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Daily Post (Newspaper) - November 29, 1744, London, Middlesex Numb. 7876 Thursday, November 2,9,, 1744, Letter from tie Hague, Bee. 4. ll Things here are ftill ia the fame State of Indexation, and the Time is fpenr in holding Afferobiies, Councils and Conferences. Since the Arrival of General Chanclos, Mr. Trevor and Baron Rei� chach have long Conferences  together in the Prefence of ^ that General and M. Kipftrot, \ their High Mightineffes Ke-fident at Bruflels, who alfo arriv'd here a few Days ago.: The Britifh ^nd Auftrian Minifters lay ciofe Siege to the ' Members and Deputies of the State, and earneltly prefs the Departure of M.deDieu for the Court of Ruffia, and tnar of the Earon d'Aylva for Mentz, Triers, and fonie other German Courts. The great/Preparations which we are inform'd France is making to continue the War, and the Certainty we have that the neeelfary Funds for ; defraying the vaft Expences fhe has engag'd herfelf in, are already found, fet us upon making very feiious Reflexions ; 3nd it is very probable, that the Republick will not venture to take any Step that may bring that �rown and her Allies upon her Back, without being �rft v ell afiur'd of being able to oppofe them, if not -with fuperior, at feaft with equal. Forces. It is on this Object that ill the Republick's Attention feefns to be fix'd j and as we don't feed upon Chimeras ^n this Country, �b we don't flatter ourfeives with Hopes of gaining this End, especially as we fee no great Likelihood of forming the intended grand Alliance, which has been fo often given out in the publick Papers for a Thing as good as concluded-, for the NorthernComts have more than once deciar'd, and very lately too, that' they will by no means concern themfelves in the pre- ' fent Troubles of Europe ; and thole German Courts that' mrght be raoft inclin'd'fo unite with the Houfe of Au-ftna and its Allies, find themfelves reftrain'd i>y the French Troops that are to come into their *N�ighbour-hood, and evtn into the Dominions of moffc of them, and cocfequemly are difabled from declaring in fovour or" theOotirt of Vienna and her Allies; nor can ;they % farnifb them with>Trb5ps, whether as Auxiliaries or' Mercenaries, without expofing their Dominions and ' their Subjects to the Reiewment of France and the Members of the League of Francfbrt. Moreover, as yet the King of Poland, Elector of Saxony, only acts as an Auxiliary 5 and the more ibid Treaty of Union with;, that Prince, which nas been forne time on the Anvil, is j not yet brought to aConduuon, and, indeed', it. is very \ doubt fill whether it ever will: Nay, fome People who i have Opportunities of being well inform'd, pretend I that this Treaty will not take Place, and even go fb far as to afiure that his Polifli Majefty has explain'd him-fdf to that Purpofe, and has deciar'd as much to the Emperor, and that he may poffibly'fopn withdraw the| Troops he has-feat to the Affiirance ofCu^en of5' Hungary. The breaking up of the Dyet of^Grodno. vkhout Effe tends to have receiv'd Advice that the Caftle and the Forts of Fribqurg were delivered-up to. the French the ( ijth of Jaft Month. ; ,  . The Poft from Paris, due this Day, is not yet ar-; riv'd. .  -  ; the vail Sums expended therein, When that down' had fewer Allies, have only ferv'd to eucxeafe her: Strength and her* Dominions by procuring her more' formidable Allies. Theft are the Conuderations that prevail upon the Republick not to run blindly into,; Meafures, the Conferences of which may be fatal to her, and make her have RqBQurfe to gentler Methods For it is|�rtedligre,thax the Government has drawn up a P^nfbra general Paci�cation, which,-is to be, pffer'd t ^J31: yield to the. SoUehatioas^dr^lie* State to sdcejfc'.tKat? All ouf Advice^ S^^F^ that die Fresw^ ^ | at Dunkjflcj. Pcepaxaribhs for an Fabrication of] Troops, or any i&terp'Bze[>hpf6M Sea ; ahd:yjb^tnd-t h i ng is goir|g forward there but What H ufua) in Time i Lenersfrdtrftlei^nylEn ofc?6r^:queace,f nor da weT;np�[ ext^ixi$leQx of{^ny^gfeat Evenb-fiom | that Quarter,-tod^li^^^^itj'.^^^^ tfe; Field in 0tiigo&v&S^^V^ ^ ; " �  Advices ^tf':d^xa^^^1^^o)i^h of Dempnt. j We rjave Accounts from'very good Hands, whiclifay,i that the Combin'd Army, after having reduced that Place t�.a Heap of-Rmbtrifc; repafild the'Alps without any Qbftacle or Lofs^. :, . - v . - The Abbe de la Ville, the French Minifier here, pre- COUNTRY NEW S. NewcaAle, Nov. z^. The^jRept^t current in this Town laft Week, that Capt. Lake, C)oimmandert)f the Haftor Matt of War, had taken a French Piavateer, off Aber-brothwick ia Scotland, aftex an Hour's Engagement, and had fent 140 of her Crew Pxi&nexs to.Edinburgh, -piovesaMtftake.  -- . �. ^ Laft Saturday died, at her Houfe in this Town, the Lady Ogle, Mother to Sir Chaloner Ogle, Vice-Admiral of his Majefty's'Squadron in the Weit-Indies. Exeter, Nov.16. Yefterday one of the Privateers belonging to Toplham, brought in a rich Ship from Sr.'Domingo, laden with Sugar, valued ar 10,00c 1. The Priionersare brought to this Town. PORT NEWS. Peel, Nov. z6. Sail'd the Hopewell, Rowe, for London, and the Joiliffe Sloop, Peily, for Tenby. Came m the Defire, Rofe, from London. It is the Sun, of A-rundei, Larfon, Mafter, from Frederickftadt, that is a-lhore in Studland Bay- Cowm, Nov; 26. Ytfterday cam6 in from Southampton the Nicholas, a Prize, taken by the Caefar Privateer fome time fince. Alio came in the Lydxa, Atkew, from London for Madeira, who fail'd with the Fleet under Admiral Daveisi.. but not being able to carry fail, was drove by the ftronff Gale of Wind upon the Coaft of France^ and fo lott her Convoy, andr is juft now fail'd 3gaintotheEaftwaxd. Sail'd the George, Ra'ight, for Lifbon ; and the Prince Charles, Privateer, of Oftend, to the Eaftward. This Morning came in, aAer having been drove a-fliore at fome Place to the EaAward, the Morgen-Sterre, Storcke, of and for Danrzick, from Bourgneuf in-France, whV intends to-fail again *as food as he can ft op his Leaks. . * , Portfmoutb, Nov. 27. Yefterday came to .Spithead, thp Stanley, Thomp&n, and the Endeavour, Enfall, both : ftcon Jamaica ferLonddm. The Fleet