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Daily Post (Newspaper) - May 2, 1744, London, Middlesex e Daily Pofl. Numb. 7694 Wednesday, May 2, 1744. Ytfltrdtiy arrivJ the Mail frsm Holland. Naples, April 14. Grand Council of War baa been held at the Duke of Mo-dena's Quarters, wherein it was refolv'd that die Neapolitan Troops ftall take the Route of San Germano, an<| the Spaniards inarch toward" Aquila: Mount Caflino is th Place where they are wjfcil again, in cafe Prince Lobko-witz attempts to penetrate into this K ngdom. We have juft receiv'd Advice, that a Secretary from the King of Poland is arriv'd in his Majefty's Camp. Bclogna, April 21. The laft Advices from the Auftrian Army inform us, that Prince Lobkowitz was making all the necelfary Dtfpofitions for decarrlpingj and that it was thought his Highnefs would marcii into the Campania of Rome, in order to draw near the Mediterranean and penetrate into the Kingdom of Naples on that Side, where he expects to he feconded by Admiral Matthews's Squadron* Vienna, April 2 y. Colneri, whole Commitment to Prifon we mention M a few Weeks ago, has been examined feverai Times fince, but always obftinately refus'd to confefs any Thing. His Wife has alfo been exa-min'd, and being threaten'd with the Rack, foe has de-clar'd that her hufhand canied on a Correfpondence in feverai Places in Hungary, in order to raife a Rebellion there, and that during his Abode in this Neighbourhood, divers Pcrfons came to him frequently from that Kingdom, and ufed to have Conferences with him in the Night. One of thofe Perfons being fuificienrly de-fcrib'd, the Court got him taken up at Oedenbourg in Hungary. Circumirances being Co ftrong, Colneri was examin'd again, but ftill with as little Succefs as before: He has even been put to the Torture, but without getting any Confeffion from him: He denies every tiling that his Wife declar'd, and infifts that nothing but the Weaknefs of her Sex and the Fear of the Torments, extorted fuch a Confeffion from her. However, the Court is going on with his Trial. Some Letters from a General actually employ'd in the Empire, who quitted the Service of the Houfe of Auftria but a few Yeats fince, have been found among Colneri's Papers. Paris h May 1. The Minifters of State have aflembled feverai Times, within thefe few Days, at-CardmalTen-cin's. His Majefty feems refolv'd to give the chief Direction of Foreign Afiairs to his Eminency, with a Sev crenry of State as an Affiftant. The Lord Clinton, is. ftill here, and goes frequently to Verfailles, in order to put the finishing Hand to the Private Affairs which, have occafion'd his coming over. , hawe, May 7. The Count de Waffenaer reckons to fet out Tomorrow for the French Court, his Excellency having receiv'd his Inductions. He- is to declare t<? his Molt Chriftian Majefty, that whenever their High! Mightineflts fhall find themfeives obliged to take Part in tae War againft him, it will not be without-great Regret but that as they are actually requir'd by the King of Great Britain, their Ally, to comply with the ireaty of 1(578, they cannot, on this Occafion, {Verve from the txactnefs with which they ufe to fulfil their Engagements and that being thoroughly fen-fible of the Horror of the Evils which wait upon War1, nothing could be more agreeable to them, than to em--ploy fucceilfully the ihort Time which that Treaty allows them to try the Effect of their Good Offices. '^His Excellency is alfo charg'd to intreat his Moll Chriftiaa Majefty, by all the Confidexations that may move him, to iufpend his Refolution againft the Low Countries, until fome new Expedients have been try'd for bringing about an Accommodation.