Monday, October 23, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Monday, October 23, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - October 23, 1730, London, Middlesex 4. 1 P J I , 4 J > . V I. ' r 4 firmer - * Difcretion aidiefcM �^^bv obi- ReJttve^ We Public* r1 to ' 1 - J " de " � * �� � i Si"* the almoft id* �hjv^mmk fti^Hc & otic p v. ;t�(frm6ftyhmfcble Rei*onftr*hc * the Foot" of for the Holding, of ibe, Dtf d rone. one oiltbWl and it wasfor nootbefEo �but tofoiiowtS. :,m**&&ts>w& -'�'with* air Attention rha Mjeribj: jr#tM$ of Lewis AuguftGreat Grandfathe : and -the it it Gririck; Bu t fhould it happen contrary there ^w�f thff Cbptch,/ wc. will veprurfe " yovi, Sirh, 'aire greater and vjmore-rous? than Ihpfe. which purForefal memedttrte4teotftooI. 9� <OT* ro cell loir, of, Jefiiites^ where vfaenheard /M*fs� which #ufoajly^fogun witbtthe Hyitfij fi^ the' Aoiftance - of � 1 Plocfc It * wii room 4< tiur what is deficie ns concerning before the Judged) Let not your Maj Publick \ ade by usi or by our Or � it tions, We' have adventurea/ to interrupt /Placed White jRuflia Reached the Sermdni : King being reiurn'd -to" .his 1 ApartmeM Nuncio's wcnMo their Chamber, whe*e they diluted an Hon reboot the Difoofof ?of four joy by thje Recital of our Miferies This bappv Cir<!biriftahce on tfie con* 4 pi&c off the der j may not -the Authority of the fibns ot^thfe OmitbV ihd ftegajd-due to us Minifteri, be managed with the S&uple of the Formaliries P Ought a fiogle Defed in theYorms to obtain of the Wif- appy, Mrcn " ttary, inlpired us '* The more- Defenders the **' hi* Church in 'your a new (ion.of^he other till Afair^ are got of Ma/{hal of f who ftioiild hive. "Right the Church has^to implore your h Affiftance. ore till the Eletftion of a new one, being.' At"s& of thej for Offences plind o&gfac not other Methods to be found out, co fecure the Pnbifliment ? Do not O&hces againft Religion, whkb may hayd much worfe Cotffequetices, re* quire at leaft as gteat ^rjecautionf ? If the Crime was iacknowiedged, would fo much favour be eai5ty granted to the Guilty Perfon? Should, the Advantage ho takes �* of a fmaliOmifilon, for everfervehim is an " Aoola*v faeap upon your Ma/efty, the morethth^ftiiydu be; and your Grancude' for hi& Benefits cannot be bettfer, ihewtv ithin- by " a double Zeal for the Obfervance of his tt r . it t 'Subpart of his SeniorlNuncio, vwfao Mztfhzfe Staff, preilded then Jn the Affert* Wy: By virtue of rfafrRjgfar; Prince. Lubdi tnirski/ Sraroft of Spiski, who is the Seniof Nuncio , of this Dycc,. and ajfb i?refided in that of Jaft Year, made a Speech to the NuncioV^wberei Mouth. Suffer Succefs to their Delib not die; Libqfty of their. Mimftry to t&fceh'from tBfem. v They willmalte no ther Ule of it. rlian to eAablifli Chrift wifh'd for put theni h eihotr4 Cb V Truths, and teach People the Refped: and i ro the-Snbmtflibn that \$ due of Rorrie, he deffreS rhein to t ** the ^f i^eprehen ft Obedienc* thef^ 6w6.yod; which is onfe of the moft ettehitkl and the moil bie#. < i fh *h Ma ocec & h M,ar-wera for voting every one according to his Rahk ; " Tribunals, biir the Encerprizes of oiir Ad-*' trerfaries, who A and " by the ficdeuaRicai Fower# � ra(h Pa phiec coridemnVi by your 'Majefty's Self, and refuted before your Face by the Wi� dom of the fipifcopate $ ii ic poffibl a fay^ theyihould haVe the Libettyto ** vive all the Principles therein, if 41 Principles be deemed peraieious; tfid tc " exclaim every Day, with. Shouts of Ap " plaufe, againft' the Srlcklers  for a JLaw, and � � bat the Firft Body be the mod; tei&y Po- merania by the Tribrinal of Radoni, ought firft to be taken off, that he might uke his Place in the Senare without Opposition j' and praying the Director fo lay this Matter before the King. But he and his Colleguesi the other Nuncio's of Pruflia, having been told: that there was no fuch thing as the Spbmiffion; that our Immunity fliall never Chamber's going either to the Ring or the ferv'e us for any other purpofe, than.' - L1* *' " '  * - � � carry our Obedience to a greater Leng Merit; that no " Privilege can exempt us. from .the meaneft " Duties of true frenchmen; and; that * throughout your whole Empire, in which Marfoal ceded from their Demand, and consented to E!e(ftion of a Marfhal upon> Condition be it f your Maiefty refped: Pomeran the upoh is looked upon violable Law? it D-.J� �.'- permitted t " Term ifconfecrated ,by Cuftom, adored, by (i your people; we know of np other Ene* (< inies yon have, tbati thofe who accufe us "of belnj fof and who fii,ck at.nothing to " deer f to you pur RefpecV our * Affeiitidn. being the Nuncio' This Incident 4 ^ 1 - and unihikett Fidelity ftafted another, to wit, that they ought ,ini the firft place to wipe off the Stain cjft hpoi the Great .Dutchy of Lithuania/ by j^ro'cefta againft the Nuncio's before fev'^ral TribuJ nals, which by the way had-never been pro- t \ t U Pardon, Sire/ite^gencfs of our Coin plaints, whic*^r^ our Grief.J \ ^HEKtna-fetoutffo where but " ter'd buffelves: *' in the $ounuU[of the'fyet of Gfodno.. Warfaw the tfd of tr......._________ , . .. September, and arrivedJiere the.SPthjof uld not &4&US itbltty them.anythat Month. Almoft. all the Inhabitants of Is City and Liberties went to meet his Ma*. t who received in his Palace the Co try, thin pliments Dyets^when the Nnncip Director told them, that; produced fhould find there furer and more tBe&wA Minifters were eleded; fince no Docu gainft thofe.who were(prbtefted againft upo* the fame Foot as laft Year, as the Nuncio'* of Lithuania had alledged withftanding Ele&ion of a Marfhal; but they perfifted their Oppofirion. On the other hand, i proceed tmwi's.upoihisX�feArrwaI^T^n�tDay/ StatoftofRadothW,lkifroiM^efer fc s

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