Saturday, December 24, 1898

Dawks News Letters

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dawks News Letters on Saturday, December 24, 1898

Dawks News Letters (Newspaper) - December 24, 1898, London, Middlesex Dawks's f^ews"'Letter. Jj ondon ^rom XariJJa upon Sitount J^elamn in Sijriaj Muguft 7. S'tt ^ywn* cifcdn Sffonii Rtre were extreamhi rejovce'h at i^e J^iiert^ ^antt^ thm ly tie #411) to retuiU tie ^urck of the SCoty Sepulckre I lut tfayj ftave ieen pnttinie} in tfitir Jefign ly &nvy^ for ^twas no Joontr imwn^ tiai fomt ^a^s t�iti Slimier for tfiat en^ nftre on tieir may iiitier from ^oppa^ tut forme 3irmei fromSCf iron felt upon tiem^ plundered tiem^ atih wounded a&ome 60 perfom^ ont of tdtm 4. ^rancifcan, We kave Mdince from Terufatem^ tfiat fix of tfie wounbx^ perfons are ieahj anh tde ^rancifcan. in jrtat ianytr of kis Jiife� ^kif katfi occa/iont^ tkt Quardian of tfit Orrery nia uyd lo perform (lis Serwct in tie Gloyfter of ^okn t&e Saptift on tfie S^pfi of fune^ to keep rvitiin kis onm Qloyftit^ for fidr of falhnj into an SimtusRj de heiny muck Luebj iecaufe of �u for cdtri^ny on tkis Work* STEt Uame of alt tkis is (aid upon tRe Qreeksj wka katu Inceni^d tke ^eor jie ayainfi tlie ^ranafcans fo mcRy tkat tfiey were in hazard of falfin^ upon tkemf cn a ^tportj ^kai ikey could kave kinder'd^ if tfiey moM^ tkofe of 'Maba^ from intercepting a ^(mvoy of Qorn ati^ 9Kre tkat was Sourib from S^pt to ferufalemj ntkere iker^s a great Jcarcity of S^povifionsj tut tke ^urkisk ^ptf^ who is Qotuf^ mr of ferufatem^ prevented tkis deftfe of tke S^s^ Since ikat ime^ tke ^atker procurator of ^erufaUm katk fint to Sidon for Soo Sacks of &rn, to furnisk ^read for Stranyersj as tke S*rancifcans are oliiyd to do 9 in tke man time^ we kope that care wilt ie taken at tke treaty of S^eace^ ikat Skrifuans may freely vifu alt tie ^oty Places in tkis Sountry ndtkont motefiatioa, SPa/uf S)eeemi, 24.^ SI new S^ectaration of tke ffCmf kasteen puttiskel aaainft , Ae new onverts^ wkick confifts of js Slrtictes^ anb contains principalty tkai the re* vokiny of tke Sdict offfCants te put in Sxecution^ anh promdes for tke fnfiruction of tkofe tkat are iurneh to tke 9lomisk Skarck anb tkeir Skifdren ; anb promifes tkem tke frefervation of tkeir temporal effects^ if tkey perform tke S^evoirs of gooh Qatkoticks� We kaveSldvice from ftaty^ tkat tke Venetians are very apprekenfivey tkat tke Sin-j^eror unexpectehty wilt conclude a Separate Peace witktke^urks^ anh ikat tke imperial Sourt endeavours to iriny matters fo ahout inSpain^ ^at tke S^utcky of'Milan skall fe conferred on tke Slrck S^uke Skarles^ anh tke ietter to yain tke Italians Mffection^ . ikey offer to ^arry kim to tke Princefi ofQuaftalta. ^ke 3)uke de Sefto is arriveb at ^ilan from Spawy arib kas leen atove two hours in a private Conference witk Prince ^aubemont; ke reports ikat kis Satkoliek SfCa^efty is more SCealtky tkan evtr^ kav'm^ a ^oob Qotour m kis ^ace^ ard tkat kis SCanbs atib �jgs (wkick for many years kavt been Swelled) are clear from all Swellings; adding^ tkat ke is fo kearty^ tkat tkey are now in dCofes ke may te Slefs^d fo as to k-avt a Succeffor to tkat Monarcky^ out cf Sis own J^ms, Sruffetsy S^ecemLs^. 31 Party of tkiQarrifon ofOran kave made an curfm alove Xjagues into tke &iemiei iSountry ^ atib iroagkt lack witk tkem 83 jStaves anb a greai many SaiuL ^n tkeir Retreat ikey ka'b fever at Skirmiskes witk tke yUCoors* ^xpreffes are feni from M'a^rid to Waples^ 3tCa^orcaf Xinorca^ anb otker Terri"

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