Sunday, December 3, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Sunday, December 3, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - December 3, 1730, London, Middlesex Thurfday, December..5, 1730. -rr TinT'Tavrfi ......),. -. f Naples > Noc. 71 N. S. ^ HE Wihifteraof our ftrchbifhop's , Court' haiiog, on the ifctb putt, ~. publiified ttmlW .fi*rfcJt*itaB, granted by the Pope* oj^Qccaftm tof bia Exaltation to tfafr r^v^^ Wttfcoar asking Leave of the Supr?tn� Tribittfat of tte Collateral Council; there have been grear Difp cites between thofe Two "jfrlbboals; but. tbe Arcbbifhops Great Vicar baling fince comply'd wirh-the Terms propo&dto birry that Difference was amicably adjufteo*; tod upon the aid of that Month the jubilee was, opend, which ended rbe 51b Inftant. The Feftivat .of Sr./Gharles, vwhofe Name the-Emptror bears, which was to have been celebratedthe 4th, being put off upon Account* of the Jubilee, it was obferved Yefterday with, the accuftomed Ceremonies. , Qpme, Nov, i 1. N. S., On ; the 4th, the Pope befd a Qnappd in the Church of St. Charles, it being the Feftival of that Saint, where his Holinefs heard Mafs fung by Car-, dinal Cibo; and the Duke de Guadagriola-Conti afltfted at the Throrfc, in Quality of Cjrcat; Martha! of the Pontifical Chappel* *ie nexj Day, Cardinal Cienfuegos celebrated the Featof that Saint, wbbfeName the Emperor bears, by afoleam Service and the iii�mm'- fungi-to Mnticfc in the Church dtSeUnimt,. foUow'd Jbf i. magnificent Re-; Cardinals, and other Peribns of Diftori&ioa, On Mm!lxy�. Cardinal fintusgiio; bad a long Audience of the Pope, about the Nuncio his Holinefs has named for the Court of Spain. The fame Itey, a Spaniard wis feized'by/ Order of the Tribunal of the fnqaifitibn* who is reported to be aa Apoftate Monk. Slgnor Neri Corfini* the BopVs^ieph'ewi hardecfau red; that to forward the Difpatcb of BufiheTs, be will give Auo'iefice to all manner of Per-* ions Sundays, Tuefdays, and Thurfday*; and that be will afterftafds-give bis Hplinefs an Account pf all that has been communicated to him. The Pomiffi will make * Promotion of Cardinals the zotb Infran?;. and 'ris not doubted but Signer Neri Corfini will then be raifed to the Purple. Mean w bile, fevera! Cardinals folicite a more of hit Servants, under Pretence that he can keep them no longer. , - " &drcncet Nvt^i u N. S�. They write from the Luneggianaj th�t the General Count Sia-remberjg broke, up with4 JMriallions,;tbYi-sth p*ft, frop&thi;Qmp-W$*mtQ& * that he was foliow*di by the ^efV^fhe* Troops that form'd that Camp, the ^h" of the fame; Month; and, $ut r^y; web^|o4n\i'rf.l)y tho% who had been potted' at Maffa 3i Carara, in order to march together into their Winrer , Quarters in Lombardy. Our Great Duke has held teveral Councils with bis Mini&ers this Week. , . .  �. , , Leghorn, Ata. f t. & ^wo Veffels ' with two Mafts, EngliQi built, and fitted out by the Algerinet, the better to deceive the Italian Mariners, have taken two Neapolitan Barques loaded with Wine for Genoa, and carried to Men into $Utfry. Some Advices . .. " "V"-'" -~'---- -;------r- - - night. The fame; Morning Cardinal Maflei fcnade a Vifit to our Archbifhop j and. hisBmi: nency has been magnificently regaled this Week b>J4 Nicoiojpiooi^ M* Luca Pala. vicihi, and x>thtr,principal Perfons. Cardinal Scbonbom'h two Nepbewa, having ieen all that is remarkable here, fetout^>n Wed-; nefday laft for Milah, on their return to Germany. The famVDay came to m Atichor i�r our Road the Stv Vicetneo, a Mafcefe Man of from Cbrfica fay, the^felilf<^two fniall InrercefSon which the Emperor ^a<|;writteA Places had laid down their Arms; but that to him, had been pjeafed to pardon;the