Friday, October 27, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Friday, October 27, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - October 27, 1730, London, Middlesex t ff ra f Lisbon, Sept. ii. N.S. HE ytb Inftanr, being the Ariht-vetfary of the Queen's Birth-day, the Royal Academy of Htftory met in the Palace, where, Father -Emanuel Caetano de Soufa, Vice-Commiffa-ry-General of the Bull of the Croifade, and Director of the Academy, made a fine Oration, with his ufual Eloquence, in Praifc of her Majefty. Don Jofepb da Cunha Bro-chado. Chancellor of the Military Orders, Don Juan Alvez da Gofta, Defembargador* and fonle other Members of the Academy, gave an Account of their Studies; and Fa-tber Emanuel de St. Damaib, Author of a Book entitled, the Truth fet in a clear Light, took his Seat therein, as a Supernumerary JMember. Don Antonio Galvas de Caftello* braneo, Gentleman of the King's Houfhoid, Knight-Commander of the Order of Chrift, and his Majefty's Envoy-Extraordinary to the Court of Great.Britain, dted herein the Night between the nth and lath Inftant* after a long Ilinefs. Vienna, 08. 18. N. S. On Saturday the Emperor went and paid his Devotions at Hie-ting j after which He held a Council of State, and g*ve Audience to feveral Perfons; Ve-fterday, M. Pfloger, Deputy- of the City of Neuremberg) had an Audience of his Imperial Majefty, who gave one a few Days before to M. Gutler* Deputy of the City of Ulm. The Princefs-Dowager -of Mansfelt and Fundi having lately made Application to the Aulick Council, for Letters of Interceflion to the King of Poland, concerning fome Grievances; the faid Council have granted her a Votum ad Irriperatorern, The Count de Wartemb'erg died lately of the Stfiali-Pox, at his Seat at Mamiefch in Moravia, aged 18 Years* He is the laft of the Family. This Day she Bifhop of Bamberg and Wurtiburg gives a grand Entertainment, at his Country. Seat at Gollerfdorff, to Prinze Eugene of Savoy, who enters into the 68th Year of his) Age; . Hamburgh, 08dber I3. N.S. On the lift* M. Hohenmublen, Counfellor of State, and Minifter of Denmark, notified to the Deputies of our Council the Death of the King his Matter. We hear that this City will (hortly fend a folemo Deputation to Copenhagen, to compliment King Chriftian Vl. upon the Death-of the King his Father, and upon his Acceffioti to the Throne. We flatter curfelves, that our Commerce with Den-mark, which his been interrupted for fome Years, will now be reftored. *they writ� from Odenfee, that till the Corpfe of the late King is removed into the Wand of Zeland, feveral Generals and Colonels have-, been fent thither, who in Conjunction with two Cham* berlains and two Gentlemen of the Bed* Chamber, are to guard it, and to relieve each other; and that the Queen-Dowager, who is retired to Bamftrup, a League from Odenfee, kept her Bed, being taken very ill; and remaining inconfolabje, for the Lofs of her Confort. It is written from Copenhagen, that the new King, who continued at Fredericksburg, and defigned not to make his Entry into that Ciry till the Palace is hang'd 'with Mourning^ Inad nominated. M. Rofen-crantz Privy Connfeilbr of State, and conferred upon him the Order of the Elephant. Frankfort, 08. 15. Ni S. The Deputies of the Circle of the Upper Rhine, who have been aftembled fome time, havefimfhed their Deliberations, and are preparing to return home. They write from Swiflerlandj that M. Paflionei, the Pope's Nuncio refiding at AUorff, bad made great Entertainments there for 2 Days fucceflively, upon Occafion of Pope Clement XIl's. Advancementfto the Pontifical Thronej and that at Zurick and Bern they are carrying on with Vigour *heProfecu-tion againft the. Prifoners. apprehended for counterfeiting the Coin, of whom they difco-ver new/Accomplices every Day.'"''"' Paris, 08. aj. <N. S. The Cardinal de Fleury, in bis Return from Iffy to Verfailles the i�rh Inftanr, had the Curiofity 10 go and fee the Nature of the Silk. Worms at Seves. We are told that King Staniflaus is coming to live at St. Germain-en-Laye; and that it is in order thereunto, this the faid Caftle is re* firing with fo msch pifligenc*. tbefear-dinal de Polignac has