Thursday, May 19, 1735

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Thursday, May 19, 1735

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - May 19, 1735, London, Middlesex MONDAY, MAY 19. 17*5 t [%o the Printer of the i)Ait?r Courant. Remarks on the Athenian Government co) tinned  the Hiftory of Draco and h the political Injiitution of Solon ifubfequent Affair* of thai Con dth. to the Battie-of Marathon, due friming Laws for ^fkwx: Whether ic was Prince, We fiullleis fid^r fubcefsfull^ He rba' .felt Laws; IK HE Alterations in the ifetata Govern- ment, tho' they pleafe fo far xnterbolSl th6 imagining that either of thefe Change Continuance toia common Sorr rebiniiifc fuperior Abiliues j they decided in any Contro Verfies which arofe among their Subjefts, ant their Decifions were final: This was the .Man- balance the Power of 6ach Party � could do Int Suits, ore than clamour againft the bthen mean timevthe Rich extorting exceffive n h tial, were determined in Athens before the Time of Tbefeus. He, among other Reftriftions of the Royal Prerogative, relinquished this Right of judging without Rule and without Controuh He introduced a few general Laws, according to which he bound himfelf and his Succeflors to leffeni fter Juftice j but ftill there remained in them, and in th^ high Judicatories of JtUns* or encreaGng Penalties, according as Circumltances alleviated or heigh- bdate Intereft from the P , on their Bodies, and making them Slaves On default of Paymenti The latter grew Seditious, and in ihort, Feudls, Jealoufies, and; iieftrafti-onsyfo broke the Spirits t>f theft *'Meh, who were formerly io fond of Liberty, tha(t/;hey voluntarily offered^ the Sovereignty xo Solon,,if he would have tak that hi* Wifdom would difcover fome Method what' they expeftedr* and thtPetCon^ of |U_ and Fortune* complaining,;'that, in the R^* lation winch h'ehadmade^' he had allowed^the P^opletbd much\ the Coof^uence of mp:w$k* that Fafibioiis ferbke' out "^gam witfi more JPury tiian,ever, and Tijififa(us? * Perfoh ofeawr_r^_ Ambition, but other wife ofgre^c (^uaU?i^ t ocic Piing to heighten theie, 'Feudfc aoi Tdge under-hand both Panics. Stodge At; Uft,: by ]a ^oo weli knd,wn rote repeatedi he eened the Fad i ft that to accom Difcourfe on; thid intricate A&ir to the Lan guage x>f our.^Times, the Laws of Thefeus wen no other than what we call Maxims in Equity The Aithbns fctfd' other Magiftrates. had tone on in the^ lame Track with � th eir without meeting either with Contfadiftion or Repining, till the People ohferving how far, when exerced, their Power would go, expreffed --- ^--- � 0 Safety and Peace. Virtue reftoring Athenians from falling wider wer; for *e^ftfufed td^fe^ tW he undertook to reform t under tBe ordinary Title of Ma^iftracv, that of Archon: but* how far the fieArs at fo\ e, Woes inclined Difaffefiio Wills-and^Affe&ions oflMen f(y frequently liab] ipehef loxiger Wrong the People in general ihould not be exafily acquainted with what they might, or what they might not do; and alfo with what Penalty each Offence ihoutd be attended. It la an eafy Matter Tyranny and m cate bohn had been._____ this Advantage, is rendered manifeft, by the Powers which PluWctr tells uswefe vefted in him on this Occafion:' They remitted to him the Choice of Magiftfate^, Aflemblies, Cdurts^ Se- nateVgivinghim Authority' tp dppdirit*the Number, 'Rmes of Meeting, andrwnat Eftatie they ihould have, that couiefbe capable bjT being admitted to them ; allowing him alfo to diflblve ftsoceftded 'hiM in his Power1. The former of thefe-Wis flain by Atifte$iton$ and the latter, was, three or four. Years after, compdled, \$ ClifiBnes^ relinquiflx his Governmenti;and ,fb iecurdlhi^ Pesjon by a diikonourable Flight B^ifag exiled his Country^ he retired into Perfa, where he 41 1*S *> Advbrtuementj not exceedinz Twelve"tinei, and which require no Preference, or partisular Char after, are infertedin this Paper at Two Shillings each.

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