Monday, November 20, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Monday, November 20, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - November 20, 1730, London, Middlesex The Daily Courant. Friday, November 20, 1730. Naples, 08, 31. N. S. N Saturday laft, the Sr. Charles and St. Leopold Men of War failed from our Road to the Harbour of Baia, to winter and careen there; 100 of Aeir Men being difcharged. The Air of Be-uevento nor, agreeing with, fome of the Pope's Cuiraffiers, they are come fick hither, in order to return to Rome. Genoa, Nov. 4. N. S. On Saturday arrived here in a few Days from Palermo, a Merchant-Ship under the Emperor's Colours, the Mafter whereof report/, that the German Troops, which had lain in Garrifon there, were march d into Winter-Quarters j and that thofe at Mef-fina had done the like. Yefterday the Pope's two Galleys returned hither from Marfeilles, and brought with them the new Cardinal Maf-fei from his Nunciature in France, who is lodged in the Cloifter of Francifcans of the Annunciada, and is incognitp. Florence, Nov. 4. N^S. .Signor Eneo Picco-iomini went forward laft Sunday Morning, for Vienna; and the Marquis Malafpina, Auditor of Sienna, is gone with the Great Duke's Leave to Rome, to kifs the Pope's Toe, who is his Bofom-Friend. His Royal Highnefs is in perfect Health, and has held feveral Councils this Week with his Minifters. , Leghorn, Nov. 4.. N. S. A Corfair of Tunis has taken, off Cape della Vitte, 2 Barques laden with Iron, one of them with all the Crew. She has likewife taken the Tartane pf Jofeph Palmi, bound from Porto Ferraio io Caftiglione, to buy Corn for the Spanifh Com-jrriflary at Porto-Longone, and carry'd the Captain and 8 of his Men into Slavery. 'Tis moreover written from Porto-Ferraio, that 2 Fifhermens Pinks had brought in thither 9 Neapolitans, who had run 1 heir Felucca on Sboar, laden with Silks and Cloth for Sard it ma, to avoid falling into the Hands of that Corfair. Milan, Nov, 4. N. S. The Italian Recruits lor the Spanifh Regiment of Alcaudere, which rendezvous'd in our Caftle, are march'd out (as we are inform'd) to take the Route of Frankfort. On the ojher hand, the Detachment that was fent into the Luneggiana, is return'd hither, tho* their Winter-Quarters ara not yet fettled. There are likewife 290 Horfes c N. S. On Sunday in the Evening arrived here an Exprefs from our Ambaffador Signor Angelo Emo at Conftan-tinople, with Advice that he arrived there the 27th of September j and thaf the next Day a common Janizary began an Infurrec-tion in that City j that the fame being grown to a Head the 29th, the Malecontents demanded the Heads pf the Prime Vizier, the Captain-Bafhaw, and the Chiaoux-Bafhaw 5 that thereupon the dead Bodies of thofe 3 Perfons were fent them, and treated with,all the lIndigu�y that the Fury of the Rabble could fuggedj that they even tied that of the Vizier to a Horfe's Tail, and dragg'd it thro' the City: That not content with this, they depofed the Grand Seignior, and fet his Nephew Macbmur upon the Throne, who is about 34 Years old, and having been brought up in a Prifon from the Age of Seven, is ftern, warlike, and revengeful:' That they afterwards threw the Mufti into the Sea, and and drowned him ; and that the Aga of the . Janizaries was fled over to Scutari. Vienna, Nov. 11. N. S. -Men talk of a Marriage between Don Manue', Infante of Fortugal, and a young GermanC^untefs, who is very rich. On Thurfday236 more Recruits were fent hence to Hungary ; and the Levies will be carry'd on till it is better known what Turn the Affairs of Europe will take in the End. Some Advices, from Te^ky fay, the Janizaries call.ajoud for War wmh the Chri-itians; and that the new Sulraq, to pacify them, and preven.r another Revolution, had promis'd to march at the Head of bis Army to Adrianople : A little time will clear up this Point. I{4tisbon, Nov. 16. N. S. There are handed about here, nvo Papers concerning the Affairs of Mecklemburg. The firft is a Letrer, dated at Swerin, O&. 