Thursday, December 21, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Thursday, December 21, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - December 21, 1730, London, Middlesex Th Courant N�. 191% Monday, December 21, 1730 To /^Authors of tbeCRAFTSMAN. <c concerning his Sentiments. 1 Is it not time for you;~infteadof fhreatning to attack others, to refte& upon your own Guilt, who have made it your Bufinefr, by fcandalous Pa* T.atlels, and malicious Infiriuations, to render �.* than the Right-to govern; ?/ our King* the Profperity of ijgpt, maintwsiJrimA a fame Terms,. Xhii^was and ti and it, may be a contimtd\'-to--0fw^^yf^ian Kingdom __________________it either of the Word Kingdom, or that of Throne or Crown; I made ufe of the Word Government, which fignifies rather the Manner of governing, it is the fame l^%afi'acctiflorned to fee our moft Chriftian Kings a8 with a Spirit truly fo. .Since tbi' Time that they have ranged themfelves underr the Discipline of St. Remy, they have never fail'dof hearkening to their Orthodo-: Si/Bops thcfirJtChriJlianEmZ Maj and contemptible to'bis.People ? This is a Crime, which every Man who reads your Papers can wirnek y'oo- are jriftly charged wich. When next you meditate Mifcbief againft the Perfon whom you injure becaufe you envy, 4* it ti thing as if I had faid?, the King's Govern- JF it ften dijh k Tbe SucceJJion of uch' Accidents. But maintained upon..thple-Principles, " The not to upbraid other K^gdoms with their King is Catholick *nd^]uft. Does bfe it have this truth, While the L Force, and a juft Prince fii cannot ruin an innocent M felves with his Spoils. t their due follow, that whenever he ceafes' fot 46 Thankfulnefs and Humility, that France is-he ceafes \o be Kfhf, and his Su^je^ 41 not obliged to pay him an entire Obedience ? cc 0 drawn from my ftheJK u ration. ' S Kingdom* where for fo many pfafeL apd- the contra- ct for more than theft graver) in my Hea Nay God fdrbid-W- be f 0 lick 44 I?/-. * On Saturday arrived the KJail due fr6m WoV iind t as didTefierday that due from France. i Paris, Dec 18. N. S. I TbeBifhop of /NifmeV/ Letter to tbe Cardinal de Fleury, in� Vindication;of his Speech to tbe Kjng. boliflied in the. Heart oif thue King be King turn Herecicki or become " U Suppofiriorj fo odwiis, that it is {hocking ,f to make it) Obedience 44 �l 4i it 41 My Lord, IShould never have fufpe&ed -vthat a wroog Interpretation could be put upon an ExpreiUba or two in tbe Speech 1 made co the King, in tbe Name of the Af-ferobly of the Clergy. A Reproach of that 4t wouldftevertbelels qwe;him an mviolaDie iC Fidelity and Obedienee, ;.It is my Religion, 4i not the Kind's, th�1�^ u and the foiidj Foundauoif � I owe him, which wiH always make me 14 ackn owledge and reve&Vhim a Sovereign " Authority, entire and*b&f u only upon ^ whereof he delegates tor%\\ the M^mbe his State To much. it it Church. The tyyal;.Throne is withoti Blemifh j and always united to the Ho/ySee^ it feems to havexphrticipated of the FirMnef* f the fyc^ My Thoughts of this. Matter gre fo purtf be ready, Lord. to explain my (elf'as. often, and to as many Perfons as can /demand ir. I am with aU God* 4* Deg >le Refpe Two Days ^kfl imbers of the Parliament were a^m� Uf "hint alone, bledtiH Four o'Clock in the, Aftjerii^^^fii ' of feverai impon<nt J^atters^'ind among the reft, that of iheJBijtodpjof ;Ni(mesjt s for the Speech Maintenance of hi? t^ws^ nature can come Qj *' than from the Enemies of the Church. They rack their Brains to give a wrong Turn to; every thing.that comes from thofe wbo adhere to her Decisions, and ate in of her Enemies. But 4* 44 44 4t htm alone, " to no Pow $t and conft; he refo by a Majority of 68 againft 48,. (ooiaOce monftrances to Maj oblige that upon Eartli. This is a fincere Prelate 19 publifh an Explanation of that Maj which! (haH W 4t 44 44 44 fped Qppofer " he ^leafes^ even when f tave g ?i OccaGon for it thin now. dependency *o the Cardinal de Fleury upon tbat Subject; They likewife examined the Breviary of Ly* ons, wherein they found the Legend of Gre-' one King's Subje&s, and much more of a Bi- (hop, to obviate all Shadow of SufpiCion But there is another Paflage* which is gory VII. Some pretended, that the faid Le2 Malice to bear a perni- gend being glued in, it did nor make a Pare 44 Inference, quite Cftmrary to my Scn^ Work

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