Tuesday, October 24, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Tuesday, October 24, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - October 24, 1730, London, Middlesex Saturday, O&ober ^4, I736. * * i- - r Continuation of the Journal of the Djrei of Grodno. N the $d^ tfief Dire&or opfewng Mimfters about them �)yet iipon prop ght talk with agree in full ben he deHred any Seflkm, represented, that the King to conform themfelves to the Laws; but the was come to Grodno for the Good oppofite Party perfitting in their Refqlution, ihe\Publick the Seflion was again adjourned till the next Day. 10 follow fo good an Example, and forward The �th, the Dire&or made a very moving Speech upon the Nfeceflity of proceeding Powe Mapfhal merit of their Deliberations : At the fame immediately time, he gave Leave to the Palatinate of and afterwards gave Leave for voting accor- Cracow, as being the firft in Order, to be- Marfhal Nu niechow; gave ,Nu ;bcm to underftand that the &ioft, which wk formerly e Mobility of Courland, in Maurice; and which by the the Dvetof iii6. had been ces were not yet terminated, praying the Di- favour of Cotint fe&or to diflblve the Seflion, in order to fet- Conftitution of life Mens Minds. Whereupon the Seffioh made void and annulled, with all the other " plication to the Royal Authority; to was adjourned till o'Clock. Morning xh, before the Op Wiesbach in Quality of M Nobles. Nuncio Trmftdtien of the prefentpope* Letter to thi Archhifkty of Paris. to our dearly beloved Son in Chrjf^ Greeting and Apftolkal BenediBi&p* " HTHE Care of all the Churches, whichl " by the Divine Providerite is devolved upon us, obliges us to apply the Heljr of our Paternal Love and the Apoftoiical Vigilance, in behalf of the Church of Francfe, which is difturbed by thofe-who delight in Leafing, and fow Difcord among 4* the Brethren. " And in order to difcharge the Duties of oat Paftoral Office with the better Succefs, we thought it heceflary, after having put up our Prayers to Almighty God, who is the Lover of Peace and Truth, to raakfc Ap� pre-the <t it tt tiary of Ruffia. being to be reftored. Several that Motion ; but they 1 over; M. KoSnchowski, then defired the Afleihbly, as well in bis own " moft Chriftian King of franco, exhorting it Vent the Dangers which threaten Church and State: And for this Reafon we have fent ohr Paiernal Brief to Aour very worthy Son in Cbrift, Lewis XV. the Collegu him to fecovd our Endeavours by exerting wards alTembled, the Dire&or, after having upon the Road hither, to adjourn the Seflion " bis Power, and to gratify our Zeal and repeated his Prayers for 4 Blefflng upon the in their favour, which was granted. cc u Defires by reftoring a happy Union, that ProfeeedjftgS of the Dyer, declared; that the The 7th, the whole Affembly contented to u all the Seeds of Difcord may bk rooted ouri N give them Time till the next Day to accom the Propofal made by, the Dire&or, to pro* Marfhal, except a Marccihkiewiec* tc 4C At modite their Differences, hefllould be glactto Nuncio of Upitski, natirte s a Publick or^as a Private* Per- 4t have fof us and the Holy See, of which w� Ele&ion proceed " a Marfhal, fince the Differences Nuncio's of Lithuania were ter-mtnated, and they bad promifed flot to bring any more Obftru&ions; that, neverthelefs, the Nuncio's of Pruffia would ftill require of him to reprefent for their fakes, a Publick Perfon to the King, which was not in his fon; if a Qepu igfit go along with him, Nunc Witnefs made, to what in their behalf Opinion it vtould be ftill eipe& frefh Proofs; that by the Af-fiftance of the Royal Authority, the Bfe� thren may be agreed concerning the Sub-million due to the Apoftolick 'Chahf 5 and about it. that no Innovations may creep in touching themfelve^ ro confer with the Minifters " the juft Obedience Men ought to pay to its " Decifions, becatffe fuch innovations would Nuncio of P^ that being convinced by tbc^ Dire&or Power, whilft the Chamber was hot in a Ca- Arguments, he would ftand out no longer, Marfhal having ele&ed ;ould arfiire them, that having as a Private Perfon, given the King an Account of their Demands, his I�a~ , defired the Seffton to which the Chamber accordingly till the Monday undyubtedly open the Door to perpetual * Difcord, and (hut the Avenues to the Re-\I ftoracion of Peace and Unity. " And as we lay a great Strefs upon youc " Prudence and Courage, fo ic will be " anfwerable to them, for che Moft Cfariftiar/ ------------ ---------- /,Kln

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