Friday, July 4, 1823

Daily Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Post on Friday, July 4, 1823

Daily Post (Newspaper) - July 4, 1823, London, Middlesex Numb. 1175 Thursday, July 4, 1723 Smyrna, April 113. Sad Accident has happen'd to Ufun HufTeyn ErTendi, who was coming to this City in Quality of Cadi or Governor: He intended to have come hither by Sea, on board a French Tartane that he had hired at Confhntinople to bring him : But his Wife being big with Child, and unable to undergo the Fatigue of a Sea Voyage, he changed his Refolution, and took his journey by Land. Being arriv'd on the Frontiers of Aha, the Governor of the great City of Manazzia gave him a 'Guard of 30 Men, to prote�t him and his Family from the Infults of Robbers, who infeft the Roads. When he was come to the Village of Dervent, lix Leagues from hence, his Guard return d to Manazzia ; and they gave him at Dervent another Guard 01 50 Men to conduct him hither, together with zo of his own Domefticks. He fet out from Dervenc on the 6th Inftant at three in the Morning, with his Family and Baggage, and was fee upon a League on this Side that Village by a Gang of Robbers, having Emir Alii at their Head. No iooner had the Guard that was given him at Dervent, perceiv'd the Robbers, than they turn'd about and fled, leaving him and his Family to their Mercy. Tho' he found him  felt _treacherouily abandon'd, yet lie might have made his hlbape: but feeing that his Wife was behind, and that the Robbers "had pull'd her with Rudenefs siid Violence out of the cover'd Carnage in which the travell'd, he went directly to them, and calmly Sold them, That it they were true Muffulmans, they ought not to treat his Wife fo cruelly, but Ihould be fatisfy'd with the Plunder of his Baggage. By this Time they had difcover'd that it was he -who was coming hither in Quality of our new Governor, and made him no other Anfwei, but that he was the Man they were looking for; and then fired at him, which laid him on the Ground, where fome of them gave him feverai Wounds with their Sabres, and Icill'd him on the Spot. After this they ftript his Wife to her very Shift, and would have murder'd like wife his eldef; Son, had they known him to be fo ; but they fpared his Life upon his delivering to them his gold Watch and the Money : Then they feized the Baggage, and opening the Trunks, took for tncmie'ves what faired them befl, and tore the reit in Pieces. "1 he next Pay, when the News of this Difaikr was brought hither, the whole Regency of the City feem'd to dread the Confequence, and went out of Town, with all the Inhabitants fit to bear Arms, in purfuit of the Robbers; but they re-Tuin'd tiie Day ioilowing without having met with ihem. That Day, which was the -;th Inftant, the Corpfe of our murder'd Governor was brought hither, and interr'd with great Pomp after the Manner of the Country. His Widow and Family were alfo conducted hither: Her Father is Cadilifkier, or Chief Governor of Conftantinople, and her Grandfather Great Mufti  which makes this Regency fear, that expreis Orders will be lent from Court to punilh them for their Neglect of Duty in not clearing the Country of Robbers, who for fome Time paft have committed great Diforders : Mean while the Chief Magiiirate of this City is gone out again with 6000 Men in Qieft of them. We hear, that the Balhaw of Cuy-agia has taken and hang'd the chief Inhabitant of the Village of Dervent; and that feverai of his Dipendenjs were to be empaled alive for holding Correspondence with the Robbers ; whofe Chief, r.mir Alii, �n the nth of this Month, approached with h'u Gang to Fogia, a miritimeTown htuate on the N-rth of our Guiph, and fent a Summons to O-mer Balhuv, Captain of one of the Grand Signior's Gallies, that was lying at Anchor there, to come to him at a Place appointed between Fogia and Men-nenin, and bring with them 20 Malefaftors Chat Rrvcd'as Slaves on Board the Galhes ; threatning, rhat if he did not comply, he would himfelf make him a Vilit. The Captain, taking with him between 50 and go Men, went iaimfdiately, not in Obedience to the Summons, but to drive him away : But Ernir Alii feeing him coming with his Men> xv.heel'd about, and takings By-way furpriz'd the Galley, brought off the zo Slaves, and ivhatever elfe he thought proper. Both there are daring Aftion, and occalion the greater Alarm here, becaufe this Arch-Robert goes conflantly attended by 40 or 50 of his Gang ; and this is he who came laft Year into this City, where he openly murder'd the Aga Mamouth, and then retreated quietly with his Men, without Oppofition. Turin, June 10. A Portugueze Gentleman, who is arrived here from Rome, had Yeiferday the Honour of faluting the King and Queen at La Veneiie, and afterwards the Dutchefs Dowager in this City : And 'tis (aid, that an Envoy from Portugal is lhortly ex-peeled at Court, which has revived the Report, that a Treaty of Marriage is negotiating between the Prince of Fiemont and the Pancefs of Portugal, Sifter of the King. Baron Schulembourg, General of the Artillery, Governor of Alba, and Colonel of a Regiment of Foot, has delired and obtained Leave to lay down his Employments, 'lis laid he has pur-chafed a considerable Eilate in Germany, and is go-ing to ferve the King of Pruiha. A Detachment ot noife and Dragoons is jaftually marching towards Nice, to embark there for Sardinia, and the Abbot del Maro, new Viceroy of that Kingdom, is to go thither with that Detachmenr. The King has not named the Perfon who Ihall command the Troops. The Secretary of the Quarter-Mafter-Generaj, who made his Efcape into Milan3 is fecured there upon the King's Requeft, and a Detachment is fent to the Frontiers to bring him hither, where he will be itn-prifon'd with the Quarter-Mailers who have been guilty of great Malverfations in the Delivery o� Bread to the Troops. Mr. Molefworth, Minifter of the King of Great Britain, is not recall'd, as has been publilh'd in Foreign Countries without any Foundation : fie is now at Luccag and finds great Benefit by the Baths there. Bruffels, July ;. The Marquefs de Prie having fent for the Directors of our future India Company, they came hither on the id in the evening, and were the next Day admitted to Audience of his Excellency, who caufed them to meet in the Afternoon in his Palace, together with the Council of State, where he communicated to them to the Alterations which the Emperor, at their Requeff, had made in the Patent granted by his Imperial Maiefty, and in the Form of the Oath they were to take. The Direcfors were again in Conference Yeilerday with the Marquefs de Frie, before whom they are this Day to take the Oath required in order to enter on the Execution of their Office, fo that we thai! now foon know when they will open their Subfcription Books. Dartmouth, June 30, This D3y failed the Shark Man of War.. ' : Liverpool, June 30. This Day arrived the Prince Royal from Virginia. Sailed the Ingoldfby, Capt. Ball, for Rotterdam, and Recovery, Cape iSeck, for Archangel. Gr ewe fend, July z This Day palled by the John and Mary from Dant2ick, Mary from Dublin, Ifa-bella, Pearl, and William and Mary from Rotterdam. Deal, July 1. This Day failed the Martin and Mary, and Prince Eugene, both for Rotterdam, and the Sea-Horfe, Capt. White, for Guinea. Remain the Swailowfield for �aff-India. Arrived the Rofe Galley from Lilbon, Providence, Capt. Thomfon, from Rochford, and failed for Hamburgh, Hope, Capt. Cachrin, from South Carolina, Francis and Elizabeth from Antegoa, and |oyner, Capt. |erviss from Barbadoes. Wind W. Bed, July z. Remains the Swailowfield for Eaft-India, and Frognal.from Barbadoes. The Martin and Mary, who failed Yeiferday for Rotterdam, ia put back into the Downs by contrary Winds; as is alfo the Prince Eugene into Dover Road. Wind N.

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