opes Or^fr Trieb the 8jcp ncona: invention of Shootifiy d feat 3dg of powder out way thout damayiny Vientidn May Powder^ which anfwereh Th mferor hdth dt t pectdti e reaue 9 a con ifid&aifi 9 2) Vienfid,, May ^. ^JHe bmperor hdth dt the re^uejt of the 3 yranteh paffaye for 6 Sdxon^eyiments throuyh Silefta, The 3 <9Cmy of 9 isnov 0 uxe f s mnth yy Wherey axe 9 as faid the Smperor juitteb the ervice, The whole Qourt is yone to eiMns to 9 anb then to yo to ^reslury in SCunyary ftay e e ate in ervicem anb to The StCarfiyfi urjis are ver ai in !z our Qomnttffmery to lay the firjt Jtone where he should think Jity whtcl dinfydid; ani afterwards defireb the Turkisfi Plenipotentiary to fay thefeoond to la fettl'my firfl / our Mil ^inyd ^ronl the yinniny Qornrnifja e next am view le of 9 ra aaazmes. 9 lavin where he snou defireb think fi hich e which M J 9 was do to contentment J ht Come Wfference arof hout the third -9 hich was Mdjufted traibur y, ?ttay The ^arauis Xf^xe hath 3uift for 2SCC0 tint are to Encamp iy % Srifa or Th derib barracks to be of Ofd SBrifdc

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