21. in Subftance as follows: "The Troops of Execution coni *' tinue to exercife all manner of Violence " againft Duke Charles-Leopold's faithful " Subjects: They have lately difarmed the " Inhabitants of Buzow and Crivitz, feiz'd " feveral of the Burghers, anpl carry'd them " Prifoners to Roftock, where they are. laid " in Irons like the greateft Criminals, only " becaufe they went 16 Swerin by his High-" nefs's Order. This Town continues clofe* " ly block'd up. The Inhabitants of the " open Country, who come hither to foHcite '* any thing at the Chancery, are taken by " the Soldiers on their Return home, who *' likewife feize all the Duke's Soldiers that "go to Domitz from this .Place, or come *' from th'eoce hither, notwithftanding they ** are furnifh'd with PaA'pom.* The other Piece is an Anfwer to |Jbac letter, and af-ferts,." That fome Deputies of the Town of Bozow, who went to Swerin by Order of " Duke: Charles-Leopold of Mecklemburg', * being return'd to Buzow, they fummon'd a " Meeting of the Burghers, to communicate to " them fome Proposals on the Part of that " Prince, and to ask them in his Name, *' whether they were ready to give him " Proofs of their Fidelity, and to appear in u Arms, whenever his Highnefs fhould PP92 * 35*? ai??r lb??, !^ " confider'd of thefe Propofals, the Couo-" cil and Burghers fign'd a Paper, where-" in they bound themfelves, at all Tjmef. " and upon all Occasions, to obey the Or. �' ders of their Lawful Sovereign, and to " appear in Arms at any Place bis High- nefs (hould be pleafed to appoint: Tha* *' in Confequence of this Engagement, they �' began to lay in Stores of fundry forts of ** Provifion, and agreed to meet upon the �' Ringing of a certain Bell, to prevent a-�' larming the Garrifon, as the Beat of Drum would do : That thefe Preparations, back'd by a current Report that the Garrilbn � would foon be obliged to fly the Town, �' being come to the Knowledge of the Sub- delegated Commiilioners, they thought it �* neceffary, for his Imperial Majefty's Service, *' and for the Prefervation of Peace in the '* Dutcby of Mecklemburg, to prevent thofe *' wicked Defigns: That in order hereunto, " they reinforced the Garrifon of Buzow, " and upon the 18th of October difarm'd the <l Burghers of that Town, and carried their " Arms to a Place where they had pofted a fuf-** ficient Guard: That the faid Commiffipners " having received Information, that the fame " Plot was carrying on at Crivitz, they likewife " difarmed the Burghers of that Place, where-' " by the Peace of the Country was fecured, . " (3c" On Saturday laft the Proteftant Envoys held a General Conference, wherein the Saxon Minifter propofed feveral Affairs j as, 1. The Complaints of the County; of Daun againft the Magiftrates of Saims, concerning the Paftory of Metterfheim. 2. The Complaints of Neuhazen and Rbein-Turkheim againft the Chapter of Worms^ 3, That of building the new Romifh Church and School at Wolfferfweiler in the Dutchy of D^nxponts. 4. Thofe of the Proteftants of Meifenheym and Lichtenberg. 5. Thofe of Gravenhauzen againft the Chapter of Spiers. 6. Thofe fcf Martenftein againft the Prince of Bade-Baden's Government. And 7. Thofe of the City of Worms againft the Clergy there, concerning the Extent of their Procellion.' Af* rerwards fome Reports were made; and tho Petition of the Re&or of Myava in Hungary (for the Interpofition of the Proteftant Body to get his Father, who is a Prifoner at Presburg, relea fed) was rejected. Deal, Nov. 18. The Outward-bound are (till here ; and Yefterday and this Day put back the Thomafin, Page, for Lisbon ; the Ann and Sarah, Bradfhaw, and the Bleifing,' Rider, both for Oporto ; the John and Eliza-bath, Paul, for Topfhamj the William'.and Mary, Lyon, for Portfmouth ; the Skinner and Jenkins, Cook, for Dublin; the Seahorfc, Smith, for Barcelona; the Halfey and Suttle^ Littler, for.Chefter ; the John, Brown,, and the Mermaid, Trowns, both for Leghorn j ^he latter from Hamburgh. Yefterday came down the Lilly, Townfend, for Malaga. Yefterday arrived here the London, Hil?a from Antigua. This Day arrived the Robert and Miry, Anderfon, from Maryland. Win4 S. W. blowing hard. Grave/end, Nov. 18. Paffed by the AflileyJ Pain, from Jamaica, and the Greyhound, Little, from Sr. Chriftophers. GrAvefentt}

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