-Thus one Side crlesout for Help, as ir were with Tears in their Eyes, and the other �oes a begging to Verfailles for* � perhaps a Neurtaiuy. ' � PORT NEWS. DeM, Apr'A jo. The Saphire and Succefs Men of War remain in the Downs, with the Merlin Sloop, and the Outward-bound as per laft. Came down tne Eltham Afcan-of Wax, andxhe Benjamin, Wey, for Eaft India, and the Chreechron, Lloyd, for Maiion. Wind S. W. LONDON. TheCommiftionersof the Viclualling-Office have con-tr^td for 1000 Gallons of Oil, and 10,0:0 Gallons of Vinegar, for the Ufe of the Navy. Yefterday was held a Board of Admiralty, when their Lordfhips were pleas'd to appoint Sir William Hewitt to be Captain of the-. Winchefter Man of W'ar of fifty-Guns, rebuilt at Brunfaon's Dock, which, is to be launch'd To-morrow. We hear that the Sick and Hurt Seaman now under Cure in the feverai Hofpitals of St. Bartholomew's, St. Thomas's, and Guy's, finding themfeives to be wrung'd of his- Majefty's weekly Eounty and Allowance, have petition'd the Lords of the Admiralty for Redrefc; and 'tis not doubted but their Lordihips will redrek them accordingly. Yefterday Mr. Richard Akerman, who was Deputy �per of Newgate under the late Thomas Bold, M% was fworn in Head Keeper of the faid Gaol, before the Lord Mayor and Aldermen at Guildhall, in the room of the faid Mr. Bold* Yefterday a Difpenfation pals'd the Great Seal to enable William Walker, D. L. to hold the Reclory of Barneiley, in the County and Diocefe of Gloucefter, together with the Rectory of Tackley, in the County and Diocefe of Oxford. The fame Day a Difpenfation pafs'd.the Great Seal to Richard Barnford, M. A. Chaplain to the Lord Herbert, jo-hold the Rectory of Wiley, in the Counry and Diocefe of Sarum, together with the Rectory of Iper-hohr, in the County and Diocefe of Winchefter. Yefterday Richard Cavary, Mariner on board the Prince of Denmark, was committed to the Marfha-liea Prifon, Southwarkj'by a Warrant from the Lords of the Admiralty, for Piracy committed on the High Seas. They write from Portfmputh, that on Examination of the Neptune,, the French JPrize taken by his Ma^-jefty's Ships the- Phoenix and Gibraltar, upwards of 20,000 Yards of Gold Lace has been found conceal'd, befjdes fome Dollars, which makes the Prize of greater Value than was at firft expected. The Wiltlhire, Norway, the- Rapahanock, Wilcox; the Virgin, Webb; and the Sea-Horfe, Read, all from Leghorn, are taken and carried into Toulon. From the London Gazette. Hague, May8r The French King, is �aid to have ar-riv'd at Valenciennes the 4th, and is expected at Lille on the 6th Inftant. There is a flying Report here Today, that Marflial Coigni has paffed the Rhine at Ger-mermeim with a considerable Army, and Battering Train of Artillery, to lay Siege to Mentz; and that the Elector was retired to Erfurt. Copy of a Letter fent by the Count de Taxis, Grand Mafjter of tbe Pojls, by at} EJlafette from Jnfprugb, en ibe i&tb of Aprily N. S. to tbe Count dz Goes at Munich. IAcquaint your Excellency, in the greateft Hurry, that on the 20th Inftant, the French and Spaniards made a fudden Attack upon the Intrenchments under Villafranca.- The Beginning of the Affault was very hot, fo that they penetrated as far as the Poft where the' Marquefs de Suze flood, with three Colonels, encouraging his Troops but he was taken Prifaner. After Which, another Piedmonteze Officer, having got toge--ther feven Battalions, anaulted'the Enemy with filch Fury, that, after a bloody Engagement with the Bayb-. -nets fix'd, he .put them to Flight. "Upwards of/Jo French and Spanifb Officers, and 1200 Soldiers, were rb'ade Prifoners. Among the Killed, on the Side of the Enemy, are Major-Genera 1 de Maillebois, kufr dther Officers of the firft Rank. The Spanifti General de las Minas is faid to have retir'd, wounded, to N/ce. The1 Lofs of the French and Spaniards is reckon'd taarhouml to f0,000, and the Deferters confirm it', but in this, it is imaghi'd there muft be ibme Exaggeration. The Piedm�mte2e might have been able