Monday, August 14, 1730

Daily Courant

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Courant on Monday, August 14, 1730

Daily Courant (Newspaper) - August 14, 1730, London, Middlesex The Daily Courant �f i rlt ,,Tl...'i,ri IFrrday, Auguft 14, 1730. PAR IS. lie c/ Metz'/ MANDATE, re- quiring thai dU the Tbefes which\ JhaS for the future be' maintain d in his Diocefi, JhaS firft be communicated to him for bis Examination. H it At tt tt tt 4t tt tt tt � "W "WEnry-Charles du Cambour, by Divine Permiflion, Bifhop of Metz, Prince of the Holy Empire, Duke de Cdiflin^ Peer of France, Firft Almoner to the King, Commander of the Order of the Holy Ghoft. \ "The Obligation to teach, which Jefus Chrift has laid upon the Btfhqgs; the Sacred Defofitum which has been enrruftcd-to their Keeping j and the Quality of Judges of Do&rine* which Tradition and the Practice of aU Ages have coafUmly inverted in them, require of their,_Fidejiry. a Vigilance which renders them always attentive to the Prefervation of Truth, and to the Diifipatjon of Error. - " This Duty;;is the^"'' ipAore;;^K^b^penfkbfip9 becaufe the Love of Novelty^ and the Deflre. of being diftinguifhed, daily puts rafh Men upon advancing fmgoiaf Opin^r ons, and colouring them oyer with Subtleties capable of altering the Integrity of the Faith, corrupting the Parity of Morals, and enervating the Vigour of Difcipline. " If the Bifhops are bound by their Mini-ftry to fuch a SeUcitode. to keep their Flocks dear of aft Difcourfes, whether Publick or^rivate, t^t ma^iny ways tend to deftroy, or even to render obfeure fome Point of the common Relief of the Church, they oughts undoubtedly, to double their Zeal for preventing the Contagion of cbe Poifon, which too often fteals vrxtothefes of Divinity, and fometimes into thofe of Pbi-lofophy. The.concife Style in which they are written/ and" the Diversity of Matter ^introduced therein, favour an unhappy ""iDexterity in insinuating Error; and if an *' Abufe that is fo common be not obviated, " the tender Minds of the Youth are infenfi-" bly tainted with' pernicious Maxims, from " which it is difficult to recover them. The ** Difpures that have been found to strife upon this Account, either fbw Divifion, or fpread Scandal, or excite a dangerous Ca-riofiry among the People; and what makes the Evil the more deplorable, is the Difficulty of providing an effectual Remedy; the fame Pride, that.giyesai. Man the Bold-nefs to innovate, {hutting ajrooft all the Avenues: to the^Refource of a Salutary Retractation. For how it to find Souls generous enough to pot in. Practice that great Sentiment ofSr. Arabrbfe, That if we ought to blufli at falling into Error, -there is no Room for Shame on returning into the right Way? Nuilus pudor efi, ad u meliora trdnfire. ** fPberefore, being defirous to keep our * Diocefe free from aU frcphan* Novelties of "Words, and every thing contrary to the Doc* Bifliopricks were preconized, and Signor Ca-' trine, which'fa(fy bears the Name of Set- lini was nominated to that of Crema. Two ence j We have forbid, and do hereby for- .Days ago, the Pontiff held a Publick Confi. bid all Profeflbrs and Regents of Divinity ftory, wherein he gave the CardinaPs Cap " to the Cardinals Colonitz and Sinzendor� Cardinat Fini was not at that Confiftory, Notice having been given to him and to Cardinal ,Cofica, not to afift at any Congregation till farther Orders, Signer Santa Mark, has likewife been forbid to approach the Pontifical Throne, tho'fae is Afllftant-Bifhop there. The Cardinah Deputies of the" Holy Office have difmifs'd that Prelate from bis Office of Confultor of that Congregation. The Com-mander Falconieriis made a Brigadier. Cardinal Cariccioli is very much indifpofed. The Cardinals de Rohan and Borromto are fet our, the former for France, and the other and Pbiiofophy, and all others,'to, maintain publickly any Tbefes, to prefide thereat, and even to diftribute them before " weba ve previoufly examined and approved them by Writing/ upon pain of Profecution. We enjoin the Superiors of the Houfes were thofeTbefes are to be maintain'd, to look to this. We do not, however, in-tend by tbefe Prefects to curtail the Liberty of the Catholick Schools with regard to the different Opinions, of which the Church allows them the Choice, provided Charity be not wounded by the Manner wherein they are delivered; and that they do not put in the Number of thofe indifferent Opi- for his_Bi(hoprick of Novara. Signer Mon- et tt tt it tt tt tl tt tt tc tt 4. tt ti tt tt it �tt *t tt tl tt ti *' nions the four Articles decided, or rather *< renewed by the Aflembly of the Clergy of (< France in 1682, which contain a Doctrine " evidently grounded upon Scripture and " Tradition, and which cannot be denied " without fluking the Foundations of the 4t Hierarchy, the Authority of the Univerfal " "Dhurch, the So�reign^r of Pri/ices, and the Safety of tbeir Perfons, and which we ordain to be taught in out Diocefej purfu* ant to the King** E3i<3: of the 13d of March 16$2, And ttiefe Prefcnts fiiall be made known to ail whom they may concern, and regifterM in our Officially, by the Care of our Pilomotor. Given at Metz, 'in our Epifcopal Palace, under our Hand and the Seal of our Arms, and the Counter-fign-ing of our Chamber, the 30th of June, i7go, <t xt tt tt tt it dilla Orfini, Bifhop of Capua, is arriv'd here, to pay his Refpe i,wbo CazaBa,the7th paft, arriv'd there the i8rbi was honoured with the Purple a few pays The States-Genera! have granted for% looget before the laft.Pope died. His Holinefs af- Term of 30^ Years, namely to the 3kft of terwards conferr'd th^ Dcaconry oiSanta Ma- December 1760V i&iOSrty or Charter of the ria in via lata upon Cardinal Laurence Alri- Weft-India Company, upon the fame Food r y eri, And gave.the.Title of St. Clement to the as their former OSroj; with this Clauft^^ Caidinal Camer/engo; After whkh Several how�yer# That forthefarure th.e Comm-

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