Cianfe the Grofs of them ftiti remained as obdurate of Anger his Royal Highnefs had given him* as ever. ; After this they expjain'd to the Prince the ' Genoa, Nov, u. N.S. On Sunday begun Subftance of bis Majefty'� Orders.; which here the. PopeV Jubilee, which wilftaft a Fort- his ^oyal Highnefs. accepted with Sub- miffion: He expreffed a great deal of Joy op being reftored to, the King his Father's good Graces, and received from the Hands of M. de Thuiemeyer the,-opy; of the/ New Oath which he was to take* to examine it, and keep; it 14.. Hours, purfuant tQ his Majefty's Orders. (Orv Sun�-d#y hisjlpyal Higbnefs wa^s cqnd'ucit , U. N. S> "Qfl.Satttrday laft the Oath, which the Prince, who could fay we celebrated here with great Solemnity she it by Heart, repeated very dtftin&Iy Word FeftiVal o,f Sr,, Charles Borromeo, whofe for Word, and iign'd it with his own Hand % 'Name the Emperot bears. Count Ferdinand which being done, an Exprefs was difpatcbed Daun is returned hither from hi* Embafiy to to the King, and then they v "ent to Church the" new Kin^f dif-Sardinia, having been re� to return God Thanks,' which the Prince tfcd ceivied^t Tnrirrwith*'great deal of Diftinc- with a great-deal of Devotion and.Cotitr&� tiop, riot only on account of fafs Characierr tion. His Royal Highnefe witt "ffa^ foyieV buta4ibasb�^frtbeSofioftheMar|hal, who �'j^^e.c at' Kuftrin, whe/e af maiin^ehe^. fo bravely defended that Capital,when it was Honlfe hat been, fitted oplfor him, .^SgWjy befieged. M. Painonei, latfc Noneio m Swif ta ill the ^nfer^ncesdrt^fe^hcK (crlan#,;isirrivfedb>re^^bjs^'W'^A ^pfcjieQk^^oLHe^MW^^li. being ient; for thither to receive fats fiftcwaU *itiM%infattKim^ on* from the ?6?fi own Hantfi^ tr Ah^,ttlts not'doubted bnt 06 wiB^^te of Yicnhl, wttiihef ba#a(rdady fent hit a gt�atf Proiw^ thefte- M7> nWBldeiv Vienna, Noft 1&1 -N� Si New^LevTes making ia aiJ'the �oiperor'� Hetediorry Co fittedpwmi^to-Bsftwh^^*1 ���. f ^^p4^Wr�^ the Regimerj^'are^o,b*cgmpiftebf(of$ St fiersare com!nuaM'M^^;'4ji^$6% ^inter-is ended,vYefterday. ourMm%rfcof xmm^W^^.^^^ u "i<�^ srft Statecheld a-i^ea*CoWeteiiee'a^Rrimfc-fc :uCp^I D#.$.^N,:5�jTM^iQt\tiiw^% getoj tfpoti^tSepttfeet $fcflratf6rfi berg� "* 1 T the Auftrian Nejfeerfand�� a^tin about 6 Weeks hence^ arrfvwi� then return to bistSovernnieht ot Bel^id^^botrt Lois of Time, we ''^bm^ii^Jn^fii^ defiens, whether ttrainfs, of feioCS, (that is, PWfe1^Dej6:T8i<$. TBeSorTacWofithe Waterfeems to be ieW^vWDyfc^pand ter threatcW^Breiae'fiP � 4 Fahititb^NoiK Arrive^: th.e:T^^nt2 of. and ti^�4f&o&i&fflqn,fo& James, of and for tois|Piacev Qicktfoji, iwm Gnernfey j;the Jobn, of and for, this f JaceV from Gnernfey, Warwick^ ani| the Catherirkt; the Diverfioniof, Halting* -Yesterday the , Blymouth, Nov.1% $tij�x&f\&*i^?^ CottKte*^of'R�ti�M��'�6ofc'Lea^e^4n^ W^^Wx\^f^^ rjalCourc^ beuig,^; thr:pojq^ \ the ^opeWa ja^: theiAl^^b � out on Her Return to Copeuftai^.iir .: ^lymquih,i K9I94: JCfOfdon,. tymm^ ^tbfi Berlin. Nov. 27. N. S. 'The Lieutenant- Batcbellor's Delight,' of ^gWilrlm^^ Generals Grumbkow, Borck, and Roeder, from Kriftol, for London; the llaac;-of ana the- ^viaior Generals- Bn bro�k and GWe-^ from Belfaft,-?We^ornuek, with Butter, for nap, thet^onelf^l^aifl'atti W%W'$i& ^M&^tted theVicttialrinVrtoy, Cape.' Thuiemeyer, Pri^Couhfellor of State, Special, for London; the Plymouth, Cole$ went on Friday lanVto Kuftrin. The next fo/Barbadoer? the Rogers, RowJings, fc*. Day, they acquainted the Prince, Royar, that 6(lend, and the Sommers,Heilier, for London, the King, our of his Paternal Affedfion, and WindN. N. E. p. , to fhew the Regard he had for the Letter of '** -J  � j

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