from, the Sneighri, -under ^X^^h^tui^G0mmiidfi^Ls>agris�otyet arriv'd ; fo we fuppofe they are ftill in Portland-Road. Deal, Nov. 2-7* Remains the Anglefea MaB of War, with the Ryibracki Durn&rd, for 0|>o�o. Came down the Keuii- Kan Privateer, Capt. Barker, and is fail'd with the Melyneux, Shelling,- for Bpftdh. Wind'N; E. Gravefetrd, Nov. 27.. Pafs'd by the St. FraBcis, de Hudder, from Oftend;, the Durfley Galley, Lord Fo-refter, Corninander,-frbm Gibraltar-, theOrphani Wat-fba, from Montferrat; the William and Mary, Hall, the Pzmcefs of Wales, Harding, and the Elizabeth, White, ali/thtee: from Rorterdahi.j the Deidnbught, B�rtfonr;froni Jama;ic^ i and the Araphitrion, Boyles, frojn Maxtinico, taken by. thJe, Ceres, Capt.Soaper. Arrivals at feveral Portu ' > ?At Lifton, the.N.S. LampiuldZa; from Rtd*de Ja-neiraj and the Warwick, Wakefield, from Newfound-Hand. . Ai'Gibcaltar, the Robin Hood, Lktkjohn, bom. Iajnaica, who in her Paflage took a French Prize laden fwith Brandy, but having a Pafsihe Wjas difcharg^d. At Appledore, the Sufann^ Kenny, frora itary land. ' At Plyrnputh, theMwy, ^rnifli, fromNortk-Caro-Una. . .).;:..� A large Flinch Ship, with a Letter of'Mark, frpra -Newfoundland, with 4000 Quintals of Fift, is taken and carry'd into Gibraltar by his Majeftjr'sTShip the Ra-pert, Capt. Ambrofe. The Succefs, Palmer, from Cork for Lifton, has been taken on the Coaft of Portugal by a'Spanifti Privateer, which Privateer was afterwards funk bytheRo-pert and Guernfey Men of War, and feveral of the Spaniards drpwn'd. The Succefs was retaken and feni into Lifbpa.,  ^.The^Katherine, Perry, frpm Faro for London, is taken and carry'd into a Port in Galicia. The Friendfhip, Lower, from Leghorn for London; is taken and carry'd into St. Malo. The.Lampadoza, who is arriv'd set Lifbon ia 82 Days from Rio deJaneira, brings Advice that the Fleet from Lifton was fafeiy arriv'd there. The Baltick Fleet pafc'd by Whitby the 25th Inftant under Convoy of two Men of War. Seals, Causes, Reheartngs, and Petitions-, after Michaelmas Term, viz. Firjl General Tuefday, Dec. Causes. Wednefday, ThurfHay, Friday, &cWGenera.l Seal. Saturday, Causes. Monday, 1.0 Tuefday,. r 1 Wednefday, 12 8 tfbird GE..neral Seal. Thurfday, Dec. ij Rehearings. Friday, 14 Saturday, ' Monday, rj Fourth General Sael-Tuefday, iS Petitions. 1 Wednefday, tp Yefteriay arriv'd tJit Mail from Flanders, hit hought nothing Material. High Water at London-Eridge- 25 Minutes after-Six in the. Afternoon. ___ ." 'i, i. 1 YelterdajTSotlSrSea: Stdclc was 112. Sbutli SaC'Aaxmnes 111 t 8th. to 1 qr. New Soutli Sea Arijuiiries 111 ihalf. to�8ths. Pank 14T 1 qr., BaijJt Circulation 2 J.r ? s. i India 1^4 1.half. Three per Cent. Annuities 02. z,hal� Ditto -\ 1743^93 1 qr.. Ditro t'744i 95/r^qr. .