to retake theMar-r .quefs^ie Suze from the French and Spaniards as they fled^ but? for fear of killing him, they abffain'd from Attacking that Troop of the Enemy which was carrying him oft The Lofs of the Piedmonteze is computed at about 1700 ; but \ve are not yet acquainted with the exact Number of the Officers kill'd and woUnded. Wbitcbatt, May 1. This Day arriv'd a Mcffengerfrom his Majefty'* Minifter at Turin, with Letters of the 2<5th paft, N. S. containing an Account of what paiVd in the Attacks made on the 20th paft, N. S. by the French and Spaniards^ upon the King of Sardinia's In-trenchmenrs ncjar Villafranca, in one of which they were repuls'd with the Lofs of 6 or 7000 Men, (the Lofs on the Side of the King of Sardinia being only of ijoo) but in the other oblig'd the Piedmonteze Troops to abandon their Polts, and to retire into Villafranca, where they embark'd to fet fail for Oneglia.' IfV.telally May 1. The following is a Tranflation of the Anfuer reuun'd by the States General, to his Ma- jefty's fetter to their High Mightinefles of the igth of Uft Month. SIR, AS foon as the Arrival of the eldeft Son of -the Pretender in France, and the Preparations that were ma-kiog there for invading your Majefty's Kingdoms, came to our Knowledge, we did not fail to make very {erious Reflections upon tho(e Proceedings, and how contrary they Were to the moft folemn Treaties, and how much they tended to overturn your Majefty's Government, and the Laws, the Liberty, and the Religion of the Britiftt Ration, with the Maintenance whereof the Preier*a|ion of thofe of our Republick is inseparably conn^ctecL We therefore, upon the firft Requifidoii^ made by your Majefty's Minifter Plenipotentiary, di dation between the Parties at Wan before we proceedT farther. To this End we.have retbrv'd to lend forth-; with a Minifter to the Court of France^ whom we have, already named, and Whom we will difpatch without Lois of Time. And as the Order and Constitution cft our Government does not permit'us to come to a final Refolution, in an Affair of this Importance, wkhoui?, coniulting the States of the Provinces which compofe our Repuolick, we will not delay a Moment to infoiraii them of the Contents of your Majefty's Letter, andto prels them to explain themfeives thereupon. Ia-the-mean while we defire your Majefty to be perfuaded that we lay* this great Affair, and the Confequences it miiy be attended with, to Heart; that we will give aUJhfc Attention to it that we are capable of, and that we,will endeavour to give your Majefty Proofs of our Attash-f ment* to your Interefts, as far as the Situation and the? Forces of the Republick will permit; defiring noth&|* more ardently thai* to crfviDce your Majefty; of zpm Sincerity of our refpectfur Sentiments, and of the high Efteem with which we are, ;'T - SIR, . Your Majefty's very humble Servants, The  States-General ol theUriited Pioviac^rof the Low Countries^. &.B.JL. CompteJe/. : v : Resbterea, -  Kami, April go, X S. 17^4. Superfcrib'd tbe, Kikg of Gnat BrHaiiL By.Order of the State?, High Water at iJondon-Eridge p Minutes', ur the Afternoon. c " - .< Yeftcilay o*itrf Sea StocJc was tdf 2fcaff,. ^d&Jtg'Aft-jttine? 108 3 R<hs. New South .Sta Aimuities id&j$-&L -BauJc 141-. f 8rhs to. 14a. Baalx7.ClrQHlatI^al.. furor's 'Loan no Price, Five p^' dent ditto no Price. Tjiree 1 half per Cent. ETche<jiier-bklers-no Pliat, Tlixee per Cem. ditto no Price. JCotroy TRpkets iqI. 17s. 6d , J____3____ Qn JVToriday next, at Frve in tfo Afternoon, aill Befbi, at tbe Elaboratory in SeiP-Street-S^uaiey'^ar Fetter-Lane, A COU.RSEof CHEMISTRY, Tfi^- A\ retical and Pradical, chkfly with rt^ard to.JO^f* CINE. By W. LEWI S. Propofals are to be had at Mr. WUlock's, BookieHer in Corn* hill; and ac Mi: Oldlum's, Chcmift, in the fey-najrkct.

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