Friday, October 6, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Friday, October 6, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - October 6, 1730, London, Middlesex The Daily Courant. K?. 9047. Tuefday, O&ober 6, 1730. Tejkrday amv'd the Mail due from Holland. Naples, Sept. i9. N. S. A S T Week we fenc more Cannon to Gaeta; fo that there are now in chat Place and Capua above 100 Pieces. The Sr. Charles and Sc. Leopold Man of War are ordered again co Fiumev to bring over a Battalion newly arrived there, with fome Artillery and a great Number of Gunners. This Morning return'd from" the Coaft of Catalonia, the Pink fome time ago fent for Intelligence. They write from Benevento, that the Commiffary Bondelmonre having fummon'd the Chapter together, he , vpur of Don Carlos j neither will they give .themfelves. tbeVTronble to -lay.thofe JPropo-fals before tbeJDyet,c to juftify the Emperors Condud in this important Affair to all the World. . '  Geneva, Oft* 3. N. S Our Magiftrares having fftnt to'itoraplinSent the new King of Sardinhttipojt'his Acceflion to the Throne, he was pleafed to return it with � Aflurances, that he defired nothing more than to live in Friendftrip and good Neighbourhood with this Republick. ' Hamburgh, fc>& 6. N. S; Our laft Letters from Qdenfee advife, that the King of Den- mark ftill kept his Chamber upon Account of his Indifpofition; The Queen hardly ever leaves bis Majefty ; and (he has fent a considerable Sum of Money to Copenhagen, to be . diftributed among the Poor, that they may pray to God for the Recovery of the King A Health. The Burghers of Odenfee are order'd to get Lodgings ready for his Majefty'* Minifters and Domefticks, who are fent for from Copenhagen; which makes it believed, the Court will not remove thence this Win* tec. Hanover, 08. 6. N. S. Major General Sut* ton, the King of Great Britain's Minifter to the Courts of Heffe Caffel and Wolfembuttel, arrived here the ift inftant from Caffel; and and after fome Conferences with our taini* fters of Stare, he fet out the 3d at Night for Brunfwick. Falmouth, OElober 1. This Morning arrU ved the New Prince Frederick Packet Boar, Lovel, from London j xnd this Afternoon bis Majefty's Ship Enterprize, with feveral other Ships, fome from the Weft Indies, the Wind blowing^hard at E. cannot learn their Names, fo muft refer to our next jr the John and Mary, Wood, from St. Kits, and the Francis, Ting, from Barbadoes, the reft in my next. . Plymouth, OSober i. Since my laft came in the Marlborough, of and for Letth, from Barcelona, Houghton j the Succefs, of Lon* don, for Amfterdam, Cock, from the Streights, and the Kitty, of Plymouth, Sher-well, from Amfterdam, for the Canaries; the John and Anne, Shirley, from---and this Afternoon feveral Ships ate gone intd Hammoaze (fome to perform Qbarentine} whofe Names I cannot learn. Wind E. Dartmouth, OSober % On the 30th u!r� came in here the Sufannah. of Dover, Andrews, from Rotterdam. Yefterday came in the Margaret, of and for this Place, BafTer, from Dunhirk; the Katherine, of Southampton; Warwick, for Hamburg, from Malaga: This Day came in the William, of and for London, Sanderfonj from Maryland; the Traveller Sloop, of and from Falmouth, Bil-lard, for London. Remain here\ihe. Exchange^ of and for London, from Gallipoly 5 the Anne and Mary, of Brigbtbelmfton,' from Briftol, for London. Wind ftrong at E. Brijlol, OBober 3... Yefterday here arrived the Anne Snow, aind" Taft Night the Scroop, both from Jamaica, came out -with the Le-vant'Nrhat arrived on Monday. Deal, Sept. 4. The Lively, and the two Dutch Men of War, are ftill here. , Wind EJ by S. blowing exceeding hard. Gravefehd, OSober^. Arrived the Dunkirk' Packet, Jackfon, from Dunkirk ; the Edward and Mary, Merrifield, and the Elizabeth and M^ry, Conderfide, both frotn Oftend. LONDON. Tne Iarter End of laft, Wecfe died Mr. Spire, a rich and very noted Silk-Weaver and Moc*pre0er in Booth-ftreet, Spittal.FielJ^. J.aft JZsQ-*<!C\

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