^Ulipn.JSwik  Ro^J Exchange AftTuFince ho Price. - London dieto rr i~qr. Liuia Bonds 2J, 12 s. toijs. Salt TaHiesno Price. -Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no trice. Five per Cent, ditto no Pricq. Three 1 naif* per Cent. Exchequer Orders hp Price. Three,p'er Cent. (Utto no Price; Lottery TrcJKtSh i 1 L ii & to 15?.' TH E. Alderman, Deputy, and ''Carn^on-Qpuncil-Men of the W^rd of Lime-Street hereby give Norkew that they wilt fit at the Hoop and Griffin Taverir in the'di*! Ward To-morrow, at Seven rfClocJcia. the Evening, beingttk, 30th Inftaitt, to receive Prdpoiab irpin foch Perionsas wriB contraft to'iight the Lamps in the &id 'Vfard for oap whole Year, beginning the 27th of Deceinber next, aweeabJe co Panerns of a Burnar aiid Cot.x>n, whiqh. may be Kenat tbk Town-Clerk's Qflaceat the Guikihail in London." ' 7 HERE AS in April lajft there was fljipp**! CaflcsofOil at Leghorn, by Arnbrogio Gaetano Bonain^^four >il, m'ark'd ~ No. 1 a 4, on Board the T-iber^ on p o n. , Yefterday.Mr, Strickland wa* appointed Steward of Chatham :Yajd^.th^:'-�tords'-.of the Admiralty, in the  xodrn.of Mi. Maitland, deceUs-d.'c . . Lajfc, Tuefday Mr.. J5r^t&^i%; a. wealthy Ixon-Fduna^ei at. ^cbm^ I&rnet to Hits Wjnterlwrnam, of Biihop/gajte-Stxeet j agreeable young 'iikly^.^m,V':Foznine'pf-''6^ol. whicht;.was left her byhezpnek. Dir. Winterbbtharh, .injthfe Aaj&^$Tdpe, ^Qhii^^^y,, Knt. Mem-! bet of PsirBafiient foftoe Town-of Porifiniwithj Vice- i ;m'iraityv:" ;.!> ''� \ '" \Z'( ; Yefttrdaydied, after,afe^rDays Iflnefi^atnisHpufe in .NicholaiSrLane, Mi� Francis Gauyden, an eminent ............ _, _:( . . _ _ ' Merchant of this Cit^ y t Capr. Williarn Ambler, for which no Peiibn has .appeared \ This is to acquaint thrProprietor thereof, that he roay i�ve the fame, by applying to Mr. jCneas Mackpherfon, at Sunk Coffee-Hptue near the CaftDm-Hoiifei " , ,; t> * : Jo. be Said, h A U CTIOM,' �; By Vertue of a CommifBon from the High Court ti� Admiralty, - \ T- On Jlurfiay next, the,6tb knovjn by the Sign of the Old, Staadard., at Falmouth, THE entire ^go^ot'the Sea-Horse^ taken as . IMae jby.the .Surprize Privateer ; sonfiftin'g in Quantity, of Fon$ Hundred ftpes p/;Cjap'ary Wiae, -o^^hereatoitd^ nvofrof which are Malvane Wine$, rich and zacy,.andTti^ reft Vidonia, Wines, all well conditiori'd: To be cafted oa Jtfonday Ae-3drT�efiiay rhe Tftfii aJSd^e&efflay "tEe~yrBi Days of December. �/ Ws Mm �.pnbtf$tiy �� � i A GTJTDE to ,the ,P?voi*t CHRi?Ti^. I\. � � - -, >-fcvThr^et'Par^.;: , I. Containing MediaUpns and t?rayers for evaty-Bayof the Week \. wim any occasional P^jfers. for parricula* Per-fons. " v. ' �'' . �--7.'. -f IU For Families fcr every'Day of the Week; wirimaa^r occafional Prayers. . � Vu;^ . ... J'^'-'t'ifW IEt. ADifrourfeofthe-NaW^andlfeeffityo^ gcrameilt;'.^ridl Meditation^'ri^ ^W&$&$* fot theworthy Receranfc*fcefeo�- ' ^ . . -c^^*- [be&n cu!5 off, !and;it>bb?d."hirnipfa Guinea Laft Monday John Marlhal was odmmitted, by Ju-ilice Brown, 10 Chelrmford ,Gaoj^on^he Oath of Mr. '.' CTaxK^^rxabhii^'^Sin at~Khattibropk on Bpping-on the i8t� Inftant. ' _,<-.... A Guide to JRepentace ^ & The Character and-Beha�ot� of the Devout Chrifiian in Rerirement. ; - ,*w7 , Lqtt Chanter^ am^ReJidtntiaq of'the CathedralGtetth W\ cZ�k�A,; and^hap/ain in Ordinary & bis jjfe^^TJ^ : Printed for S. Bat in Ave-Mary-JUnc, ;< - <'

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