Friday, December 1, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Friday, December 1, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - December 1, 1730, London, Middlesex The Daily Courant. Tuefday, December i, 1730V tyer/a? arrived tbe MaU due from HolLuid. ; wife to (end htm dooo Horfes , and thatthe was ronn&fcom Turfrreported! tfitt^e " itW.x'M tr Ottoman Army in the:NcigfaboarJood ^ Kingof Sardinia^had declared to torn, thitlfc Sew//*. Nw. 16. N. S. Aleppo was order d10 make aB the Hafte was his Opinion, the Tranquillity of Italy ' v, . . T . '. _ theyconldtojhe Fronwersof Pcrfia, ?o op- would Wbeft fecured byobfervine ah e*a r.w^n^, � in Prance, wJ�fc- �*pre(� will be lent back to P-iri� rhis Day /JVmorrow. The Spanifh Mihitte'rs ita>4 C�^bg*ces together almoft every Day. On. the ii*b In-Mr. Keene, MtatJkr of <ft*KjtDg of Grtat Britain, gave a magoi&eoc Entertainment, on Occaiion of bis tfrfcanoicit Majtttf* Berth, pec. i N.S. On Sunday la ft, the . the Depone* of Poland are in great Hopes of*' Prince Jloyai received, the Communion with . obtaining the iRetfrefs of their Grievaace% a,great deal of Demotion, in the Ghurcb o^ and the fre* Eserctfe of their Religion r the Caftle of Kuftrin, from" the Hands of M. � They add, that when the Pope's Nuncio ofw NAhenius, Mmifter of the Court. The Ge- fer'd fome Obje#icns againft �t, he was neral Count Seekendorfl having received im- ' antwer d, that the King was eftabliQicd by - ^ - , pprtarii Oifpatches by his Aid de Camp, i� 5 God |to protein all bis Subjects without Ek* Birth Day. A great Number of Cannon are Daya, he went immediately to wait upon the ception, and to maintain them in their Pri-' cafting Jjiere 5 the Troop* tfec we to change King at Pbrfflanj, whither bis Majefty and atf tjleges, agreeably 10 the Laws of the Lan& Quarters 1 are actually io Motion 5 thofe de- '. thc Royal Pamily are rertrra'd from Wufter-figo'd tof/embarqtte for Italy are diftnbuted biufeo. The job part, being Sfc Andrew^ in the Villages about Barcelona, Malaga, and Day, General Grambkow gave a grand4 En-Alkant; khdthit General Officers aire fum- - tenaintnent to the foreign Minitters atid the tnapedto a ^teli^epui^^ry^r^^ is, to PHha of^ftein. The Hunting Matches for the Wild Boar wjir begin out of hand. There are to be 13 of diem inalj, 1 jfc^WKrsi.-w* have ' hie held bete to: ard the Clofe of this Month. WW6 tieif the Diffi- cdtl in �he iftiaHiv of &0 J" ' iani.i^-^h^J^lPope.h^^ te|e^mlJF^:Slgiiw^M M^e5 r Lisbon; ] Lane^ and the Eagle Packer, Tonkin, for C*� not ^et rolioa.. � , '. .; . ' ' " �'. ;y' \ MQf�rh ago bf : Plymouth Nov. 17. Since my faWieimtiii; ' ^^^:^?ITN>^li!^�& >�fB ightAfjt�fltd�ier; rwa^'npt Bradford, -with Prnit from A\K^K$�lai*i r( i^chey -don {the Summerf, of Plymoai b, Helliert;: '�^eaii-:'. wiA*i#i�in^#epi^iMa^^^  for l^ndo^vt^* jino?? H*?py of 0iyiifidutb, Aii0in^-^kii^ ^" mm* ......... mi m igtemltfShip lately arrived lyce. 6^4^^!^^^^P^�^rtwV tatr):^ .Da^'�go^^^wiy^^ Chamber :with t,he:Splemnityfc the Tirft' Prefidint &k AtHr again the am. Day, M^^i J^itytk CoW ib; acqt^at/1^ Pope, m.�? were tognwotain �po*f all .vcm^^PJp^-.^ HeMvaitled *tr ?^.#oo Liyref !Ye�..,-� -WAed.'Nav. JlS.i N.5S* u.^MiAWFWf?r. V^'iT ftirtf PKvfician'tb/'tW 7 Day*, tfi^^^^meflt^nedi^ TheJ^ftP^ iGrmcr to heat ^ttchor;i' **' ' ~ awrpl th^e �nur.efi_ Lafeitffcc toe 30,000 gary, but ----- y.,-or,�f *h^'Oder3 WeXelherga iKtiwfeifc^ wherein they pretend thar ,tbey have done oothing *^mmnh;fte Gii�itoib1&&tK Oar laft Letters from Conftantinople advife that the new Grand Seienior had fent Orders' tq the Baftiawj of the Morea, Albania, Bof- magnificent. Peop"le Were very much re* ;i0;Bigbury-Bft|, did! notrjft$ffit; Mlfts jbpthe fi6� rd, ^ril' was Uien ini^med^ ;*bajr'^u^ at ^htljb^r^^^^ baVj. rowed 'her th* p.: Safety .{or- twb'Guirjeas^ bar, t!ie'ft^]gy S^ippei wottid not give i^ -qt$^j}tf^i\dc. it out, 'but 'the.' bepinfiirig of this,'"^eefc ^er Cablet broke; and the. .'Ship drove on Shot;?; and- yyas fplit iti^ieccs agairift^ ihe4JBLoekss and every Man drowned, fo canrjot ye^.learn tot vVhit:PJaqe (he' b>lonWi *bat camer frana Bourdeaux, laden with White-Wines and P�.� ^er| nbour 150 Tofl^ none �f bfrO^di were filed, but all devourr d bvrhe Codntry People. 1 be iSthofOiSrdber Robcrt^ifar. liiaft, '^mi^in)ier.6fth'ef]dyce, fiodr New- joiced to fee the Arrjt of the King's Council^in favour of the 40 Advocates. Tis faid foundlard, fpoke with a" Shin from ijondotij M7#arit4^*4M^^I^^Wtl^^H^* .'&o*|ftfor Boftpn,-4 wbojthe Qi\ before, bad tion of building the Opera Houfe in the Gar� taken up one'Capt. Prior and his Men, cming dens of the Hotelde Soiflfons j and that it is from the Weft Indies, bound for Briftof, in to be finifhed In a Year. M. Paris having the Lat of 41. 510 Leagues from Newf>und-i nia, and Dalmaria, to furnifti'his Highnefs Money enough in his Hands to go through land, bis Ship foundered. This is the Ac-with 110,000 Men by the Month of March with it. count Capt. Ntwman gavei me, but to thf tje�, to reinforce bis Armies a-that the Hof- AmfleriUm, N.S. They write from Ship's Nam** 1 podars of Walacbia and Moldavia are like: Milan, that Cotfqt Ferdinand Daun, who

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