fent hither a magnificent Pi&nre, drawn at his r^xpence by a Cele-bra ted Italian Painter: That Picture, which is, 3 Foot high, and f Foot wi'de^ reprtfents the Eeaft which his Emeneocy made at Rome laft Year, upon Account of the Birth of the Danphin; and the Ferfons, who are very nu* merous there, are all drawn to the Life. A rich Frame is making for this Picture, and then it is to be prefented to the King. The Dutchefs of Orleans has rnade a Preterit to the young Pfinceft of Baden, of a Baby as big as herfelf, with Diamond Ear-Rings and Pendants, and feveral Drefies of the molt magnificent Stuffs, and the Princefles of Orleans have added to that Prefent a great many fine Toys, with which they have fill*d the Baby's Pockets. The Father Recollects of Aries having dedicated a *fkifit of Divinity to the Queen, Father Chryfoftome Julian, a Monk of that Order, prefented it to her Ma-jefty fome Days ago, and made her a Compliment upon that Occafion, which her Majefty heard with a great deal of Goodneft. He faid to hCr, among other things, " What " a Happinefs, What an Honour it is for us, ** Madam, to place at the Head of our Works the Name of fo Auguft a Princeft, whom " fo many Venues have raifed to the Firft <c Throne in the World, and to mingle our 4* weak Voices:with that Concert of Praifrt " which the Publick repeat with fo much you your Bint " Madam, to make France happy: Piety has " taken Care to form you for thu dlory of * Religion: All the'Verrues hive toncurred to make you wotthy to fix alone the Heart *' of a Confort, who alone is worthy of your Love; and your Majefty's happy Froit-*' fuhsefs provides Fathers for your People, '* Defenders for the Church, arid Heroes for � theOniVerfe." King SbniflaoVsfeie^' �ijwts prefeht when; Father Julian prelentea this tyefii to her Majefty. The Caufe depending between the Marchionefs de Cotien-t tin and M.,A�ignon, about, a Par&l of Pici tipres and valuable Furniture he, bought of M. de Semonvillej was try'd befot'e the Parliament the ^th.of September laft, when that Lady was fined and Order'd to pay .Softs ox Suit, notwithftanding the Efforts of M. Afa* bri, her Counfel, who declaim'd vigoroofly againft M. Leger, who gain'd that Caufe for M. Araignon in the Court of the Chateler. They write from Nantes, that the India Company's Sale is ended there, a,nd amounki to 9 Millions of Livres; and 'tis reported that the faid Company defigns to put $ MUr Jions more to it, to carry on the Trade With Vigour. , . , ; Brujjib, oa. 14. N. S, Tbhrfday laft bei ing the Anniverfary of the Birth day of Queeii Mary.Anne, Dowager of Charles IL King of Spain, our Goveitnefs's Aunt, ber Higfinel^ celebrated the fame with*a great dgai of Magnificence. The Marquis ^de; la Vetae^ Great Bailiff Of the Town and 'Diftri^, oX Dendefmond, who was declared in M*f 1^ when He was at Luxemburg, Qbat^ber*, lain at the imperial Court, return d hither in good Health, on Wednefday laft, -from Vienna. Falmouth,'08. li. On the ioth cariie iti, the Unkorn and Truro Tin Veflel*froni iondon. Yefterday arrived the KingGebrg* Packet, Capt. Lane, in 7 Days from Lisbon. This Day came in the Ann of London, Moore^ with Salt from Lisbon for this Place; laft frorJ^ ^ortfmouth. tiriftol, ,08.14, Yefterday Mbfnirig here^ arrived the Flaxen Galley; flowen, iti ^ Weeks from Jamaica. All was well; so Hurricane had been there. � Livetpool, 08. i?. Arrived fine* rttf laft the Squire, Chamberlain, from Virginia; the Mary, Chaffers, and the Samuel, Hud-dlcfton, Leeth, both from Antigua' j the Prince William, Cleverly, from Janiafta, laft from Glafgow j the Elizabeth, Rainfords from Gonenburg, and the Liverpool .^ter-fchant, Goldings, from Virginia. w - o: Grave/end^ 08. 25. Arrived the Canfbnt jane, Yates, the Induftry, Wilfon, and tfiiJ George and Benjamin, all three frdm BrO* thers, Copeland, and the Ja^f arid, Ann.' JLkhman, all three fromNorwiy liam, Thompfo^ from Faro  'the Traveller, Smithecb, from Calais; the Sea .itynjph* Baltimore, and the Hannah and Z^borab^ burg; the Refelution, Parker, from Rjga $ the ProfperoBt, Walter, and the Prosperous Evans, Bow^ both from Petersbrirgl

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