Monday, December 11, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Monday, December 11, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - December 11, 1730, London, Middlesex Friday, December 11, 1730. To the Author^ of the D a i l r C o u r a n t. fF<Experience could but convince People that they may be impofed uponj and one wouldthinl^tbeyjhould not want any StrongerEvidence, they would not certainly determine in the rafti precipitant jnanner we often find they do, or fo greedily receive Falfhood for Truth,1 as to depend upon Accounts artfully cook'd up, and dealt out with no other View" but to deceive and iricenfe them. - One of the eafie ft Tasks of FACTION is to engage a MOB; the Love of Scandal is great in them, and they will always be ready with their Applications to the Difadvantage of the fubfifting Adminiftration ; tho' perhaps an ADMINISTRA HON, whofe pubiick Con-dud has rendered it inconteftable, but by thofe who would find their Account in fucb Applications, that they have as little delerved rhetn, as any Men that ever acted in their difficult, important Pojis of Power and Truft. But the. Wife and Good will certainly be upon their Guard, tho' an undiftinguifhing, unthinking Multitude may not. ,.Thcle can: not 6uc know-how eafily the beft Men, and the &0 Meafures may be mifreprefented ; and tfieriefoTe will take nothing upon Truft where t�e Pubiick is concerned, and the Happinefs of the valuable Pare of the Community at .ijWas this Treatment of what is weekly offered us by the Craft/man and his Confederates, as general as it ought to be, how little Aftfchief would they be; capable of? But'tis the uhhappy . Failure of the giddy Crowd, not to fe"e the Snare laid for them, how palpable fdtvtt it may appear' to difcerning Eyes; fo th$t tfiie Perfons who have impofed a thou-ft'od' times upon 'them before, may, by the lame Methods, d lent Reflections made bylhe injurious Graf tfi man. I would on this Sideafbtd all Appearance of Sycophancy, as I havefon the other every Degree of Scurrility ; I fl)all therefore'only repeat fome of thofe Incidents which have Millions of living Witriefles to atteft the Truth of them. The Ration well remembers, that feveral of thofe to whom the Oare of the Publick is now committed, took the moft effectual Care of it in the moft dangerous Times, and ran the greateft Hazards on its Behalf;; they were always tbe Promoters of its Welfare, and ever {hew'd the moft Sacred Regard for the Laws  and Liberties of their Country : In the moft ' critical Juricture we trufted them, .and found ourfelves fafe in our Dependence ; the moft daring Attempts could not fhpek' their Refb-lution^ or the.hlgheft Rewards taint"their In-tegrjtyit'^Tbey^were bratfe attd honeft j'. add �5OT{3; S'P^we^ ^ntrepidity: arid tJp- to rightist we .gre^|^4^^e..^^A^.^>-r our Cooftitution,, the. Proteftant Succefljon in the illuftrious" Holife of Hanover, and all its faappy AttendaksV  � �. )^.:::. " The Peace and Profpenty of their Congtf� was once thus dear to them ; and that thef have them not really as much at Heart now", as they had then, has not yet been made appear. 'Tis their Intereft, as, much .as ever^ it (hould be fo j and that their Purfuiii fliould be contrary to their Intereft, is lomething unaccountable : However, I {hall leave the. Conclufion to thofe who are better capable of drawing it, and put the Whole upon^a Foot-, ing which wilf ever have its Weight with! honeft Men, and good Subjects. We have a wife Prince upon the Throne/ who places his greateft Glory in the Welfare and Felicity of his People; and by his Maje-fty's Determinations, -we fliould in this Cafe: be greatly fway'd. His Majefty is too good to give up his try'd, his faithful Servants to the Will of their Enemies ; and too juft to protect any who fhould appear undefervin^ the Royal Favour: His Majefty undoubtedly: fees with what Outrage they are piirfued j and We may depend upon it, calmly and throughly examines every Charge brought againft them : No Accufation is flighted be-' caufe it comes from an Enemy j NO, tho* from a profefs'd, perhaps an unappealable Etui toy $ or would any Damage to toe Publick be excufed, becaufe done by a Fajourite. But then his Majefty takes not bis Accounts fromf an exafperated Man j nor does he lopx upon the Ravings pf a little Cab^Lxo be the ofc?|iis.J be6ome ifiof!e'vf^;'ifte^'ofTlM^iif' luablev-ftirt of Mankin^, and gtoW-.frem dpppficion. i�p�^0  - *  Tmr Humbfe Sirwmfe ' PUBLICUM

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