Wednesday, August 13, 1823

Daily Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Post on Wednesday, August 13, 1823

Daily Post (Newspaper) - August 13, 1823, London, Middlesex j e Daily Poft Ku.mb.12p9 Tuesday, Auguft 13, 1723. Dantzick, Auguft i. HEY write from Warfaw, that they had at length received the Circular Letters for the Calling of the Diet, but that they had deferr'd till farther Orders the fending of $&IB&$I\\ them into' the Provinces. The ^^^txfA Duke of Mecklembourg, very far from fubmitting to the laft Imperial Mandate, has order'd his Cafe to be drawn up in Refutation of it. 'Tis aflured, that the Ruffian Mini ffer who came hither fome Days ago, has not fuc-ceeded in his Negotiations to the Duke of Cour-land. Copenhagen, Auguft 7. Our Squadron is ready to put to Sea, under the Command of Admiral ]udi-ker. M. Beftuchof, Minifter of Ruflia, is come back From Peterfbourg. Prague^ Auguft 4. The Hereditary Prince of Lor-rain is expe&ed here in 8 or 10 Days. Baron Kirch-ner, the Emperor's fecond Commiffary at the Diet of Ratifbon. is arrived here, to make a Report to his Imperial Majefty of the Situation of Affairs of Religion in the Empire _ Vienna, Auguft 4, The States of Auftria have pe-tition'd rhe Emperor3 that he would pleafe to return next Winter to this City, which fuffers very much by the Courts Abfence. - Yefterday three magnificent Coaches were fent from hence for Prague, for the Hereditary Prince of Lorrain. On the zzd paft the Princefs, Spoufe of Prince Ferdinand of Bavaria, was delivered of a Prince. . Mentz, Aug.-10. The Hereditary Prince of Lorrain has pafs'd through Strasbourg, continuing his journey to Prague by the Way of Ulm. Prague, Aug. ia. Part of the Hereditary Prince of Lorrain's Equipage is already arriv'd in this City, where he himfelf is expe�ted in 3 or i creafe, inftead of being redrefs'd : That 'tis noto-{ rious to all the World, That hk Britannick Ma-' jefty has always contributed, on all Occasions, * to the Welfare of the Holy Roman Empire j. For ' beftdes the Trouble he has given himfelf to reftore � a good Underftanding between his Imperial, Ma� � jefty and the King of Pruflia, he has fparedi no Pains to procure Repofe and Quiet in the Lower 1 Saxony, by endeavouring to put an End to the. ' Differences of Mecklembourg,, 8cc. in lhort* Tfcat * if his Britannick Majefly does fo warmly infiflton c the Redrefs of the Religious Grievances, he does c it chiefly in order to procure by fo doing the gene- 5 ral Tranquility of Europe 5 and in the fame View s likewife it is, That he has order'd his Minifters to � employ their utmoft Efforts to oppofe thole who 5 breath nothing but Trouble and Confuiion,.andi � to render abortive their pernicious Delfgns,85C.  Falmouth^ Auguft 8. This Day failed the Prince Frederick and Hanover Packet, both for Liibon, Eagle Packet for Spain, and Revival for Liibon, with the reft of the outward.bound, except the Cbandob tor Guinea, which fprung a Leak. Plymouth^ Auguft 9. Siiled the Francis for Ante-goa, Pleafant for Oporto, and Catherine for Lowe. Camein the Mary from Leghorn, and Margaret from  Cadiz, .  Dartmouth^ Auguft.9. Came in this Day the Five Brothers of London from Leghorn ; the Captain reports, That oh the 30th of Jijlyy in the Lat. 44, he met with a very violent Storm, which did him great Damage, and that there was then in his Cdnapahy' tbe Hanover from Venice, and Zaht for H^nroourt,' Godfrey ana uuve oraucn troth Norway fbrttany, Diligence, and Siifanna from Rotterdam  Prinqefa Carolina and Crown from Virginia. *  > Dea^ Auguft 9. This Morning came down an4 failed, thro! the Ruffel' For Liibon. Remains only the Churchill Galley for Holland; Arrived rtfcLp^al ]udith from Maryland. Wind E. "Deal) Auguft io% Remains the Churchill Galley' for Amfterdam. Came down the Prince FredeiicK for Barbadoes; �--, Opt. Leatherhead, for New* England j Sea-Flower for Liibon j and; May Flower for New- York. Arrived the Diarrwid frooa CMtih Wind W. , . Veal, Jugujt,. ti. Remains the^P^ice Freaerfefc-fos. Barbadoes, Capt. 'Leatherhead, For Nf*�-England, and IMiay-Flower for ISlew- Yorlc,; Afrtyed) the Siberia, Capt. Watts, from^ Oporto; Sherrnaa Fregate, Capt. Combes, from Maryland} and Afii,. Capt. ]inkes, from Smyrna. Wii�W� London, Auguft 13. At the Aflizes held at" Norwich 1*8. Weefe two; Perfons received Sentence of' Death) vi�. Hugfc fto-.* binfon the Father, and WiUiaqi j^fiiorjon: for wilfully fetting Fire to feverat Ho�fes in tham near Yarmouth in ,the Cflj^rityof Nortptfe William Robinfon is to be hajhgVl in Chaij^^oW Martham Green, beiugJlxe EkOLKhiSe "the Faftt wpt comaaitted. :': .v v ...~

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