Friday, November 10, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Friday, November 10, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - November 10, 1730, London, Middlesex The Daily Courant N?. 9078. Tuefday, November 10, 1730 Tcfterday arrived the Mail due from Holland,; Hpn*t 08.28* N. S. IGNOR Guadagni, Bifhop of Arex 7,of and Signor AUemaoi, Nancia at T^aptes, both Relatiqns of the Pope, arrived here on Wednefday laft. Wfe bad bee have received Advice, that the Courts of Promife France and Spain ftarr Objections againft ad� Number 8c,ooo Men ; mitring the Signors Delci and Allemani, no* ft ant, the Imperial M urinated Nuncio's to the (aid Courts $ and * e Conference ar Prince � are impatient ro hear what Refolurion the fenc Pofture of Affairs. Hambu Nor, i o. N Letters from a Confirmation of the Tumult that happened la ft Month ac Constantinople, and of the De- Hanover advife, That a Soldier of the Foot* pofing of the Grand Seignior. They add* Guards going to fee his Father at Limmer, that be fides the three Ministers mentioned in the Father, who had been (educed by a Pruf-our former, who were facrificed to the Fury Water. an We are told, that the Pontiff having venro, is arrived here, to put himfelf under Qj ftm the Emperor k Copy of the Proceedings Empe that Prelate not of been Hif- ffgainft the Cardinals Cofcia and Fini, his thinking it proper to truft himfelf at Rome defheim. write trom Italy, tuat tfce Ureat Duke of Tufcany has paid in 30^,060 FTorins to the Imperial Majefty has affured hte^ Holinefs, in Obedience to the Popes Order. They that in cafe their Eminencies "were found � - - - - Guilty of what-was laid to their Charge, he would not pretend to ftyp the Courfe of Ju-ftice; Thofe two Cardinals haying, ask'd Leave to go and fpend fome Time in the Country, che Holy Father anfwtr'd them, Hague N M. Mafchs. M fter of the King of Pruflia, pref * from Vienna, that his Imperial Maj iral of this Durchy, has been nominated"- by has referr'd the Affair of the Advancement of the Emperor ro go and compliment the new the Durthefs, Wife to King of Sardinia upon his AcceiSon to the Throne. Anthony of Male, to the Vienna Nov* X-NrS, We have"received Aulick Dignity of Princes of the Empire, %o the .'4 -' i - I- A j * 4 Their High-Mightineffes having taken this Memorial inro Confederation, return'd the following Anfwer, w� " T^H AT M.Rumpf, their High-Mightf- ?i liefles Minifter in Poland, was Jong " Cnce ordered to intercede there in favour u of the Proteftants. and to adfc therein jn " Concert with the Minifter of Pruflia: u That their High Mightineffes repeated that Order the ad of laft Month, upon Account

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